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10-18-18 07:49 PM

ganondorf4ever's Profile -

ganondorf4ever is Offline

  omae wa mou shindeiru
Age: 16 (10-11-02)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-17-14 08:39 PM (1614 days ago)
Posts: 47  Threads: 6
Post Words: 5,137 (109 word avg)
Viz: 21,533    Contribution Points: 1,129
Post Rating: 2   Trust Points: 0
Level: 14    Experience: 12948
Next Level: +123 Exp    Per Post: 413 Exp
Last Activity: 10-06-18 09:29 PM
  Viewing Video Game Music Room
Last Post: 01-13-18 01:16 AM
  Make It Or Break It?


hOI. If you're reading this, keep in mind this is a secret to everybody. I'm a spoony bard from Hyrule in the year 20XX. I really like shorts, but there are times when a dress comes in handy (lol wut?). Since someone set up us the bomb and all our base is belonging to them we are welcome to die. (Plant Monster Translation: I am Groot.)

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