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10-14-19 10:29 AM

Play Jigsaw's Test (demo) Online SNES Rom Hack of Super Mario World - Jigsaw's Test (demo) (SNES)

Play Jigsaw's Test (demo) online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free! Jigsaw's Test (demo) is a rom hack of Super Mario World (SNES). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Jigsaw's Test (demo)

Rating: 8.3 (8 votes)
Plays: 558 M:98% F:2%
Filesize: 467kb

Jigsaw's Test (demo) Game Description

You know "Saw"? That horror series that has more blood than terror? Well, based on this series, the author decided to create a hack with the theme "Survival Horror". In Jigsaw's Test, Mario is trapped. He finds a tape recorder. The recording is of a somewhat mysterious figure, which says that Mario always saves the lives of everyone, but can he save his own skin? This hack contains just one level, but do not think it's simple: You have to find items in the scene and clues to solve puzzles. But remember: It's not always the obvious solution that is correct--one false step and you can die.

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Comments for Jigsaw's Test (demo)

tgags123 12-05-13 - 03:13 PM
 The only bad thing is that this game has no replay value. Once you beat it, you know what to do so it isn't fun anymore.
tgags123 12-05-13 - 03:12 PM
 I beat it :D
Jordanv78 12-05-13 - 02:36 PM
tgags123 12-05-13 - 02:34 PM
 Will this work on Netplay? Hmm...
MechaMento 12-05-13 - 09:55 AM
 Do you want to play a game?
tgags123 12-04-13 - 07:33 PM
 I love this game, it is great! I wish more people knew about it. I may write a review for it.
octopus1993 05-21-13 - 01:42 PM
 I completed it! very original game! :D
Cindyrandomneko 05-17-13 - 04:35 AM
 Man this is really hard..Any type of guide? D: