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09-23-23 10:55 PM
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Welcome to our family friendly forum community where users can discuss video games, entertainment or life in general.

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08-12-14 01:54 AM



Page Comments

SkyeMoonTH - 05-19-21 04:22 AM
Are the games here ever going to be playable again?
Gamsynboyz - 03-18-21 06:49 PM
Today while working at GoodWill, I ran across a working PS1 - with 2 controllers and a snowboarding game disc..
Gamsynboyz - 03-18-21 06:48 PM
I like to visit the Vizzed website every now and then - just to see how things are going. Sad to hear that the RGR Plugin is dead with the discontinuation of Adobe Flash.
Mikeness - 01-10-21 12:35 PM
Lovelesscatxxo - 02-09-17 11:29 PM
Does anyone know how to fix white backgrounds? (in standard threads and menu)
Belmontzar - 01-27-17 12:00 PM
-waves at people-
MarioLucarioFan64 - 01-19-17 03:08 AM
sonic7978 - 01-03-17 11:43 AM
Happy New year Vizzed
ElDaves - 12-26-16 10:15 PM
I need help!, i forgot how to post new threads and i think that the option to upload videos doesnt work.
jayman1992 - 12-22-16 01:33 PM
have tried various search engines and made sure java install is up to date, I cannot use the java emulator or rgr emulator and have no idea why,benn trying to fix it for 2 hours :/

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