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06-22-18 01:57 PM

Shogun Gamer's Profile -

Shogun Gamer is Offline

Shogun Gamer
  Captain Sheepy, Reviewer, Gaming Video Producer, and Fighting Game Expert
Vizzed Elite
Age: 24 (09-16-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-24-11 12:00 AM (2555 days ago)
Posts: 286  Threads: 44
Post Words: 113,167 (396 word avg)
Viz: 228,975    Contribution Points: 8,561
Post Rating: 7   Trust Points: 10   Chat: 1
Level: 34    Experience: 244508
Next Level: +9143 Exp    Per Post: 1282 Exp


I am the Shogun Gamer, better known as Captain Sheepy on I create video content revolving around video games and other creative original ideas that I can come up with to entertain the world. I also work with jazz music, especially for video games.

I was also a QA Tester for the indie Fighting Game, Beast's Fury, and updated followers on the game.

I've currently been lacking innovation with my content on youtube. It's been a lot of work to do everything that goes into making videos with great content.

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