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Davideo7's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Decathlon An unreleased 3DO game that got an official release in 2007. That's awesome!
Sonic 1 Boomed This is a neat concept.
Bottomless Pitfall! This actually looks really good for an Atari 2600 game. I know it's just a hack but I'm sure it'd play on an actual Atari 2600 system.
Bomberman World This is probably the worst Bomberman game I've ever played.
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns One of the only Atari 2600 games to have background music. This game is actually pretty impressive for the Atari 2600.
Pac-Man Xtreme Test2
Pac-Man Xtreme Test
Magic Knight Rayearth Someone marked this as not working but it works just fine.
Strider I literally have not played this game in more than 20 years. My memory of it is kinda vague but it is mostly as I remember it.
NFL Xtreme 2 Based on the title screen, I would think this game is about cheer leading.

Davideo7's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)

07-27-11 11:51 AM
Review Test 1
Davideo7 : Oh for sure, the ending stuck with me like glue! Really gets you brain thinking. I'm hoping the same will come from Review Test 2 if they announce that at E3 this year.
Final Fantasy 7 (remake)
06-21-11 05:33 PM
FF7, greatest game of all time, ported to the NES!
This is a complete remake of Final Fantasy 7 for the NES. It follows the storyline almost exactly to the original FF7 for the Playstation. The dialog, locations, characters, etc – it’s almost all dead on to the original game. The things that aren’t based on the original game are the graphics, music, enemies and a few other things. While some of the graphics are original, a lot of the graphics are ripped from various Final Fantasy games (primarily FF3).

It might be tempting to think that this is a hack but actually it is not. It’s actually a pirated game created by a Chinese company and was originally in Chinese but this version has been translated into English. The rom size is the largest I’ve ever seen at around 2 MB, that’s massive for the NES considering most NES games are around 128 KB. This is a good indicator of how massive this game is and the limits it pushes (this also explains why it doesn’t work in most emulators).

Since this game is big, expect to spend many hours playing this. Since this game is 8-bit, expect to see some things missing; examples: The mini games, Chocobo Racing, Summons, Limit Breakers, The Weapons (Ultimate, Ruby and Emerald), and a few locations. Also missing is Vincent and Yuffie (but still present is Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aeris, Cid, Cait Sith, RedXIII and pretty much all the other characters from the game). The game is still loaded with tons of content though, even if the items I just listed seem like a lot.

Now is the game fun? Well that all depends on what you’re into. Here’s a simple little formula which will help you to figure out if this is a game for you:

You like classic turn-based RPGs = You’ll like this

You like Final Fantasy 7 = You’ll like this

You like classic turn-based RPGs + You like Final Fantasy 7 = You’ll love this

You hate classic turn-based RPGs + You hate Final Fanta... Read the rest of this Review
T&C Thrilla's Surfari
06-21-11 05:18 PM
I don't know anything about surfing but I love this game
This is a good sequel to a very bad game called T&C Surf Designs. T&C Thrilla's Surfari is a platformer which lets you navigate the levels either with a Skateboard or a Surfboard, depending on the level. There are also shark riding levels where you gain the ability to shoot but these levels are usually very hard.

The game is actually made by a Surf Board company located in Hawaii which are still around today. It was common for companies in the late 80s and early 90s to create games based on their company as an advertisement - T&C Thrilla's Surfari is by far one of the better games that fall into this category though.

The game and environments have a Jungle / Hawian theme with the storyline taking place in Africa. You’ll have plenty of obstacles to avoid as you go through the levels such as Giraffes, Frogs, men throwing spears, bugs, various fish, etc. Boss battles give you the ability to throw coconuts but these level are tough so it’s advised that you collect as many coconuts and bananas as you can on the levels. Coconuts let you play a shell game at the end of each stage to earn extra lives so for each coconut you have, you get 1 shot at it and you have 1 out of 3 odds of winning a free life. Bananas increase your health meter by 1. There are secret level teleports which are hard to find but if you do, you should decide for yourself if they’re worth taking because than you’ll miss out on bananas and coconuts which could make future boss battles even tougher.

Graphics: 8
Sometimes the environments seem a little cluttered since you have a lot of jungle plants and stuff everywhere but I think that adds to the game in a positive way since the jungle is cluttered in the same way. Cutscenes are filled with nice illustrations.

Sound: 8
Lots of music which helps set the mood of the story.

Replay Value: 5
Although a great game, the replay value is that high.

Read the rest of this Review
Thunder & Lightning
06-21-11 04:50 PM
The Best 'Breakout' Clone ever made
There’s a lot of Breakout clones out there but this one is special, we’ll get to why in just a moment. Almost everyone is familiar with the concept, you have a paddle and you bounce a ball against the blocks in order to break them. You may have played Arkanoid, Block Breaker (generic title), Breakout, or even a basic Breakout clone on your cell phone but here’s what sets Thunder & Lightning apart from the rest.

Thunder & Lightning not only requires skill but also some strategy due to the different Power-Ups and obstacles on the stages. Once you’ve played it enough, you’ll start to develop some strategy and approach each level with some sort of plan. Strategies may involve sending the ball in a different direction at the start of each level, declining certain items, focusing on breaking the blocks in a certain area first, etc – once you’ve played this enough you’ll start to realize there’s some strategy required to advance some of the levels.

The game has mixed level difficulties which means there’s really no pattern to how hard each level is. One level might be very hard while the next could be easy. This is where strategy can also come in, on easy levels you should take your time and try to hit the Power-Up carriers as much as possible, there’s 8 different items that they can drop so you have 1/8 chance of getting the 1UP because you’ll really need them for some levels.

What also sets this game apart from the rest of the Breakout clones is the fact that most of the levels have a unique twist. Level 1 introduces Anemones which break your ball into 2 smaller ball when caught, Level 2 introduces a vase that when hit releases an Octopus which will try and latch on to your paddle which slows you down, Level 3 introduces turtles who add more blocks, 6 introduces a bird that when hit starts to break everything in sight but will completely change the balls dire... Read the rest of this Review

06-21-11 04:34 PM
Review Test 1
Davideo7 : Oh for sure, the ending stuck with me like glue! Really gets you brain thinking. I'm hoping the same will come from Review Test 2 if they announce that at E3 this year.

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