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Active Users - Shows the recent active users - Modified By: Randy53215,
Admin Panel - Panel that only admins can access - Created By: Randy53215
Announcements - Vizzed news and updates - Created By: Davideo7 - Modified By: Davideo7,
Arcade - A flash arcade which allows users to compete for high scores - Created By: BigBob85 - Modified By: Davideo7,
Auto Backup Save Files - Your save files automatically backup and are recoverable - Created By: Davideo7
Auto Mark Threads Read - Threads are automatically marked as read when you view them - Created By: Davideo7
Auto Newbie PM - A Welcome PM which introduces each user to the board - Modified By: Davideo7, - Created On: 08-31-07
Back and Forth Post Prevention - There - Created By: Davideo7 - Created On: 06-07-70
Ban - A ban is temporary or permanent based on a users bad behaviour. - Modified By: ,
Chat Bar - Lets you have a live conversation with your friends - Modified By: Davideo7,
Chat Room - Lets the users of vizzed chat together - Modified By: Davideo7,
Contribution Points - Also known as CP - Created By: Davideo7 - Created On: 06-07-70
Control Panel - Provides links to pages that dont exist anywhere else - Created By: Davideo7
Donations - You can earn Viz by Donating money from the Donations Page - Created By: Davideo7
Forum Index - Lets you view all kinds of site and forum related info - Created By: Davideo7
Friends List - A list displaying all users that you have selected as a friend - Created By: Davideo7
Help Center - Contains almost all the Information you'll need for Vizzed Board - Created By: Davideo7
Item Shop - Virtual Items (usually bought with Viz) that do various things - Modified By: Davideo7,
Memberlist - Displays all the users of the board - Created By: Davideo7
Newbie Quiz - A quiz for newbies to earn viz and learn the rules of Vizzed - Created By: - Modified By: ,
Notifications - A message notifying you of various things - Created By: Davideo7
Online Users - Page displays the activity of all recently active members - Modified By: Davideo7, Randy53215,
Post Experience - (Post Exp) tracks a users total number of words among all posts - Created By: Davideo7
Post / New Reply - A response to a thread submitted by a user - Modified By: Davideo7, ,
Post Layout - The HTML and/or text above and below your posts - Modified By: Davideo7,
Post Rating - (Post Like & Disliking) A rating system for posts - Created By: Davideo7 - Created On: 06-09-70
Powerlevel - Determines the users priveleges and accessible features - Modified By: Davideo7,
Premade Post Layouts - List of premade layouts (some cost viz) - Modified By: Davideo7,
Private Message - Send and receive personalized messages with other users - Modified By: Davideo7, ,
Profile - A page which displays all your board information - Created By: Davideo7 - Modified By: ,
Quick Edit options - Lets you quickly edit stuff - Created By: Randy53215
Retro Game Room - Lets you Play classic Retro Games Online for Free - Created By: Davideo7
Retro Toon Room - Lets you Watch classic Retro Cartoons Online for Free - Created By: Davideo7 - Modified By: ,
RGR Game to Thread Linking - Link a Thread to a Game in the Retro Game Room - Created By: Davideo7
Save File Manager - Lets you view, copy, backup or delete RGR Plugin save files - Created By: Davideo7
Shout Box - A shout box which lets users chat back and forth - Created By: Randy53215 - Modified By: ,
Site Index - Lets you view all kinds of site and forum related info - Created By: Davideo7
Staff - Member with authority over all other members - Modified By: Davideo7,
Staff Summoning - lets you summon part of the staff or all of the staff - Created By: Davideo7
Stats - Fun RPG-type stats which are increased by items and level - Modified By: Davideo7,
Sub Forums - Categorized forums within forums - Created By: Davideo7
Syndromes - Also known as 'Post Syndrome' - Modified By: Davideo7,
Thread - (New Thread) A topic a user submits awaiting posts - Modified By: Davideo7, , Randy53215,
Tour de Vizzed - TdV is a posting competition based on the VCS and Tour de France - Created By: Davideo7

Trust Points - Trust Points System measures a users trustworthiness & loyalty - Created By: Davideo7
The Trust Point system is a system that measures a user's loyalty to vizzed and their trustworthiness among the forum users. When a user gets enough Trust Points, they become a 'Trusted Member' which gives them a few extra privileges and sets them apart from everyone else.

Trust Points are meant to be earned by posting quality posts and by earning respect from fellow users and staff. Trust Points are NOT meant to be purchased or asked for and anyone asking for them is at risk of losing all their current points and possibly even banned.

How many points can you give at a time?
5-9 Points = 1 Point
10-24 Points = 2 Points
25-49 Points = 3 Points
50-99 Points = 4 Points
100+ = 5 Points

How many points can you take away?
This will depend on your powerlevel
Site Staff = -1 Point
Local Mod = -2 Points
Global Mod = -3 Points
Admin = -4 Points
Owner = -5 Points

If a staff member cannot give a certain number of points, they cannot take away that same number. For example, if Local Moderator can only give a max of 1 point to a single user, than the most they can take away is 1 point but if that Local Mod can give 3 points, THAN they can take away their limit of 2 points.

How do you earn a Trusted Member position?
If you get at least 5 Trust Points

What happens if your Trust Points go negative?
If your trust points hit -5 or lower than your powerlevel changes to Newbie.

If you have a Trusted Member position, how do you lose it?
If your trust points hit 0 or lower than you'll lose your trust position.

How do you give someone Trust Points?
By going to their profile and clicking the 'Rate User' link.

How many times can you rate someone?
The following shows the total amount of points you can give out per week
5-10 Points = 2 Point
10-24 Points = 4 Points
25-49 Points = 6 Points
50-99 Points = 8 Points
100+ = 10 Points

Negative points become positive in this scale. So for example, a -2 rating counts as 2 points.

The amount of Trust Points you can give per a week resets at the beginning of each week, Monday morning server time (no rollovers).

If you re-rate someone, the new rating is not relative to the old rating in regards to how many points you can give out. So for example, if you rate someone a 3 and than later rate them a 4, the first time you use up 3 of your weekly points and the 2nd time you use up 4 of your weekly points (a total of 7 points used). Likewise, if you rate someone 4 points and later rate them 3 points, same thing.

You can lose points for positively rating someone who loses points
You must be very careful of who you rate positively because if you rate someone positively and the staff rate that some person negatively anytime afterward, you also lose points.

Here's the formula:
Your rating / 10 * the staff's negative rating

Here's 2 examples:
1. If you rate someone a 3 and a staff later rates that person a -1, you lose 0.3 points
2. If you rate someone a 2 and a staff later rates that person a -3, you lose 0.6 points

This will make users think twice about who they rate before they rate them. This will also greatly reduce trust point abuse.

NOTE to Moderators: If you previously rated someone a negative and later decide to rate them positive, you should give them a 0 rating first and than positive. The reason is because rating them a 0 will recalculate all of the penalties users got for positively rating that user that you previously rated negatively.

When you receive positive Trust Points, you'll receive a notification that you received Trust Points. However, it will no longer tell you who sent them.
Information Updated On: 05-23-13

Viz - The currency of Vizzed - Created By: Davideo7
Viz Per Post - Earn a dynamic amount of Viz per a post - Created By: Davideo7
Viz Per Thread - It costs 10 Viz to make threads but you get Viz for each reply - Created By: Davideo7
Vizzed RGR Plugin - A required download for some Retro Game Room games - Created By: tom760

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