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Directory: 10 & 116
Entire Site: 15 & 179
06-20-18 04:44 AM
Game Boy Advance
Razorback Developments Ltd
UPC: 4005209061674

Players: 1-2
Country Origin: US

Game Genre:
Role-Playing (RPG), Strategy
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person Perspective, Isometric
Genre Sport:
Puzzle-Solving, Turn-basedPuzzle-Solving, Turn-based
Genre Non-Sport:
Puzzle-Solving, Turn-basedPuzzle-Solving, Turn-based
Game Misc:
Licensed TitleLicensed Title

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $4.07
Complete:  $4.07
New:  $6.50
Rarity:  8/10

External Websites:
Ebay Listings

Play Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Online GBA Game Rom - Game Boy Advance Emulation on Bionicle - Maze of Shadows (GBA)

Play Bionicle - Maze of Shadows online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Bionicle - Maze of Shadows (GBA) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Bionicle - Maze of Shadows

Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Title ScreenBionicle - Maze of Shadows Screenshot 1Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Box Art FrontBionicle - Maze of Shadows Screenthot 2
Rating: 7.5 (9 votes)
Plays: 604 M:98% F:2%
Filesize: 5,593kb

Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Screenshots

Videos of Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Gameplay

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Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Game Description

Bionicle: Maze of Shadows is a top-down action game set in the LEGO Bionicle universe and based on the book of the same name. The game features six playable characters, six stages and multiplayer features.

The Toe Metru, six great heroes, are looking for a means to awaken their sleeping people, the Matoran. They need to venture into the underground labyrinth Maze of Shadows, where the vicious Rahi lurk and filled with traps and puzzles.

The player controls all of the six Toa Metru, and he has to use their individual special skills to overcome the challenges thrown at him. During the course of the game, each Toa Metru can enhance gis special skills, each representing a different element (ice, air, earth, fire, stone, and water). While the standard gameplay takes place from a top-down view, combat is played out in turn-based fashion similar to Golden Sun.

Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Reviews

Overall 7.5    Graphics 9    Sound 7    Addictive 6    Story 8    Depth 6    Difficulty 5

Review: Bionicle: Maze Of Shadows   MisakiMei
Bionicle has been a toy series from 2001 to 2010 by Danish toy brand Lego, which also has been one o...
  Graphics 9   Sound 7   Addictive 6   Story 8   Depth 6   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 01-03-15     Review Replies: 2

Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Highscores

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Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Threads

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Bionicle - Maze of Shadows Guides and Walkthroughs

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Users who own Bionicle - Maze of Shadows

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Comments for Bionicle - Maze of Shadows

tokytot 05-06-14 - 08:54 PM
 I love Bionicle!
tumafunk1234 07-27-11 - 06:27 PM