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Help / Questions / Suggestions Forum - Help / Questions / Suggestions

Welcome to our family friendly forum community where users can discuss video games, entertainment or life in general.

Help / Questions / Suggestions Forum Threads

V-Machine CD
Do I need any thing else?

05-21-17 02:24 PM
Game Accelerator really not working?
A question regarding the Game Accelerator item.

02-26-17 04:12 AM



Page Comments

clovercarmen5 - 10-25-20 06:58 PM
what are you going to do after 2020? the entire site runs on flash that won't be supported after this year. are you gonna do something about it? can someone please help me or contact me this is rediculous i can't react anyone!!!!
Dr. Dray - 05-18-20 10:39 AM
Satan's Hollow doesn't work for MAME or C64--can someone fix them, please?
Alxocav - 04-29-20 06:50 PM
new version Vizzed plugin based on Flash not found how do i fix this
Lovelesscatxxo - 02-09-17 11:37 PM
Does anyone know how to fix white backgrounds? (in standard threads and menu). I could show you if links are allowed.
shanejaya - 01-04-17 03:10 AM
Can someone PM me how to play games now? I haven't been on for awhile and all the games are now missing the "PLAY NOW" feature for me.
boabrab - 09-07-16 10:01 AM
can anyone please tell me how to start the c64 games ie head over heels for the c64 i can get it to load then when it asks me to choose option then press the c64 key i dont know what one it is iv tried everything n thought it would be ctrl on modern pcs
theJmasta777 - 07-20-16 05:45 PM
Help!Excuse me im new in im trying to download the plugin.However whenever I try to download said plugin it stops when its about to finish and fails to install.I also cannot close the tab that shows how long it takes for the plugin to download without shutting down my computer and opening it back up.Please help!!

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