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Play Metal Slug Advance online for free! - Game Boy Advance game rom
Filesize: 3,850kb
Rating: 8.6 (88 votes)
Plays: 12,106 M:98% F:2%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Metal Slug Advance Title Screen Metal Slug Advance Screenshot 2 Metal Slug Advance Screenshot 3
Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin using VBA (default)
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Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin using Mednafen
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Metal Slug Advance Review by: Eddy88 - 8/10

Metal Slug Advance (Game boy advance) Review.
Action in your Pocket!

Who didn't played Metal Slug? I bet that the most part of the Vizzed's users have played some of the games of this great saga (Or at least they have heard about it.) Of course, some games of it were ported to the several consoles, But... One of the most famous portable consoles, the Game Boy advance, made by Nintendo. Got a exclusive game for it... The thing that makes this game noticeable, it's that has a new style of game play. Yep, While the rest of the games were focused on "Shoot while running" this game is most focused on Exploration (Well, not at all, because you still have to shoot while running). But, It was a succeful formula? Well, let's see.

Story: Regular army is searching for new recruits... Those who really wants to be part of this Army must pass a task first... Survive in a deserted island. The soldiers in training are send there... Things were going alright, until... Some soldiers started to disappear without leaving any clues. Also, their camps have been invaded and destroyed... Like if someone kidnapped them... Well, That's what happened...  Accidentally, the recruits discovered that the island has been taken by the Rebel army (The enemy). And they kidnapped them. Two young boys decide to help their captured friends. So, they go ahead in a kind of "Special Mission" to free the island and their friends.

Not much of a great story... It's still quite original. But it could have been better and more complete. (8/10)

Graphics: Graphics are same of the Arcade titles, With all their animations. Well, almost all their animations... Nintendo's no violence politic censored some of these. (Like the enemy soldiers burning) which isn't something good. However, these are still smooth and very well animated. (8/10)

Sound: The music used in the game posses a great quality, as usual on this saga. It really puts you in the action of the game. SFX is the same of the arcade titles, However, once again the Nintendo's politic inflicts here... The scream of the enemy soldiers has been censored.
Is something weird hear the soldiers shrugging instead of screaming... But, well. One gets used to this faster. (8/10)

Addictiveness: Not so addictive like the original games... But, it has something that makes you want to play it again. Don't know what... But it has something. (7/10)

Depth: The objective of every stage is get to the end of it... In where you must fight a boss. However, thought the stage there are several POWs (Prisoners Of War) if you free them, they will give you something in exchange. (Like food or Weapons) also, you can find some vehicles that you can ride to help you to destroy your enemies more faster... Here's where the game becomes interesting: Thought the stage, there are Cards... Yes, cards. There are different ways to get them: By shooting at some point of the scenery, By rescuing prisoners, or by accomplishing several tasks. (Like killing a determined number of enemies, By ending a stage, etc.) Some of these give info about the characters or they can upgrade your vehicles and weapons. They aren't easy to find, so you must explore every stage searching for them. Giving a new concept to the game. (9/10)

Difficulty: 1st. Thing you may notice is the Life Bar... "Cool! Now this will be more easier!". Well, not really. Enemies are more faster and intelligent, also, if you kill them. They will reappear if you go back to the point in where they are. Also, Bosses have more lethal and faster attacks... For make it worse. You have only one life. If you lose, you will lose all the cards and all the prisoners you've got thought the stage... The only way to dominate this game is with practice and patience. (8/10)

Final Rating: 8

This is, perhaps, the most complete and challenging game of the saga in my opinion... Sadly, It's considered an underrated game. If you have played all the original Metal Slugs, and you ran out of options... Give a try to this one. It's a nice option to pass the time and have fun.

-Eddy out-

  Graphics 8   Sound 8   Addictive 7   Depth 9   Story 8   Difficulty 8

Metal Slug Advance Description: You're a warrior of the war, but now you are alone. Enemies have captured your allied troops, and it's up to you to get them back. Armed to the teeth with firearms, grenades and specially made "Slug" vehicles, you must travel across the levels and blast anything in sight that isn't a friendly.Two characters are offered to play as, and along with the usual Metal Slug flair visually, and epic battle sequences against strange and startling foes, you can now collect special E-cards during the game. Saved allies will hand you these cards that, when brought back to camp, can increase ammo, power and many more improvements to alter the gameplay experience.
Metal Slug Advance Boxart

UPC: 828862700018

Release Date:
T: Violence

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Genre Sport:
Genre Non-Sport:

Loose Value: (beta)
Complete Value: (beta)
New Value: (beta)
Rarity: (beta)
4/10 Uncommon

Metal Slug Advance User Submitted videos
03-05-15 09:22 PM
00:27:03  Views: 13
Metal Slug Advance - Metal Slug Advance The Second Mission - User video4/5
Metal Slug Advance The Second Mission
05-26-13 06:07 AM
00:18:13  Views: 61
Metal Slug Advance - Play - User video4/5 Play

Metal Slug Advance User Submitted Screenshots
05-19-12 03:20 PM
Metal Slug Advance -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
07-29-12 07:51 PM
Metal Slug Advance -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
07-29-12 07:50 PM
Metal Slug Advance - damn dragon ball z man 0o0 - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
damn dragon ball z man 0o0
05-19-12 03:20 PM
Metal Slug Advance -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
05-19-12 03:19 PM
Metal Slug Advance -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
11-20-11 05:03 PM
Metal Slug Advance - Slugged! - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot

Metal Slug Advance Highscores Table
     There are no submitted highscores for this game.

Metal Slug Advance User Reviews
8.6    Graphics 8    Sound 8    Addictive 7    Story 8    Depth 9    Difficulty 8

8 - Metal Slug Advance (Game boy advance) Review. - Eddy88
Action in your Pocket! Who didn't played Metal Slug? I bet that the most part of the Vizzed's users have played some of the gam...
  Graphics 8   Sound 8   Addictive 7   Story 8   Depth 9   Difficulty 8
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 05-18-12     Review Replies: 0     Reply to this Review

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Metal Slug Advance User Comments
Sayanos 10-18-14 - 09:46 PM
 Just doesn't feel like the arcade game that I loved. Didn't like it as much.
mrhello 12-30-13 - 11:29 AM
 Pictures remind me of a flash game called Commando(by that I mean Commando 2)
D'Zed 10-10-13 - 04:16 AM
 Hardest of the Hard!
marc123456789 12-06-12 - 11:11 AM
 can't beat first boss :(
787898 06-03-12 - 05:46 AM
787898 06-03-12 - 05:46 AM
QueenieQueen2113 05-21-12 - 10:16 AM
ryanhalim 05-21-12 - 08:41 AM
dekker101 05-19-12 - 03:21 PM
 hey bro
dekker101 05-19-12 - 03:19 PM
 beat the game YEA
dekker101 05-19-12 - 03:10 PM
 hey bro
dekker101 05-19-12 - 03:10 PM
 hey bro
Fabian Cancella.. 05-19-12 - 02:43 PM
dekker101 05-19-12 - 12:06 AM
HHbatousai 05-14-12 - 02:04 AM
 how do you fullscreen lol?
HHbatousai 05-14-12 - 02:03 AM
 what ups everyone
Fabian Cancella.. 05-12-12 - 04:23 PM
Fabian Cancella.. 05-12-12 - 04:23 PM
DBrenz42 05-07-12 - 05:02 AM
jeffvillar 05-07-12 - 04:39 AM
 thumbs up oldskul!
slimshady8732 04-25-12 - 07:36 PM
duke pie 04-24-12 - 11:41 AM
 any one hear?
theniceguy101 04-15-12 - 12:35 PM
 sup guys
appu71 03-29-12 - 11:21 PM
 hi guys
kirbyluver4life 02-09-12 - 04:00 PM
 and just when you think you are badaass enough, there are upgrades

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