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10-26-16 12:08 PM  
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2329 days ago
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10-26-16 02:44 AM

Khfan_D98 is Offline

  The chameleon spider-man and kingdom hearts fan of Vizzed!
Trusted Member
Registration Name: D1998
Real Name: Sora
Location: Narshe
Age: 18 (10-01-98)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-10-10 06:05 PM (2329 days ago)
Posts: 801  Threads: 34
Post Words: 27,534 (34 word avg)
Viz: 22,182    Contribution Points: 1,646
Post Rating: 38   Trust Points: 10   Chat: 878
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Last Activity: 10-26-16 02:44 AM
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Last Post: 10-25-16 10:43 PM
  Disney infinity 2.0 Spider-man figure Review

Fun misc stuff

Couldn't have said it better myself, Spidey.

Sup? I'm Khfan_D98 (Registration name: D1998), but you can call me Khfan, or D. Most people on here call me the latter.
I'm a regular 18 year old boy (With autism) who loves plushies and is a pretty good artist.
I tried to draw a Keyblade from kingdom hearts and the results were Good, IMO.
I love video games, and to read. I love Pokemon, spider-man,and kingdom hearts!!! Plus, power rangers FTW. I'm also a huge fan of the PSP fighting game gem Dissidia 012 final fantasy.
I'm also a WWE CAW maker extraordonaire, and have managed to bring characters like Spider-man, Dante, Sailor moon, Mario, and Terra Branford into the ring! Also, Sailor moon is awesome, and I've grown quite fond of Sailor Saturn.

Also, Madoka Kaname is our lord and savior who i pray to in secret everyday.

I've been a part of Vizzed for more than 6 years now (yeah, i joined when i was 11,and now i'm 18. I think that's pretty insane to think about, too.) And most days, you'll find me on here at least a couple hours, where i'll be in the chat room trying to talk to people and stuff. Please go in there, i like talking and we can be friends! (Friendship is magic... Yes, i'm a brony)

But i also occasionally go on DeviantArt and... post some stuff.. like aforementioned WWE CAWs that i'm an extraordinaire at making.

I'm a big fan of video game music, though i do like SOME vocal "Real" music, like KISS, Aerosmith, Guns N roses, and Blue Stahli. A very underrated musical artist you should check out.
I love Castlevania,and remember:

Kingdom hearts is my favorite ever game series, and i live for the day when KH3 comes out. I'm a big fan of final fantasy, and imo, the pinnacle of the series was final fantasy VI. I also like alot of anime, such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Shaman king, Trigun, and Inuyasha.

SO! That's just about all the stuff i can think of to share about me right off the top of my head. Find me in chat and talk to me if you wanna know more. I'll see ya later!!

What the..??

AHEM! Aren't you FORGETTING something? Like, oh... i dunno.. your FIRST love? That guy with the awesome movie and game? That handsome mercenary? Ring any bells?

...It's ME!!!

Oh, right. How could i forget? Deadpool's awesome, of course!! He's the best superhero ever!!! And even the best fictional character ever!!! His costume is awesome, he's a great ladies man, and having him in anything makes it better. Everyone loves DEADPOOL!

Bet your last Chimichanga, they do. And good thing you do, too. Keep it that way..

Galacta was here.

(Deadpool was here first.)

This is what Khfan_D98's post layout looks like in the threads.

Layouts by pacman1755

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