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11-19-19 03:00 PM

huntra1291's Profile -

huntra1291 is Offline

Perma Banned
Real Name: matt
Location: texas
Age: 34 (03-01-85)  Gender: Male
Registered: 08-29-15 04:31 PM (1542 days ago)
Posts: 121  Threads: 46
Post Words: 17,674 (146 word avg)
Viz: 3,141    Contribution Points: 1,709
Post Rating: 5   Trust Points: -4
Level: 22    Experience: 52282
Next Level: +6068 Exp    Per Post: 648 Exp
Last Activity: 12-29-15 09:34 AM
  Viewing Pokemon Crystal (GBC)
Last Post: 12-29-15 08:42 AM
  Woman intentionally runs over people


been a gamer all my life. please speak english before you consider adding me as a friend. born 03/01/1985. my only rule is that if you want to add me as a friend make sure you speak english and make sure i can see your profile. if not i wont add you. the only exception i make to adding a priviate profile is if you play the borderlands series. DO NOT i repeat DO NOT ask me to buy you games cause i will not. if i wanna buy you anything i will on my own.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Game of Thrones

MUSIC: Anything that's RAP or ROCK related.


FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Borderlands and World of Warcraft

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