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10-14-19 06:22 PM

angelbear1297's Profile -

angelbear1297 is Offline

Location: Traverse Town
Age: 22 (04-07-97)  Gender: Female
Registered: 01-13-13 11:46 AM (2465 days ago)
Posts: 133  Threads: 3
Post Words: 14,537 (109 word avg)
Viz: 15,904    Contribution Points: 776
Post Rating: 2   Trust Points: 2
Level: 24    Experience: 76156
Next Level: +1969 Exp    Per Post: 858 Exp
Last Activity: 06-21-17 05:06 PM
Last Post: 10-27-14 09:31 AM
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"Give up on yourself and you give up on the world."

-Joshua from TWEWY

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

? Victor Hugo

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