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02-20-20 10:57 PM

Play EVW (super mario world hack) Online SNES Rom Hack of Super Mario World - EVW (super mario world hack) (SNES)

Play EVW (super mario world hack) online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free! EVW (super mario world hack) is a rom hack of Super Mario World (SNES). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

EVW (super mario world hack)

EVW (super mario world hack) Title ScreenEVW (super mario world hack) Screenshot 1EVW (super mario world hack) Screenthot 2
Rating: 5.1 (2 votes)
Plays: 255 M:95% F:5%
Filesize: 957kb

EVW (super mario world hack) Game Description

A hack with a variety of level ideas. Not meant to be ordinary, but instead weird, interesting, and unique. There is no common theme, each level is a whole new style.

Cheats, Codes and Tips section below contains solutions. Please read it if you get stuck on any of the games puzzles.

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EVW (super mario world hack) Cheat Codes

Use these only if necessary:

Kaizo Breaker
#In room 1 you can find invisible coin blocks to bypass the entire section.

#Room 2 find a vine to hit a p-switch, a spring will fall down over by the munchers. Later touch the left side of the cement blocks withholding the star to break them.

#Room 3 one brown block is a bush tile, you can then easily get the p-switch that should be use right away. You'll be able to run up the coin turned blocks to skip a insane section. Then grab the spring and use it to jump to the highest block ahead. Simple stroll to the exit awaits you!

Trilogy Castle
There is a key at start of the first section when in the SMB2 version. The door is at the opposite end of the section.

Yoshi n Berry
At the end of the first section use yoshi to hop off the black berries and reach a moon, leave yosh to continue left for a secret section.

Source of Variety
#Be quick in the poison temple, air bubbles restore time, gas takes it away (fast).

#Yellow blocks disappear after 4 hits to the boss.

#The upside down black Q is the exit in the checkerboard section.

#Beware of red unless distance shows movement; means red hurts you if the BG is still. Only Sections 2,3 have movement. (Secret section also has movement)

#Blue is good until it rains. Pretty easy, blue hurts you in the rain section.

#Squares can be fatal in their domain. Actually cubes their domain should be obvious section 3. All will hurt you, green ones will kill you instantly.

#What is this color pattern you ask? See below

green ----- platform
yellow ---- coin
blue ------ spring
red ------- hurt

green ----- hurt
yellow ---- platform
blue ------ coin
red ------- spring

green ----- spring
yellow ---- hurt
blue ------ platform
red ------- coin

green ----- coin
yellow ---- jump
blue ------ hurt
red ------- hurt (Movement rule overrides color pattern otherwise would be platform) See the simple pattern?

#At the end use the second pair of circles as a pipe.

Disruptive Castle
#Past the red room is a endless hall, look at the cracks on the floor the fourth one can be destroyed by a spin jump.

#Yellow room

3 blocks space 2 blocks space 5 blocks space 4 blocks 7 blocks space 8 blocks double space 1 block space 3 blocks space 4 blocks space 7 blocks space just walk from their. (Jumping as far as you can go can also work)

#Orange room

Don't touch odd number rows

() this is odd numbered (3 blocks tall)

() This is safe since it's even (2 blocks tall)

Next is the fake endless hall.

#Fake Endless Hall

Run to the very end this is no endless hall!

#Red Room

Ignore the green key, find the real one 7th from the right.

#Key Hall

Near the center of the hall is a glowing keyhole. Put the key in and press up to progress.

Section 3 revisited has a key at the top left. The door is far right in section 4.

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