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Directory: 13 & 180
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05-30-20 10:11 AM
Game Boy Advance

Players: 1
Hack Of:
Pokemon Emerald
Hack Type:
Level, Sound, Story, Game Mod

Game Genre:
Role-Playing (RPG)
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Anime / Manga

Play Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Online GBA Rom Hack of Pokemon Emerald - Pokemon - 2Awesome Version (GBA)

Play Pokemon - 2Awesome Version online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Pokemon - 2Awesome Version is a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald (GBA). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Pokemon - 2Awesome Version

Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Title ScreenPokemon - 2Awesome Version Screenshot 1
Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Screenthot 2
Rating: 7.4
(39 votes)
Plays: 7,964
Filesize: 7,151kb

Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Game Description

You are the typical Trainer, who wants to beat the 4 Gyms of the Empire region, while constantly beating your extremely salty rival who goes by the name of Fatal.

Along the way, you see/hear about Pokemon being murdered. You don't know who is doing it, and you don't care. It just so happens that you and the "bad people" cross paths. (I mean, you're a kid. What kid says "Oh! I think I'll stop an evil syndicate today!")

And as you beat the Gyms, more and more problems arise, and you see how people are starting to get really scared, while civilians know nothing about what the army is trying to hide. (No, it's not meant to be a political game. At all. But that's what they're doing, essentially, is covering up past ideas.)


-All new storyline
-All new scripts/events
-All new maps
-Some side events
-All new Gyms
-All new Gym Leaders/Elite 4
-All new random NPCs/Trainers

Videos of Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Gameplay

There are no submitted videos for this Game

Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Reviews

Overall 7.4    Graphics 8.3    Sound 8.3    Addictive 3.7    Story 4.7    Depth 5.3    Difficulty 9

Wait... Where's the Healing Spot   poke-fan-1900
I wanted to play this game because the title made the game sound cool. Which to be honest a lot of t...
  Graphics 6   Sound 6   Addictive 1   Story 1   Depth 1   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 08-29-13     Review Replies: 1

Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Threads


Pokemon - 2Awesome Version Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own Pokemon - 2Awesome Version

There are no users who own this Game

Comments for Pokemon - 2Awesome Version

niji12 12-22-13 - 11:36 AM
 quite a few bugs in this one...would be a really awesome game if they where fixed, like i talk to a random trainer and the whole game freezes (and i didn't even save :P)....oh and i want a pokedex plz :P
sceptile11 09-12-13 - 12:14 PM
 what are the starters in the game?
tjp8960 08-29-13 - 01:24 PM
 wheres the proffesors house
Jcnsi 08-29-13 - 01:05 PM
 PSN o_0 PlayStationNetwork
Black Bot 08-03-13 - 07:39 PM
 Yep. :(
OrdannonsX 06-10-13 - 06:54 AM
 At the start of the game, my Squirtle got Poisened. There's no way to heal or get special items so early in the game, I think... So uh, I was screwed.
olivebranch 05-05-13 - 10:07 AM
 Is it just me, or is this in the same region as pokemon hyetology?
StigRacer1234 03-03-13 - 05:42 PM
 the "respawn" is REALLY bugged
BetterSkatez 02-08-13 - 08:23 PM
 Damnit I got rid of my gold nugget!
T0330252G 01-04-13 - 08:35 PM
 Ok,how do i get through forest of illuestion?
Redrikeo 11-26-12 - 04:44 PM
 where do u get surf
Mr. fanboy 09-15-12 - 09:31 PM
 where can i find a water pokemon?
Rodzilla 09-07-12 - 07:32 PM
 @smbisme WTH U MEAN LAME STARTERS CHOICES? Rather have a Squirtle and Cyndaquil over Charmander though I like Charmander too. and not much of a fan of Mudkip neither. Good Starter choices, but looking at gameplay, might not play the rest.
Rodzilla 09-07-12 - 12:18 PM
 what r the starters? ain't playing just yet.
smbisme 09-03-12 - 11:22 AM
 Wild metang and Pupitar... wheres the first evo love?
smbisme 09-01-12 - 04:31 AM
 There are 2 bad eggs in the pc in box 6
smbisme 09-01-12 - 04:26 AM
 and eevee
smbisme 09-01-12 - 04:25 AM
 you can find some decent pokemon in the grass like heracross and hitmonlee
smbisme 09-01-12 - 04:24 AM
 I guess there is one guy after the 3rd gym if he tries to battle you it will glitch.
Diana4281 09-01-12 - 01:36 AM
 Is this game good?
bubba35901 08-31-12 - 07:00 PM
smbisme 08-31-12 - 06:27 AM
 you can use hms before you get the badges that let you use them. I was using rock smash before I got my 3rd badge.
smbisme 08-31-12 - 06:27 AM
 go to the first pokecenter...
Christy2905 08-31-12 - 05:51 AM
 My mom doesn't heal my pokemon.How do I heal?
smbisme 08-31-12 - 02:40 AM
 Finally got a full team. half of them suck though...