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Play Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine online - Sega Genesis game rom
Rating: 9.2 (55 votes)
Plays: 13,237 M:95% F:5%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Dr Robotnik Dr Robotnik Dr Robotnik
Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin; uses Gens Emulator
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Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Review by: Totts - 9.6/10
This item is a home version of the arcade machine Puyo Puyo, which was conceived by Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) for their own home console. The game idea was acquired completely, and even the graphic design remains the same. It was packed in a nice story about the vile Dr. Robotnik (the villain from Sonic the Hedgehog).

The home planet of Dr. Robotnik, planet Mobius is the setting of the gaming scene. The spiritual Dr. Robotnik has once again made a new invention. With this invention, the bean transformer which is able to transform the funny and lively beans from Beanville mini robot, he hopes to banish the fun and the music of his planet. For this reason, he sends out his robot to catch the beans and cram in a container. At this point the player is now, which has the honourable task to save the beans by it helps them to escape from the tanks. It achieved only when it brings together four beans of the same color. Then can they out locks are namely mysteriously from the tanks. Playfully, it looks like this, that the beans from the top down in groups of three in different colour combinations in your collection containers which occupies half of the pitch, fall off and any shot. You should be always working in one fell swoop now so many beans as possible, because this one injects the opponent who plays in the other tanks at once many black beans. These can then easily be taken and you leak more opponents of these, the own odds are higher. It is too slow so you have to fight soon with umpteen black beans because the opponent leaves nothing untried fill you with black beans. Should the containers are then filled to the brim, you lost the game.

To overcome this not at all easy, you need a rapid response, forward thinking, and you should be able to understand the entire playing field. Stamina it should not lack but also the players, because the individual levels can drag immensely in the length. Only if you have these skills, you will succeed also all robots that are Dr. Robotnik to the page and even Dr. Robotnik himself to defeat and thwart his nasty plans. And even constantly highest concentration is required for the degree of difficulty of the game is pretty high. It is very easily of victory against the first robot it is increasingly difficult to win with every next. The beans are then faster and faster in the tanks, and also each of the robots with its special tactics to work that is always nastier the further you go to thwart your efforts goes. When Dr. Robotnik beans finally almost like raindrops fall so that each smallest error can mean already wide. So you can start not always from scratch there is, fortunately, a password which you can write down but for every level.

All in all is Dr. Robotnik ´s mean bean machine can be completed over evenings and is a very fun and entertaining game. The story mode is very motivating because when you embark on this fun beans rescue operation you get the chance to defeat the Evil Dr. Robotnik once and for all. There is also a fantastic two player mode, having a two player mode is always a great feature in a game, such as this and extends its lifetime limitlessly

Ultimately what really stands out above all is the nice background music, something that tends to lack in the arcade templates and I personally find enchanting.

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Description: Evil Dr. Robotnik has invented a machine that turns good folks into rotten robots! Village bean folk from the planet Mobius are being rounded up by the Doctor's henchbots and thrown into his dungeons. There they await their turn in his latest evil masterpiece! An addicting, fun-filled puzzle. Unite four beams of the same color so they can stick together and escape. Defeat characters from the Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog TV series, including Dr. Robotnik and his wicked henchbots. Three ways to play: challenge a friend, go head-to-head with Dr. Robotnik or practice on your own.
Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Boxart

UPC: 10086017069


Game Genre:

Loose Value: (beta)
Complete Value: (beta)
New Value: (beta)
Rarity: (beta)
5/10 Uncommon

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine User Submitted videos

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine User Submitted Screenshots
01-19-14 02:51 PM
Dr Robotnik4.3/5 Edit Screenshot
413612 Final Score on Stage 13!!!
11-19-13 06:46 PM
Dr Robotnik4.3/5 Edit Screenshot
360431 Final Score on Stage 13!!!
06-02-12 10:38 AM
Dr Robotnik4.3/5 Edit Screenshot
Thats Funny
03-17-13 12:42 PM
Dr Robotnik3.8/5 Edit Screenshot
03-18-11 08:38 PM
Dr Robotnik3.6/5 Edit Screenshot
12-22-14 01:01 AM
Dr Robotnik3/5 Edit Screenshot
Orange guy likes my red score!

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Highscores Table
1. 19,756,860
TimeTrial: 01:32:22
02-27-13 04:25 AM
Dr Robotnik
Need... sleep...
2. 336,088
TimeTrial: 00:08:03
03-16-13 04:41 PM
Dr Robotnik
Level 11!
3. 282,505
TimeTrial: 00:19:44
08-20-12 03:18 AM
Dr Robotnik
Could do better
4. 112,000
TimeTrial: 00:15:26
01-18-14 02:45 PM
Dr Robotnik
action man 3000
5. 111,486
TimeTrial: 00:11:56
06-03-13 04:21 AM
Dr Robotnik
Stage 8 on easy
6. 97,758
TimeTrial: 00:05:56
08-12-12 12:53 AM
Dr Robotnik
yeah that was good
7. 75,624
TimeTrial: 00:04:20
03-10-13 03:59 PM
Dr Robotnik
8. 65,488
TimeTrial: 00:18:43
02-08-14 01:04 PM
Dr Robotnik

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine User Reviews
9.2    Graphics 9    Sound 8.7    Addictive 6.7    Story 7    Depth 5.3    Difficulty 6

8.8 - The beans have come back from puyo puyo? - Stevie 764
This game features the villian "Dr robotnik" trying to stop the fun and jolliness of beanville for all eternity. In this game, ...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 7   Story 8   Depth 4   Difficulty 4
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 03-30-12     Review Replies: 0     Reply to this Review

9.6 - Mean Bean Machine - Totts
This item is a home version of the arcade machine Puyo Puyo, which was conceived by Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) for their own home...
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 02-20-12     Review Replies: 0     Reply to this Review

8.6 - No sign of the blue hedgehog, But is the mad doctor's puzzle game any fun? Let's find out! - RedHotToddy
Man, I have been on such a roll this time with all my reviews! The last review I did was my 119th, and I am trying my very ve...
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 8   Story 7   Depth 8   Difficulty 8
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 09-26-13     Updated: 09-26-13     Review Replies: 1     Reply to this Review

8.9 - Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Genesis) - Mega Mewtwo X
My first review ever was “Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine”. A quirky little puzzle game based of off “puyo puyo” and ...
  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 5   Story 6   Depth 4   Difficulty 6
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 07-02-14     Review Replies: 2     Reply to this Review

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Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Game Owners
    Users who own this game:
    Game Owner Name Completeness Condition B T S Play Online
    GenesisJunkie  Complete   Good             
    Kilian  Digital                
    RichardMAuchamp..  Complete   Very Good             
    Stevie 764     Good             
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Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine User Comments
Stevie 764 07-19-14 - 05:27 PM
 Ok, I'm commenting again. I'm uploading a few upcoming videos of me playing this with full skill. Chain Compilation and then a no Game Over hardest non-speedrun w/skill. ;) ^_^
Stevie 764 07-18-13 - 10:50 PM
 (Continued) set off my final 5 chain of the run. That is the run. :)
Stevie 764 07-18-13 - 10:49 PM
 I speedran this game on easiest on Sonic Mega Collection, and I beat it in 11:42.7 Stage 1, 10, and 12 were the best splits, and 6 was the worst, but not really anything wrong. Stage 13, goog god, I almost got screwed over by robotnik when I was ready to
mr. dark324 02-16-13 - 09:29 AM
 game is great
marc123456789 10-29-12 - 01:22 AM
 snoPINGAS usual i see
jumpyghostface 06-26-12 - 08:55 AM
captdzd 06-16-12 - 06:21 PM
 yoho ho ho.. yehah!
Jack_Nein 05-21-12 - 04:58 PM
 Let's not forget Kirby's Avalanche. Same Concept. :P
kazemaru 05-11-12 - 01:11 AM
 piece of cake.
Plasma 04-27-12 - 04:36 AM
 Obviously inferior to Puyo Pop Fever, but a good game nonetheless.
a-sassy-black-l.. 04-12-12 - 01:13 PM
 green purple purple yellow level 6
a-sassy-black-l.. 04-09-12 - 01:31 PM
 star fish green blue yellow level 5
a-sassy-black-l.. 04-09-12 - 01:27 PM
 yellow blue block purple code to level 4 just put this here so i don't forget-it and if any one else needs it
bhreno 03-28-12 - 01:41 PM
 good bye
bhreno 03-28-12 - 01:40 PM
 my name s bhreno, hi
bhreno 03-28-12 - 01:40 PM
becerra95 03-11-12 - 11:09 PM
 Best Game out there. Soon I WILL GO to Level 99 in Exercise mode
sonicxsonicx 03-05-12 - 02:59 PM
sonikku 12-17-11 - 05:16 PM
 Ah, this game. So many memories... especially of my LP of it where Arms suicided (I didn't even get the chance to attack) and the monkey was swamped with over 200 garbage beans...
Matthew2321 09-10-11 - 04:09 PM
 good game
Solar Leo 08-23-11 - 09:22 PM
 hello everybody.
demonkiller619 08-22-11 - 08:10 AM
 im gay
Ugh2460 06-17-11 - 12:49 PM
jester1881993 05-16-11 - 03:28 AM
 best puzzle game ever made xD
WanderingHero 05-10-11 - 03:48 PM
 Snooping as usual I see

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