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02-10-16 08:22 PM  
Game Boy Advance

Hack Of:
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones
Hack Type:
Graphic, Story, Game Mod, Difficulty

Game Genre:
Tactical RPG
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Medieval / Fantasy, Turn-based

Play Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe Online GBA Rom Hack of Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones - Retro Game Room

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Play Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe is a rom hack of Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (GBA). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!


Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe

Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe Title ScreenFire Emblem - Gheb Fe Screenshot 1Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe Screenthot 2
Rating: 5.9 (39 votes)
Plays: 6,553 M:97% F:3%
Filesize: 9,772kb

RGR Plugin Emulators (Recommended)

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Using VisualBoyAdvance Emulator

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Using Mednafen Emulator

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Using MESS Emulator
Required: Vizzed RGR Plugin (free & safe)
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Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe Game Description

This hack features greatly increased difficulty, altered story, and altered game mechanics.


Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe Screenshots

08-18-12 02:43 PM
Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe - watch your head! - User Screenshot4.3/5 Edit Screenshot
watch your head!
03-14-14 05:08 PM
Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe - Character Profile  - Not bad Ewan not bad - User Screenshot3.7/5 Edit Screenshot
Character Profile:
Not bad Ewan not bad
09-25-12 12:47 AM
Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe - Ewan & Amelia flirt glitch - User Screenshot3.3/5 Edit Screenshot
Ewan & Amelia flirt glitch
02-10-16 05:19 AM
Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe -  - User Screenshot3/5 Edit Screenshot
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Game Characters in Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe

Comments for Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe

jackzwirk 10-04-15 - 02:21 PM
 im 9 years old.... this is hilarious!!! :D
epicness128 09-07-15 - 01:41 PM
 something everyone should note is that renault doesn't leave your party so you should use him
epicness128 08-21-15 - 06:30 PM
 noooooo My game crashed and EVERYTHING WAS ERASED ;~; now I have to be enraged with chapter 5x again...
jackzwirk 03-21-15 - 07:57 PM
 GHEB IS SO MEAN! who agrees?
Cobykid 12-13-14 - 02:01 PM
 Chapter 5x TAKES A LOT OF skll.
epicness128 06-13-14 - 08:44 AM
 this game isnt bad its just hard i got past 5x but it took time
Lolnoobnuggets 03-29-14 - 10:01 AM
 10/10 LOL
BlackSteer26 06-11-13 - 09:19 AM
 OK THIS GAME IS NOT BAD its possible
BlackSteer26 06-08-13 - 05:55 AM
 bad game -_- chapter 5x impossible
BlackSteer26 06-03-13 - 11:43 AM
 geb is to bad to play and amelia
joneslee 01-20-13 - 07:37 PM
 their affinity (evil, good etc) giving others new abilities. And from these people Gheb is given the role of the main protagonist thus creating this childish, crude world
joneslee 01-20-13 - 07:34 PM
 this could possibly be the story.Several peope from another dimension, fire emblem are transferred to this dimension, fe sacred stone. As a result of this the time and space begins to become distorted causing the antagonists and protagonists to change
WanderingHero 11-09-12 - 06:06 PM
 Poorly balanced and filled with crude, childish humor
Kiwie00 09-29-12 - 01:30 PM
 :) just about beat it on hard mode
Crispymasterty 09-22-12 - 11:33 PM
 This game is hilarious.
Gamerguy95 07-09-12 - 06:13 PM
 I'm Stuck on Chapter 5x on Hard Mode HOW am I supposed to beat it?
davidm27 06-27-12 - 12:31 PM
 to get past chapter 6 with ross send all troops through middle, and use chapter 5 to train troops (need a flyer)
Gamerguy95 06-14-12 - 02:03 PM
 Hard to get past Chapter 2 without losing Cormag or Caellach in th process
flash4 06-13-12 - 07:21 PM
 oh my f***ing gosh ithis game is so hard!
flash4 06-13-12 - 07:09 PM
 this game is funny but hard
Kiwie00 06-04-12 - 11:19 PM
 mccartney joins later on couple of chaps later, just make sure he doesn't die
ArcherEMIYA 06-04-12 - 04:21 PM
 getting batta is easy just lure him down with one of leon's summons, but how do you get that mccartney guy?
samiam144 06-02-12 - 06:42 PM
 how do u win the first lvl?
pykeadrian 05-22-12 - 09:52 PM
 very hard to kill ericka and lyn
iibzducky 05-02-12 - 09:09 PM
 is it even possible to save laarchel