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02-25-18 09:51 PM

JussCallMeOEBeybuh's Profile -

JussCallMeOEBeybuh is Offline

Real Name: Noob Saibot
Location: Seattle W.A
Age: 28 (02-24-90)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-26-11 04:41 PM (2467 days ago)
Posts: 7  Threads: 1
Post Words: 331 (47 word avg)
Viz: 2,726    Contribution Points: 0
Post Rating: 0   Trust Points: 0
Level: 7    Experience: 919
Next Level: +529 Exp    Per Post: 197 Exp
Last Post: 05-28-11 03:45 AM


I'n Native American and Filipino. I keep it coo, calm, and gangstuh. I'm a T-Bone Steak, you a Cold-Cut. I'mm 100% Beef, you juss processed meat. Lol, j/k. Born and raized in tha (206)-West Seattle. Also i'm a playuh, I think we all are. Or else we wouldn't be here. Playin gamez. Much Love and Respect tuh all. Mah Love don't discriminate.

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