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-High School Diploma
-Web Design Diploma at Art Institute

-BP Amoco Shop: 2003 - 2005
-Bergquist: 2005 - 2006
-Startech: 2007 - Present

-Slap the Monkey game in flash for a client on for $120
-English Slot Game an educational game for for $150

Macromedia Flash: Intermediate to Professional; 2+ years experience
I can do animations, vector graphics, web sites, games, etc; I'm very comfortable with the program and find it very easy to work with. I can also integrate it with PHP and MySQL.
ActionScript: Intermediate; 1 year of experience
I'm decent with the language behind flash. I have the skills to make websites with flash, and I especially enjoy making games and applications in flash using actionscript.
Photoshop: Intermediate to Professional; 3+ years experience I can do a lot of unique graphics, I can edit and enhance photography, make website graphics, create original characters, I can do logos and banners, and anything creative
PHP: Intermediate to Professional; 2+ years experience I have the skills in PHP to create shopping carts, dynamic websites, guest books, very primitive message board, and can do database work with MySQL. I can also somewhat integrate PHP with Flash to store and retrieve information from a database to Flash.
MySQL: Intermediate; less than a year of experience I can work with MySQL and PHP well enough to do stuff like shopping carts and simple message boards.

Some Other Skills Include: HTML, C#, Illustrator, JavaScript, etc.

To Sum Things up: I love working with computers, anything I'm capable of doing I'm willing to do. I have great creativity skills and my imagination is always overly active. Give me a little time and I can completely come up with an awesome website, totally unique game, original cartoon or cartoon character, or make a graphic that is suitable and appropriate for any occasion. I have the proper skills to make complete websites and for any skills I lack, I may be willing to spend an extra 8 hours of my own time a week to study.