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11-28-22 02:44 PM
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Players: 1
Hack Of:
Final Fantasy Tactics
Hack Type:
Difficulty, Game Mod

Game Genre:
Tactical RPG
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Medieval / Fantasy, Turn-based

Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Easy Type hack (PSX) - Playstation

Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Easy Type is a rom hack of Final Fantasy Tactics developed by Archael in 2012 for the Playstation.

Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Easy Type

Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Easy Type Title ScreenFinal Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Easy Type Screenshot 1
Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Easy Type Box Art Front
Rating: 8.6 (9 votes)

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Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Easy Type Game Description

This has the same content as Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 (the harder version of this hack), but with fixed storyline enemy levels. You are free to level as high as you want, and they will not match their levels with yours. This means you can grind to a higher level if a particular battle is giving you too much trouble. You can grind to Level 99 and get as much JP in whatever job so you can attempt any battle at your own pace or to experiment the new content.

Easy Type Features

• Dorter II enemy levels are now properly set to be static.
• Lich now deals Dark damage with a 20% chance to cause Death.
• Revamped Zombie Zalbag encounter.
• New Secret Join UP Special NPC.
• Zalera lost Blood Suck.
• Cactuars added to the game! No Monsters had to be replaced to bring Cactuars in. Added to Zeklaus Desert, Bed Desert, Fovoham, and other areas.
• Onion Knight and Hitoshi are now easier to Rescue.
• Intro Battle Lezales is now easier to kill.
• Recruitable Uribos have been added to early Araguay Woods East and West .
• More recruitable Hydras have been added to Bervenia Volcano.
• Two of your starting generics (right before Gariland) Brave Values is set to always be at 70. The rest are all randomized as usual.
• Brave Lowering skills such as Mocking Strike, Gaze of Terror, etc may not be used by the AI. Player use only.
• Human Bosses / Mini Bosses have lost any Defense UP / Magic Defense UP / Maintenance Innates they had. Additionally, they are now vulnerable to minor negative statuses such as Don't Move, Don't Act, Confuse, Slow, Silence, Darkness, Berserk, Poison, etc, provided they don't bring Accessories to block those statuses.
• Random battle enemies will still scale with your party's average level (just like regular vanilla FFT), but keep in mind that randoms contain many monsters, and 1.3 monsters are a lot more capable, so this might present a little extra challenge.
• Human Storyline Enemies will now bring items from the current chapter that the storyline battle is in. For example, the Lancers in Zirekile Falls will bring Equipment that is appropriate for that point in the story and which is also purchasable by the player in shops at that point in the game. This means no more fear of leveling too high early on and running into enemies with Crystal Gear from Chapter 4 and 200 HP and 10 Weapon Power more than you can field.
• Human Storyline Enemies JP Accessibility was lowered tons for Chapter 1 and 2. This prevents them from busting out ridiculous things which you haven't had the chance to learn yet. I took special care to slowly increase their JP and skill selection as the player furthers the storyline.
• Zodiac Monster Boss negative status immunities was altered. They are now vulnerable to more things such as Slow, Don't Move, Silence, etc. They are still immune to the more ridiculous ones like Stop or Don't Act which would trivialize the fights. Additionally, their Defense Up / Magic Defense Up innates are gone.
• Optional battle boss teams (Colliery, Cloud Sidequests, etc) had their levels set to be fixed in the 40-50's level range. The Deep Dungeon was nerved overall, but is still difficult and will present a challenge. Many DD enemies lost ??? stats. Recommended being 99 before going down there.
• Invite's (Mediator) Success % has gone up to 20% base + MA. This makes it easier to recruit new monsters / units to play around with.
• Power Source is no longer useable by any enemies. (It's an item that replaced Elixir, and is useable only by Worker 8. Full HP / MP Restore.)

The following content is untouched from the original 1.3 mod

• Recruitable Marche
• Recruitable White Chocobo (Boco)
• Recruitable NPC Dark Knight Hitoshi
• Recruitable NPC Onion Knight
• Wild Green Chocobos in Randoms (not recruitable, tech limitations)
• Wild White Chocobos in Randoms (not recruitable, tech limitations)
• Knight's New Ruin Skills (Uses MP to break stats from range)
• Full Monster Stat / Skill / Secret 4th Monster Skill Rework
• Tonberries
• Zeklaus Desert, Bariaus Valley, Grog Hill, and Germinas Peak 5v5v5 FFA Arenas (40 Arena Fights)
• The ~300 New Randoms
• The new storyline battle enemy formations
• Reworked Zodiac Boss Battles
• The 40 New Deep Dungeon Battles (nerfed, with fixed levels so you can grind if you want)
• New 1v1 encounter with Vormav at the Graveyard of Airships
• New Squire Skills (Target, Beat Down, Counter Throw)
• Archer > Marksman + New Precision Skillset
• Calculator > Sage + New Planar Magic Skillset
• New Mime (easier to unlock, 7 move, 7 jump, status immunity, great stats)
• Wizard Black Magic Rework
• White Magic Buff
• All NPC's Join Up with better unlocked Jobs and at the Party's Average Level
• Cloud's skills are useful now
• Rafa and Malak buffed, their spells go off instantly and hit many more times
• Worker 8 and Mustadio Buffed
• Sword Skills rebalanced (MP Cost, Evadeable, Damage lowered, etc)
• Orlandu Nerfed
• Beowulf Nerfed
• Improved War Trophies for every storyline and optional battle
• Full Item and Ability rebalancing
• Broken mechanics like Blade Grasp, Br/Fa Altering, Level Degenerating, TransDance, and others are out

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