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12-08-19 02:38 PM

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  How many licks does it take to get to the center of the earth? lets find out. Zero! Zero! Zero! How many licks does it take to get to the center of the earth the world will never know!
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  The quad cities.



[10:37] Juliet enters the room

[10:37] Elara enters the room

[10:38] Juliet How old is the lead singer of counting crows?

[10:38] Elara Meh maybe 70 years old

[10:38] Juliet I thought he was in his 40's.

[10:39] Starwars293 enters the room

[10:41] Starwars293: I ate some random poop today!

[10:41] Juliet Ewwwww! sounds gross.

[10:42] Starwars293: and when I barthed i called my friend over and barthed into his mouth.

[10:42] Juliet Gross! I'd never do that to anyone. Anyone up for a trip to the industrial playground?

((((- Starwars293 has been banned from chat fivever

[11:00] Juliet I once ate a certain crab not knowing I was alergic to it and had an eternal alergy and an asthma attack. Confined to oxygen mask for a week.

[11:01] COWBOY So I'm heading to the casino tonight with some friends tonight to get dome more money for this run down farm

[11:02] COW Moooola

[11:02] COW What was that. Your one strange cow.

[11:03] COW Moooooola

[11:03] COWBOY Mooooola what does that mean

[11:03] COW Moooola

[11:03] COWBOY CASH!!!! Now that's more like it!!!!

[12:10] Elara What just happened?

-))))) Bintsy enters the room!

Bintsy: This does not feel good.

Juliet: What doesn't feel good?

Bintsy: Well, I went to the hospital with difficulties breathing and was given an oxygen mask but my breathing never improved so they were going to intubate me. Me, scared about that begged them not to do that but they told me they had no choice so they injected sedatives into me while another dr put this mask over my face and started squeezing it. I, however was too sleepy to fight the dr's off then quickly fell asleep. I then woke up with this odd feeling down my throat so I called the dr and wrote down on paper what the feeling was and he said it was my breathing tube. I then wrote on the paper breathing tube? What is that? The dr explained that after I fell asleep they put that tube down my throat and attached a device witch is responsible for helping me breathe so basically meaning without that attached to the breathing tube I would of been deprived of oxygen pretty quick. They may have to keep this tube in my throat for a couple of days untill I can breathe on my own though.

Juliet: That sucks I once ate certain crab and developed an alergic reaction to it along with an asthma attack following shortly after. Did not get the breathing tube but did have to wear an oxygen mask witch I liked.

Elara: That sucks bintsy hope you can get that breathing tube out soon. And i'm also surprised computers are allowed especially since you are probably in ICU with advanced breathing support.

Bintsy: I'm doing this from my phone. A few people texted to see if I wanted to come over for a sleepover and said ummmmm unless you want me to remove my medical equipment and escape the hospital to have a sleepover then i'm not comming. I then took a photo of myself and sent it to my friends and said this is why I can't make it to the sleepover.

Bintsy: Just got the breathing tube removed. They put me on full face bipap to assist in my breathing.

Elara: Glad you got the tube removed I looked up a video of this tube and it looks like they place a mask with a bag on your face then start to squeeze it. Then it looks like a tool with a light is used to put the breathing tube in then they attach a device with a hose to the breathing tube wich must be your oxygen source. I, however am not sure how I would do if I had a breathing tube down my throat and woke up with it in. I would probably play on my phone to kill time untill I'm ready to have the tube removed.

Juliet: Glad you are breathing on your own again Bintsy Sucks they gave you a bipap mask though. Thanks for the lecture on how the breathing tube gets inserted Elara Maybe i'll be prepared if I need it.

Bintsy: Here's what my situation would've sounded like on one of those tv doctor shows.

Narrator: A patient aged 19 who goes by the name Bintsy is being brought in via ambulance after having difficulties breathing. She is on the max limit of oxygen allowed by the hospital.

Dr: A patient aged 19 who is named Bintsy is being brought in via ambulance for difficulties breathing. She is on the max amount of oxygen allowed by the hospital. We need to get an ER room ready for Bintsy stat.

few minutes later

Narrator: Ambulance arrives at the hospital and drops Bintsy off in the ER.

Dr: Bintsy, So I heard you are having difficulties breathing right?

Bintsy: Yes I am.

Dr: Ok. I'm just gonna listen to your lungs then run some tests on you.

Bintsy: Ok!

few minutes later

Dr: Hey, Bintsy! I just got the test results back and we are going to have to intubate you. The process involves putting a breathing tube down your throat and then attaching an oxygen supply to it.

Bintsy: But but, I don't want a breathing tube down my throat. Is there anything else we can do?

Dr: This is the only option left. I am going to sedate you know ok?

Bintsy: Ok.

Narrator: The dr began to sedate Bintsy and then put her on an ambu bag and began moving her to the ICU. Once situated, they put Bintsy on the mechanical ventilator. Bintsy remained on the ventilator for a couple more days before having it removed, but a few days prior, she woke up with the tube still in her throat and wondered what it was. She was released a couple days after.

Bintsy: And that's what it would look like if my situation made it to one of those tv doctor shows.

-(((((Whiterose enters the room

Whiterose: I'm back everyone!!!!

Elara: Whiterose, how nice to see you again! Anything happening?

Whiterose: Nope, not really except I am voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Elara: What? How could you do that? He hates woman! If you're voting for Trump then I guess our friendship is off!

-((((Davideo7 enters the room

Davideo7: Whiterose returns after an almost nine-ten year absence and returns by saying she is voting for Donald Trump? I hope you know that he messaged me personally and said that if he became president, he was gonna force me to take down the rgr since he plans on making roms and emulators illegal in the US. This will hut vizzed the most as people won't be able to play games or do netplay anymore. The game info page should not be affected though. If he DOES become president then my wife and I plus the kids are moving overseas (or to Canada) so I don't have to remove the rgr but am afraid he may find a way to block the site so US users can't access it. Also he is very creepy.

Elara: Ouch, that's gonna hurt

Whiterose: April fools. I am not voting for trump. My choice is undecided.

Davideo7: Phew!

Elara: Phew!

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