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04-05-20 01:22 PM
Nintendo NES

Hack Of:
Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)
Hack Type:
Graphic, Level, Game Mod

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Game Misc:
Coin-Op Conversion

Pac-Man 3D hack (NES) Game - Nintendo NES Pac-Man 3D (NES)

Pac-Man 3D is a rom hack of Ms. Pac-Man (Namco) developed by TLT in 2008 for the Nintendo NES.

Pac-Man 3D

Pac-Man 3D Title ScreenPac-Man 3D Screenshot 1
Pac-Man 3D Screenthot 2
Rating: 7.3 (9 votes)

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Pac-Man 3D Game Description

This is an interesting hack of Ms. Pac-Man that completely changes the graphical style of the game. The simplistic graphics of the mazes have been changed to look like a city. There are less dots to eat in the mazes, but the new layouts make it more difficult to get them than it was in the original game.

Videos of Pac-Man 3D Gameplay

05-11-16 12:56 PM
00:06:20  Views: 1,471
Pac-Man 3D - Pac-Man 3-D (Ms. Pacman Hack) - User video5/5
Pac-Man 3-D (Ms. Pacman Hack)

Pac-Man 3D Featured Review

Pac-Man 3D Review by: Mohammedroxx3 - 9/10

Waka-Waka Awesomeness!
Well, hey guys. So, I'm back here with another review. This time, I was simply just browsing around in the RGR and I found this game. I played it for a while and I liked it, so I continued playing it for a while until I decided to make this game the next game for me to review. So anyways, let's go ahead and get started on the review!


So, to explain this game, it is a hack of Ms. Pacman for the nintendo NES. And yes, I was sort of Mr. Obvious right there but ehh... ok. This hack features graphic changes and level changes. I think ALL of the levels were completely changed. I must say that it is a pretty good hack of Ms. Pacman. The graphics were made to look 3D (sort of) and all the levels are very different from the original and they are quite fitting to the 3D modified graphics. I'm not 100% sure what was the exact purpose of this hack or if it was dedicated from something but ehh... Doesn't matter at all. It's a fairly well done hack. Now, let's go ahead and jump in deeper to this review! 

Gameplay: 9

Well, I'll definitely have to say that I really enjoy this hack's gameplay. I'll go ahead and explain why and compare it to the original Ms. Pacman game at the same time. So, as most (or maybe even all) of us know, the original Ms. Pacman for the NES is 2D. You are completely limited to only moving through the paths of the maze. Now, as for this hack, you can think of the gameplay as more of a Pacman in real life running around with ghosts after him instead of a 2D and somewhat limited feeling in a maze. Some levels have some open spots, some have a lot of open space and you can freely move in any direction you want as if you are running in real life. And of course, as you can guess, there are walls around in the levels that you can't jump over. Like there are fences, buildings, walls, trees... etc and those are what limits your free movements. 

What makes things even more cool and interesting is that the 4 ghosts are actually able to freely move on top of some of them without problems. Like for example, in one of the levels with nothing but trees and dots everywhere, pacman (yea, oddly enough, you play as pacman instead of Ms. Pacman in this hack) can't move on top of the trees which pretty much makes it more like a maze. Then suddenly, I noticed the red ghost moving over the trees like they are nothing and all of the other ghosts afterwards done the same. I pretty much got freaked out the first time I saw this. It also made the game more challenging since pacman is a bit restricted in movements while the ghosts don't have as much restrictions as pacman. Well, I guess you guys got enough of the gameplay. I must say, the levels are very unique and well done for a hack. The levels was basically the real significant thing to talk about for the gameplay.

Graphics: 7

Alright. Now, one thing I want to mention before I move on with the graphics is that...... Just because the graphics is 3D doesn't necessarily mean that they are very good or perfect. Of course all of you know that it's very possible for 3D graphics in a game to be worse than 2D graphics in another game, right? Well, anyways, I guess the graphics for this hack is pretty decent. I do give huge credit for the graphics to actually be a bit more 3D-ish (sort of). I guess all of the levels that look like forests, cities, or a little of both look pretty awesome and very unique for a pacman game. One thing I noticed is that probably about all of the levels in this pacman hack are dark, well, night-ish, sort of. I guess I have to say that playing as pacman in a city or forest at the middle of the night is pretty cool, but does get repetitive after a short while but ehh... still cool. As for the way pacman looks like..... Well, he looks like pacman... (not ms. pacman) in the game itself, however, it shows as Ms. Pacman in the amount of lives you have left on the right side of the screen... Weird, right? Maybe something is unfinished? But not a big deal anyways. As for the colors, they do sort of lack detail since they mostly seem all like different solid colors, but ehh, what the heck? It's an NES. lol.  Yea, not much else left to say for the graphics.

Sound: 8

Well, this was actually left unchanged from the original Ms. Pacman game for the NES. All sound effects and everything is the same. (Eating dots, ghosts turning blue, starting sound.... etc) But the original sounds are already pretty good and they actually fit the 3D graphics pretty well. Basically, to describe it, the sound effects are sounds that a gamer would want to hear while playing a good game. Everytime you eat a dot and that sound effects of eating dots play, it motivates you to continue eating these dots and makes you jump in more to the game and pretty much helps you to focus. If you would want an example of bad sound effects, it would be a sound effect that would make a gamer want to walk away from a game. For example, imagine playing a pacman game and a high pitched sound were to play everytime you eat a dot and it hurts your ears really bad. Would something like that make you walk towards or away from that game? It makes you run away. Now, this game is pretty much the opposite. I guess you understand what I mean.

Addictiveness: 9

Now I must say that I find this pacman hack quite addictive alright. Why? The main reason this game is addictive is because of all of the new, unique, and different levels. There are A LOT of levels to play just like how there are loads of levels in the original pacman games, but this one offers different cities, different forests, different farms... etc. Just so much to pretty much explore in this game! After you complete a level, you want to see how the next will look like, then how the next will look like and so on! Though, if you are a rage quitter, once you get a game over, then you'll probably just leave the game. But I'm not much of a rage quitter so that doesn't apply much to me. But who knows? I may give up if I were to go so far in the levels then end up getting a game over because I would have to repeat all the levels again to reach back to where I was, which can be annoying and make you want to walk away.But assuming that you're a normal person in between being persistent or a rage quitter, you would find this game addictive. 

Story: N/A

Well, this will be a little embarrassing for me but.... I just don't know much about the story. I can assume that it is the same like original but I honestly don't clearly remember the original story enough for me to talk about it and rate it. I have to be honest and not lie or say anything false in my reviews. Like I do remember that Ms. Pacman and Pacman met but I don't clearly remember the rest. Well, it is obvious to me, but not clear and concise enough for me to talk about so I'd rather not rate it. And the story isn't all that important for a pacman hack anyways.

Depth: 9

Now, this hack has a lot of depth that I mostly talked about already in the previous sections of this review. It offers a lot of levels, each one of them is very different from the other, and the game is 3D-ish (sort of). It also has a 2P mode that you can select in the main menu where when one player dies, the other player's turn comes and they sort of compete for the score. (I think) Honestly, not really something that awesome or anything. (Though, it would be pretty amazing if in 2P mode, both players play at the same time in a CO-OP mode! but unfortunately this hack doesn't do that) You can also switch it to hard mode in the main menu where all 4 ghosts are a bit faster and more violent in chasing down and catching pacman. Well, all of the various and different levels is what pretty much makes the depth great. Thats about it for the depth. 

Difficulty: 7

Well, the difficulty is somewhat random for me. Like the 2nd level is a piece of cake and even more easier than the first ones since the ghosts are oddly dumb and there are little dots and basically the big dots to turn them blue. Once they are blue, simply eat all the dots before they change back to their normal color and you're done for the 2nd level. The only thing that makes it hard is that there is one dot that is sort of hidden next to the trees which can trouble some users but I was able to find it easily on my first shot. Now, as for the other levels, there are some levels with a lot of trees that ghosts can sometime move on top of while pacman can't do that which makes it easier for the ghosts to catch pacman. Also at times, when there are little dots left, instead of the ghosts chasing you, they keep moving around in circles around the remaining dots, not even giving you a chance to get them. Those are pretty much the only things that make this game hard. Which is, ghosts having the ability to move through certain areas that pacman can't move through, ghosts securing the remaining little dots instead of chasing you making it hard to get the dots without getting caught, and when the ghosts turn blue, they may change back to normal in like 1-3 seconds at times (barely giving you any chances), and if the ghosts are blue, they can sometimes return back to their home and switch back to their normal colors. Those are the main factors that increases the difficulty of this game. 


Thats about it for the review guys! I hope you liked this review! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 7

Pac-Man 3D Reviews

Overall 7.3    Graphics 7    Sound 8    Addictive 9    Depth 9    Difficulty 7

Waka-Waka Awesomeness!   Mohammedroxx3
Well, hey guys. So, I'm back here with another review. This time, I was simply just browsing around ...
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 4.7/5     Submitted: 03-21-14     Review Replies: 3

Pac-Man 3D Highscores

1. 13,560
TimeTrial: 00:07:03
03-13-14 03:45 PM
Pac-Man 3D - Beat it. - User Screenshot
Beat it.

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Comments for Pac-Man 3D

Totts 06-04-16 - 01:16 PM
 This is an amazing game
Totts 06-04-16 - 01:16 PM
Totts 06-04-16 - 01:15 PM
Markiegee94 05-11-16 - 12:55 PM
Ferdinand 10-26-14 - 03:53 AM
 I love this game.
goodanswer 07-30-14 - 07:01 PM
 it's a little disorienting - but fun
Awesome-Kid 03-21-14 - 10:12 PM
 Uhhhh..... it seems a bit cheesy to me..... but thats just me of course!!
Pacman+Mariofan 11-27-13 - 09:25 AM
 Awesome hack!
chris arcade 19.. 05-19-12 - 03:18 PM
chris arcade 19.. 05-19-12 - 03:17 PM
Markiegee94 02-22-12 - 11:31 AM
 Y U No work