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12-03-23 11:16 AM
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  What is technology? (Won Craziest Member 2014!) <img src="">
Trusted Member
Real Name: Cake
Location: By The Ocean
Age: 20 (10-23-03)  Gender: Male
Registered: 10-04-12 12:57 PM (4076 days ago)
Posts: 1,355  Threads: 40
Post Words: 53,246 (39 word avg)
Viz: 488,575    Contribution Points: 6,603
Post Rating: 141   Trust Points: 16   Chat: 1682
Level: 72    Experience: 3184767
Next Level: +138995 Exp    Per Post: 3525 Exp
Last Activity: 09-19-23 08:39 PM
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I am GameBoy1023. Used to be a very active user of this site but then I lost a lot of interest somewhere during 2015. I'm not really very active anymore.

I used to pretend to own a company called SUDX and edited boxart of other games, and pretended that they were the company's own creations. Mainly started with a typo in the Vizzed Chat Room, and this poorly drawn-on edit of a Mountain Dew can. It was idiotic and I loved it. Here are some highlights of just what went down.

Yoshi's Haunted Crotch 3D:
Soup Saash Bros. for WiiDS:
Sup, Bros. for Ninten FreeFSSS:
GooG Trooper:
Sudx Generhations:
Lel, Soccer:
SpeepS Gonzez: Las Vegas Gator Bandits:
The Chimps: Barf Vs. The Space Moms:
LDS: Dreem Femulator:
Soldierboi Simulator 2016:
Bad Future:
Yellow L:

only reason the next few are here is because i spent a bunch of time in ms paint making this crap

Sudx Nen:
Yoshi's Haunted Crotch 11 (Yoshi CD, NA Version):
Yoshi's Haunted Crotch 11 (Yoshi CD, JPN/PAL Version):

I'd like the person who made this 4chan thread to know they have my eternal gratitude:


My Rank Timeline:
Newbie: 10-04-12 to 11-04-12
Member: 11-04-12 to 5-30-13
Trusted: 5-30-13 to 5-31-13
Member: 5-31-13 to 2-01-14
Trusted: 2-01-14: ~8:30 PM to 2-01-14: ~11:00 PM
Member: 2-01-14: 11:00 PM to 4-18-14
Trusted: 4-18-14 to 11-15-18: 7:35 PM
Member: 11-15-18: 7:35 PM to 11-16-18: 11:02 PM
Trusted: 11-16-18: 11:02 PM to 11-16-18: 12:53 AM
Banned: 11-16-18: 12:53 AM to 11-19-18
Newbie: 11-19-18 to 11-20-18
Member: 11-20-18 to 11-26-18
Trusted: 11-26-18 to current

And that's about it.
...How you like me now?

Page Comments

TheFadedWarrior - 09-20-23 11:48 PM
skippercapt - 08-02-23 02:49 AM
Yooooooooo if you ever sign back on message me!
TheFadedWarrior - 07-08-23 11:44 AM
TheFadedWarrior - 04-10-23 09:51 PM
TheFadedWarrior - 01-15-23 04:59 PM
TheFadedWarrior - 07-12-22 04:47 PM
Super Donkey Kong Shake
TheFadedWarrior - 03-25-22 05:04 PM
How does it feel being voted Craziest Member 2014?
TheFadedWarrior - 03-25-22 04:57 PM
chicken alfredo
skippercapt - 09-21-21 02:56 AM
I remember your name very well gameboy. I would love to see you and all the others I talked to on vizzed IRL. It's obviously pretty much impossible, but a man can dream.
no 8120 - 10-23-20 03:51 AM
Happy Birthday

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