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06-21-18 12:52 PM
Nintendo NES
Konami Industry Co.
UPC: 83717110088

Released: 10-31-87
Players: 1

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
1st-Person Perspective
Genre Sport:
FlightArcade, Flight
Genre Non-Sport:
FlightArcade, Flight
Game Misc:
Licensed TitleLicensed Title

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $2.99
Complete:  $10.99
New:  $18.50
Rarity:  4/10

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Play Top Gun Online NES Game Rom - Nintendo NES Emulation on Top Gun (NES)

Play Top Gun online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! Top Gun (NES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Top Gun

Top Gun Title ScreenTop Gun Screenshot 1Top Gun Box Art FrontTop Gun Box Art BackTop Gun Screenthot 2
Rating: 7.4 (45 votes)
Plays: 5,329 M:99% F:1%
Filesize: 73kb

Top Gun Box Description

The sun shimmers on the horizon as your armed-to-the-teeth Navy fighter screams from the carrier deck, accelerating into the danger zone. High above hostile waters your mission is to defend the task force from enemy attack. Suddenly, bogeys flash onto your radar. They're everywhere, diving toward you at Mach 2. Only a second to react, you go to guns and arm missiles. Your heart pounds and palms sweat as you blast into the dogfight with cannons blazing. Tracers zip past your engines. Shells shatter your senses. Now it's just you against them. And to survive you'll need more than speed and firepower. You'll need guts and instinct. You'll need to be a "TOP GUN" pilot!

Top Gun Screenshots

01-11-14 08:57 PM
Top Gun - Level  - I-I landed it.... YEAH!  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
I-I landed it.... YEAH!
04-29-11 01:40 AM
Top Gun - hell yeah tic - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
hell yeah tic
no 8120
09-14-15 02:31 PM
Top Gun - Introduction  -  introduction - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
05-25-15 01:58 AM
Top Gun - Cut-Scene  - Nice soft landing ;-) - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Nice soft landing ;-)
no 8120
09-14-15 02:37 PM
Top Gun - Ending  -  game ending - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
game ending
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Videos of Top Gun Gameplay

05-25-15 01:56 AM
00:11:33  Views: 235
Top Gun - GamePlay - I Feel the need, the need for SPEED! - User video5/5
GamePlay - I Feel the need, the need for SPEED!

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Top Gun Featured Review

Top Gun Review by: Redxsparrow - 8/10

Mission 1: Review Top Gun
   Konami is the originator of Top Gun. Konami was one of the companies that achieve the best video games during the 1980's through the 2000's. This company was found in other companies such as Nintendo and Sega. Konami first started in 1969 when Kagemasa Kozuki, a chief executive officer, found a repair business in Osaka, Japan. On March 19, 1973, Kozuki transformed the business which is known today, Konami. The association began building "entertainment machines" for the arcades. Some well classic arcades include Frogger and Super Cobra. In 1982, Konami manufactures PC games and in 1983, they assemble MSX games. The year 1985 is when Konami teamed up with Nintendo and produce video games for the Famicom and the NES and in the late 80's Konami combine with Sega to make games that goes with the Genesis.
   Konami holds a collection of the best games out there and some that are okay and well known. Some games that were the best were Castlevania, Contra, Life Force, Gradius and many more! Some okay games for its time are Metal Gear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Skate or Die!, and many more. The particular game that will fit in the well known collection is Top Gun.

   Top Gun was based on the movie in 1986. Top Gun is an action game in a first person perspective. This game is about a player, that’s you, have to navigate and do missions, while riding a plane called F-14 Tomcat. At the end of each mission, except the first one, the player has to kill or damage a boss and land the plane. The first mission gives you a practice round and no boss yet you have to land the plane. The final mission is to destroy a space shuttle. There are two endings, one is good and one is bad. If you beat the game, beat every boss, and land the plane of every single ending launch sequence, you get the plane, descending into the carrier. The pilot will wave at their crews. Pretty lame. The bad ending occurs when you have a minimum of 50,000 points, and lose the game. The bad ending shows the pilot's plaque and the tragedy.

   My thought to this game is an okay. It is okay with its graphics, missions, and the music, but the controllers are a little off. The graphics are not so bad for its time. You can see the clouds, the ocean, lands, planes, and other objects in the game. The missions are accurate, and some takes a while to plan out such as choosing the right missile and landing the plane. The music has a great tune. The game uses the song in the opening title and the ending of the game. The controllers are a bit off because of its up and down buttons on the directional pad. When you push up, the plane descends, and if you push down, it does the opposite, it ascends.

   I have not found this game interesting for me. All you do is pick a missile, you fly and kill planes and helicopters, you fight an enemy territory, and you land the plane. I would say that this is not one of the best games that Konami had made, but I wouldn’t say it is the worst. It is frustrating when I am trying to land the plane, but with more patience and practice I can do it.

Top Gun Game Description

Top Gun is loosely based on the film of the same name. It is an action game in which the player controls an F-14 Tomcat fighter through four different missions.The action is seen from a first-person cockpit view. Depending on the mission, different kinds of targets must be destroyed. There are always enemy aircraft, but some missions include sea and ground targets as well. Two weapons are available: machine guns (with unlimited ammunition) and missiles. The player can choose from three types of missiles before a mission: the more powerful ones can only be carried in lower quantities.Enemy aircraft either overshoot the players's plane from behind and can be easily taken down, or they come from the front and fire guns and missiles. Sometimes, an enemy plane will position itself on the player's six. It should be lost quickly by steering left and right, or instant death follows.Halfway through missions two through four comes a refueling sequence where the fuel plane's nozzle must be aligned with one's aircraft.Every mission (except the first one) features a final mission target, which can take a lot more damage than regular targets.Each mission concludes with a landing attempt on the aircraft carrier. To successfully land, the player's plane must have a certain altitude and speed. Successfully landing gives bonus points, but crashing the plane doesn't end the game - it simply costs a life.

Top Gun Reviews

Overall 7.4    Graphics 7    Sound 5    Addictive 7    Story 4    Depth 6    Difficulty 6

Mission 1: Review Top Gun   Redxsparrow
   Konami is the originator of Top Gun. Konami was one of the companies that achieve the b...
      Review Rating: 4.7/5     Submitted: 07-28-11     Updated: 08-04-11     Review Replies: 1

Top Gun Highscores

1. 60,600
TimeTrial: 00:16:18
11-15-14 12:21 AM
Top Gun -  - User Screenshot
2. 38,300
TimeTrial: 00:17:35
03-18-13 06:42 PM
Top Gun - pretty good score! - User Screenshot
pretty good score!
3. 17,400
TimeTrial: 00:07:10
11-28-12 01:17 AM
Top Gun - yeah 4 now!!! - User Screenshot
yeah 4 now!!!
4. 14,200
TimeTrial: 00:00:00
06-19-10 09:38 PM
Top Gun -  - User Screenshot
5. 4,200
TimeTrial: 00:07:43
05-10-16 01:49 PM
Top Gun - not fun - User Screenshot
not fun
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Comments for Top Gun

Jordanv78 03-29-14 - 04:04 PM
 This game isn't that bad really. It's about as good as a "flight sim" game could be and not be boring to tears. Could have it been better? Yes. Was it horrible? Not by any means.
voyager 1 03-02-14 - 01:13 PM
 how dare you say its the worst its the best
OrdannonsX 06-22-13 - 12:02 PM
 I've heard so many bad things about this game, but the truth is... I'm really enjoying this!
KelbyBaca 03-26-13 - 11:46 PM
 ROFL, I'm thinking about the AVGN as im playing this. And i landed the plane and refueled it just fine. shocker!! :O
super joe bros 11-14-12 - 04:15 PM
 Worst Konami game ever.
marc123456789 10-28-12 - 06:22 AM
 avgn bought me here
PikachuKai9990 09-17-12 - 01:28 PM
 For Top Gun NES, A=SpeedUp, B=SpeedDown, Up=Down, Down=Up, Left=Left, and Right=Right.
PikachuKai9990 09-17-12 - 01:24 PM
 Redxsparrow, I read the controls, and I know the standard of Flight Simulation games.
ironman101 07-02-12 - 06:47 PM
 aaasss f@#
crmnsrl 04-18-12 - 07:02 PM
EarthboundFTW 03-23-12 - 09:53 PM
 This game has a strange similarity to Afterburner in some ways...
demetrilennon 08-18-11 - 08:53 AM
gmcint5407 08-02-11 - 10:23 PM
 landed on first try
Redxsparrow 07-27-11 - 11:34 PM
 How do I speed up?
mustangk09 05-28-11 - 11:05 PM
 this takes me back
ManuGod 04-26-11 - 03:20 PM
 Remember me when i play this game when i was 7 ^^
chadsmith1 04-14-11 - 03:35 PM
 i need a power glove if i wanna land
chadsmith1 04-14-11 - 02:44 PM
 im here since avgn dosent whant me to be here i will tell you if i have the same problem with landing
MaraquanWocky 02-22-11 - 04:59 PM
 Geez, saying it sucks because you can't play it? Real mature. This is a pretty damn good game.
phillet 02-20-11 - 10:21 AM
 it sucks
neno333164 02-11-11 - 04:51 PM
 I loved that game.
TheGilsterMan 01-26-11 - 09:58 AM
DaltonSezHi 01-16-11 - 08:51 AM
risktaker619 07-13-10 - 05:44 AM