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Mega Man X2
In december of 1993, Capcom realeased Mega Man X, a spin-off game of the classic Mega Man series. The game proved immensley popular with critics and Mega Man fans alike, so Capcom followed up with a sequel the following year. But does this game live up to the popularity of its successor? Plot: Six months after X's triumph over Sigma and his Mavericks, a trio of powerful Mavericks form a group called the X-hunters and collect the body parts of Xs recentley deceased comrade, Zero. In addition to the X-hunters, X must battle 8 more Mavericks and (preferably) recover the body parts of Zero. Whe...
Metal Slug Advance
Action in your Pocket! Who didn't played Metal Slug? I bet that the most part of the Vizzed's users have played some of the games of this great saga (Or at least they have heard about it.) Of course, some games of it were ported to the several consoles, But... One of the most famous portable consoles, the Game Boy advance, made by Nintendo. Got a exclusive game for it... The thing that makes this game noticeable, it's that has a new style of game play. Yep, While the rest of the games were focused on "Shoot while running" this game is most focused on Exploration (Well, not at all, becaus...
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See who can get the highest score in The Terminator

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  Pokemon TRE-Team Rocket Edition  
Rating: 8.4  Plays: 107,015    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Brown 2009 (red hack)  
Rating: 8.9  Plays: 58,512    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Black Special Palace Ed.  
Rating: 8.1  Plays: 21,612    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Generations (red hack)  
Rating: 8.7  Plays: 23,833    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Z (red hack)  
Rating: 8.1  Plays: 31,222    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Aqua (red hack)  
Rating: 7.8  Plays: 7,427    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Blue Upgrade  
Rating: 8.6  Plays: 12,536    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Land (hack)  
Rating: 8.3  Plays: 7,745    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon - Johto Journeys (hack)  
Rating: 6.6  Plays: 8,879    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Blue Before Elite  
Rating: 8.1  Plays: 8,321    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon - Next Generation (hack)  
Rating: 8.2  Plays: 6,105    Plugin Optional
  Oak's Dream 2 (pokemon red hack)  
Rating: 7.4  Plays: 6,717    Plugin Optional
  Meowths Adventure (pokemon hack)  
Rating: 7.2  Plays: 4,465    Plugin Optional
  Pokemon Girl (red hack)  
Rating: 7.3  Plays: 3,554    Plugin Optional
  Pikamon (pokemon red hack)  
Rating: 8.3  Plays: 4,361    Plugin Optional
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