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Basketball Nightmare
Ever dreamed of being a Basketball star, and winning the championship game for your team? Probably many of us have, and we've surely all had that nightmare where we are playing Basketball in a graveyard, against horror story worthy beings! And if I'm the only one that's had that nightmare, then this is your chance to peek inside the mind of a truly disturbed individual, or at least someone with secret basketball fears (I blame Space Jam). Want to see dracula beat you on a one-on-one fast break, take it to the hoop, and dunk on you? You finally can! Ever wondered how Aliens play basketball? Thi...
Jungle Hunt
Overall - 8.5 Jungle Hunt on the Atari 2600 is an interesting game for this console game.  The game looks fun and it plays well.  The game is kind of like Donkey Kong on the NES, where it changes the level.  There were some confusion when playing this for the first time, but after getting used to it, the game was understandable.  I guarantee that you will like this game. Graphics - 8 The graphics were well-made.  The levels were a bit okay.  The only issue was that there was some color on the ropes on the swinging game, but it did not bother the game play. Sou...
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  Virtua Fighter  
Rating: 8.7  Plays: 11,124    Plugin Required
Rating: 8.7  Plays: 8,808    Plugin Required
Rating: 9.9  Plays: 839  DC   Plugin Required
  Sword of Vermilion  
Rating: 7.9  Plays: 1,305    Plugin Required
  Virtua Fighter  
Rating: 9.1  Plays: 1,043  MAME   Plugin Required
  Shenmue II  
Rating: 9.7  Plays: 36  DC   Plugin Required
  GP Rider  
Rating: 6.4  Plays: 650    Plugin Optional
  GP Rider  
Rating: Plays: 228    Plugin Optional
  Virtua Racing  
Rating: 3.6  Plays: 595    Plugin Required
Rating: Plays: 4  DC   Plugin Required
  Charge 'N Blast  
Rating: Plays: 6  DC   Plugin Required
  Fighting Vipers 2  
Rating: Plays: 6  DC   Plugin Required
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