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07-08-20 09:32 PM

Mecha Leo's Profile -

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Mecha Leo
  The answer to life, the universe, and everything is not more bacon...
Trusted Member
Real Name: Leo
Location: Some dank place. Not that kind of dank.
Age: 20 (08-20-99)  Gender: Male
Registered: 10-11-13 09:52 AM (2462 days ago)
Posts: 1,334  Threads: 126
Post Words: 198,443 (149 word avg)
Viz: 189,830    Contribution Points: 7,256
Post Rating: 208   Trust Points: 8   Chat: 166
Level: 66    Experience: 2417801
Next Level: +44050 Exp    Per Post: 2718 Exp
Last Activity: 05-30-20 09:31 AM
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Last Post: 10-19-19 12:57 AM
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*insert *insert meme here* here*

[6:29 PM] IgorBird122: What country speaks wingdings anyways
[6:29 PM] Mecha Leo: the narnians do

[3:19 PM] Gamer_KTX: lol we went from kingdom hearts to life to bellies XD

[1:10 AM] manicman66: well, if there was a bear in my trailor id be active, but not in chat

?~V???l Sc??†c?~?™: i like simple plan kinda
?~V???l Sc??†c?~?™: they did music in scooby doo xD
Mecha Leo: that was THEM!?
Mecha Leo: .__.

[Greenerous]Degidug: I <3 how furret keeps trying to kill me
Deg2000 was slain by FurretX
[Vizzed Ville]MechaLeo: ...
[Greenerous]Degidug: oh **** no
[Greenerous]Degidug: you cheat
[Vizzed Ville]MechaLeo: that was beautiful

Mecha Leo: ... you arent replying
Dwelly: what
Mecha Leo: ... I assume you're having a stroke
Dwelly: what
Dwelly: can you hear me
Mecha Leo: I'm like laughing right now but it's more of a crying laugh
Dwelly: ahahaa... *sniff*
Mecha Leo: No, I just assume you'd be like WT* after I said FNAF pacifier
Dwelly: wait
Dwelly: WHAT
Dwelly: WHAT THE ****
Dwelly: ok
Dwelly: well
Dwelly: i'm gonna go commit seppuku
Dwelly: gbye

"How is this Exeggutor with a freakin Candace Flynn-like neck structure considered a dragon type?" ~ RDay

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