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07-09-20 06:36 AM
Game Boy Advance

Hack Type:
Graphic, Level, Story, Game Mod

Play Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Online GBA Game Rom - Game Boy Advance Emulation on Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) (GBA)

Play Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) (GBA) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1)

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Title ScreenPokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Screenshot 1
Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.6
(20 votes)
Plays: 6,154
Filesize: 7,236kb

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Box Description

Since then Pokémon have been used to fight. For some people Pokémon are pets, some are even workmates. In the course of time many people have become friends with Pokémon. But some use Pokémon for evil purposes.

Your adventure starts in Hesperia, which is well known for being one of the calmest cities worldwide. It is also the only city in whole Amitec that provides a laboratory. Your father, who owns this laboratory and does particular research, gives you your first Pokémon. As a professor he enjoys worldwide appreciation. After you got your Pokémon after a little incident in the laboratory you start your journey to Riesenburg City to get some samples for your parents. You was told by them that a meteorite has crashed in Riesenburg City. Immediately you hit the road to get these said samples, which were extracted as the meteorite crashed.
After all you realize that this isn’t a meteorite because there seems to be something inside that radiates such a negative aura that even the professor is afraid. It’s “Deoxys”, a cold and really cruel Pokémon. Then you hit the road to reach your actual aim, to collect all 8 badges in Amitec. But these aims have to be hang up because you meet 2 eerie people, who talk about change of the world and the people. You realize quickly that something seems to be wrong.

After several encounters you get to know that this team is called “Team Tundra”. They suffer a sad destiny because their village “Gletcheria” is threatened with extinction and their only hope are 2 creatures of light: “Latias” and “Latios”, the 2 sovereigns of the skies. For years they have kept the world in balance, but due to their disappearance the world is closer and closer to extinction. Therefore there is only one thing to do: To find Latias and Latios and ask them to help you. But this isn’t that easy, Team Tundra always intervenes. It is said that you have to find the 2 elementary stones to awake the 2 frozen Pokémon, Latias and Latios. These Pokémon should be able to end this cruel ice age with their power. But the world could collapse as soon as these elementary stones are moved from their original place: It would be sucked into a black hole. You attempt to persuade Team Tundra to stop, but the team doesn’t care and brutal fights and urgency develop.

During your epic adventure you watch Latias and Latios fight Deoxys in Gletcheria. This leads to Team Tundra becoming more and more aggressive, resulting into them destroying other cities. They want to tell the world what they had to go through and want to do the same to the population because they were forgotten during their time of death. You have to prevent this and persuade Team Tundra to choose the better way because they don’t seem to know what they actually do and need a loving soul that helps them. But when it’s too late nobody could guess what will happen to the world, therefore act quickly!

However, during your journey you will meet other trainers, get to know new friends, help people and experience many adventures and learn more and more for your life. But this journey is going to be much more difficult than you think

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Game Description


- Completely new graphics: Maps, tiles, title screen, fighting screen and so on…
- All Pokemon and legendaries catchable: Easy to complete the Pokedex
- Day / Night-system: 6 different daytimes
- Team matches: You also fight with partner
- New Battle backgrounds; Backgrounds for every occasion
- New music: Completely new
- Ruins: The Ruins in SotS are better than original Pokemon.
- Many different minigames: Many side quests that make the game more interesting
- More attacks useable outside: More attacks than “Cut” will be used outside
- Catastrophes: Meteorite crashes, ice ages, flooding And so on and on and on...

Videos of Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Gameplay

There are no submitted videos for this Game

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Reviews

Overall 8.6    Graphics 9.5    Sound 8.5    Addictive 7    Story 9.5    Depth 8    Difficulty 8.5

Good But I Can't Understand It!   Zangoose_Girl
It's pretty good. I would like it if there was an English translation. But otherwise, I like it! It ...
  Graphics 10   Sound 7   Addictive 5   Story 9   Depth 6   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 3.7/5     Submitted: 03-12-13     Review Replies: 1

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Highscores

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Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Threads


Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1) Guides and Walkthroughs

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Users who own Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1)

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Comments for Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies (German - beta 1)

Dragonboy02 06-22-14 - 02:09 PM
 guys this hack is german because the game is from german hackers
Evla123 02-24-14 - 03:59 PM
 i'm norwegian, and multiple words on german can looklike words in norwegian, so it shouldn't be impossible to play this
legomaster64 02-20-14 - 10:18 PM
 Dude, like, calm down. Caps lock spam looks odd in public.
Spacey Sul 12-16-13 - 05:30 PM
 People that complain- Use google translate.
amys2498 08-25-13 - 02:44 PM
 When you translate in English please message me!!!!
amys2498 08-25-13 - 02:43 PM
 WHY IS THIS IN f***ING GERMAN !!!!!! IT LOOKS SO AWESOME BUT THE LANGUAGE MAKES IT BAD !!!!! I WANT IT ON ENGLISH PLEASE!!!!!!! (i dont hate the language i just dont speak it !!!)
Surgiac 07-19-13 - 10:02 PM
 I took a screenie of each nature so you could get the natures you wanted on your pokemon.
Teddy1337 07-15-13 - 07:53 AM
 i am german :D
mewandpichu 06-22-13 - 02:46 PM
 Can someone make this in english please?
BSgomer 06-19-13 - 05:56 PM
VaradDude630 05-11-13 - 08:54 AM
 Can't even use google translate on this :(
FamousNYLover 04-18-13 - 11:39 PM
 Is this German?
Diana4281 04-14-13 - 01:24 PM
 This game looks so awesome but the freaking language! Dx Why are all the best game released in other languages?
Gamerman920 03-13-13 - 11:34 AM
 Hope someone releases it in english
pokemon9/11 03-07-13 - 12:30 PM
 This game looks good but it's in German. :(