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09-23-19 08:23 AM
Nintendo 64
Neversoft Entertainment
UPC: 47875108202

Released: 3-01-00
Players: 1-2
Country Origin: US

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person Perspective
Genre Sport:
Skateboarding, Tricks / Stunts

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $4.25
Complete:  $18.98
New:  $49.94
Rarity:  4/10

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Play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Online N64 Game Rom - Nintendo 64 Emulation - Playable on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (N64)

Play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater online with Nintendo 64 browser emulation for free! Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (N64) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony HawkTony HawkTony Hawk's Pro Skater Box Art FrontTony Hawk's Pro Skater Box Art BackTony Hawk
Rating: 8.1 (80 votes)
Plays: 24,630 M:96% F:4%
Filesize: 12,065kb

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Screenshots

01-30-12 01:05 PM
Tony Hawk3.8/5 Edit Screenshot
Big Air
09-05-10 07:13 PM
Tony Hawk3.7/5 Edit Screenshot
high score baby!!
07-01-10 06:25 PM
Tony Hawk3.6/5 Edit Screenshot
01-30-12 01:06 PM
Tony Hawk3.4/5 Edit Screenshot
Ridiculously huge air, but no tricks
01-30-12 01:07 PM
Tony Hawk3/5 Edit Screenshot
Just about to grind
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Featured Review

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Review by: gtwalq - 9/10

My Tony Hawks Skateboarding Review

Tony Hawks Pro Skater re-invented and redistributed skateboarding to a new generation, it inspired not only myself, but hundreds of thousands of youth to pick up a skateboard and get outdoors.  Not a lot of video games actually inspire its players to leave the lounge room and be active, THPS did this.  When Neversoft originally developed this game, they had no idea how big of a franchise they were creating and how much of a profitable production it was presenting to Activision.  

When people hear (or heard) the phrase “Port to N64” they began to worry, panic and bite their nails to a stub.  I originally played this title on the Playstation, and whilst there were more features in the PSX version (such as a larger soundtrack and completion videos) the majority of the game was successfully ported to N64 with almost no issues, and to top it off, because of the new cartridge based medium the loading times vastly shrunk.  Edge of Reality was in charge of the port and I must say they did a fantastic job.  

As most of you may know, this game didn’t just revolve around Tony Hawk, it features a hefty line-up of professional skateboarders who have earned their spot in an internationally produced video game.  Line-up features Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, Jamie Thomas, Geoff Rowely, Ellisa Steamer, Chad Muska, Andrew Reynolds, Rune Glifberg and Kareem Campbell.  
The game is divided into Levels based all over the world, both fictional and non-fictional.  Levels are unlocked as you complete tasks in previous levels and place medals in competitions.  

Gameplay 9/10

Unlike a lot of N64 titles, THPS gives the player the option of different game plays such as playing through the timed-based career mode, multiplayer mode or the Freeskate mode, which lets you build your skills, find combo runs or just skate around and have some fun.  By picking Career mode, you select one of 10 professional skaters to be your character, each skater starting with their own unique stats.  The brilliant thing about the stats system is your skater will either be better at street skating, or better at vert/ramp skating.  Whilst not all levels have an even mixture of each, the amount of levels based on which type are equal in themselves.  

Scores in this game are made by successfully completing skate tricks such as grinding, flip tricks, grab tricks and special tricks but THPS is not just based on a point system, the player starts each standard new level with 5 goals to achieve, these are a high score, pro score, collecting 5 scattered letters throughout the level, smashing or grinding 5 items scattered throughout the level and collecting a hidden VHS tape.  

Once a certain amount of goals are completed, new levels are unlocked and the player can move on to these new locations.  In amongst the standard levels are 3 competition levels where the player must compete in a minimum of 2 out of 3 heats per competition.  These levels are purely based upon the players skill of scoring points.  Once a medal is won (either bronze, silver or gold) the player can move on to the next level.  

Graphics 9/10

One of the most overlooked aspects of many N64 games is the camera angle.  The landscape and the players surroundings can look 120% better with the correct camera angle. Tony Hawks Pro Skater puts the player in a 3rd person perspective behind the character, giving the player the best view possible.  When freely turning in the open the camera will tow behind the character but when the player is turning tightly the camera will wait until space is cleared up behind the character before proceeding to adjust.  

The most difficult task when creating free/open levels such as the ones in THPS is the fact that the player will be able to skate on 90-95% of the level, therefore the player will see just about every polygon and texture up close and personal.  Neversoft took a very bold decision to instate this and I think it turned out great.  There’s nothing worse than playing a video game, seeing something interesting in the distance and not being able to interact with it and to top it off, the textures are done quite well.  Most game developers would not have done as good of a job as what Neversoft did, they would have thought “well this is pretty much a fast paced game, the player wont be stopping most of the time to look around”.  

The levels are 95% full 3D with the odd 2D add-ons in the distance or up high in levels.  The 3D has been done exceptionally well and the models of everything are done perfectly to scale with the size of the characters.  The character models have been done very well too, there’s no really pointy ends where the developer has drawn lazy polygons.  The textures have been applied cleverly aswell.  

I originally thought the graphics would be a lot worse on the N64 version but I was ever so wrong.  Whilst the game is more crisp on the PSX, surprisingly enough the N64 version offers a much greater frame-rate of play.  The only real noticeable sign of distance fog is in one level towards the end of the game but it doesn’t alter gameplay at all in my opinion.    

Overall I give the graphics a 9 out of 10, simply because this would have been a huge mission for Neversoft to create fully interactive levels and to cater each level with decent graphics, modelling and texturing.  

Sound 7/10

The N64 version is missing a couple of tracks from the PSX version soundtrack which means there are less songs to loop and thus making it easier to get sick of hearing over and over again.  The same player sound effects have been used and work quite well.  The one added bonus about having this title on a Cartridge as apposed to disc is the sound does not get glitchy or out of sync with wear and tear of the game medium.  The smaller soundtrack really lets the score down to a 7.  

Controls 8/10

Just about anyone will tell you the N64 controls are difficult to play with, in this game the C buttons replace the standard x, o, square and triangle buttons.  Whilst its not too difficult to get used to, for someone who has never played this game before may find it frustrating.  

Addictiveness 9/10

This game and its series have got to be the most addictive games I have ever played, the re-playability is almost endless.  I can remember the long, long days at school; counting the seconds until I could come home and play this title some more.  If your not trying to beat your high score or trying to reach that hidden spot, your just cruising around and chilling out.  

Story 1/10

Don’t let the score affect your judgment of this game, because honestly there is no story, this is a sports game.  Later on in the THPS series there are certain titles with a full story line backing them but not just yet.  

Depth 8/10

I’m not sure where to begin with depth, I just have this feeling it’s a better related sub-category for story.  Never-the-less I will decipher depth in an alternative way.  As mentioned earlier, there are several game options to choose from such as career mode, single session, free skate and multiplayer mode.  You can complete this game without accomplishing all of the set goals but to unlock further features and characters you must do so.  Another sign of detail in this game are “gaps”.  These are transitions over the level which you jump over, grind over or both.  Most gaps you do have a unique name which is sometimes comedic.  

Difficulty 8/10

For me now, I can finish this game with any character under half an hour but for new or first time players, the trick systems used can mildly easy to learn but extremely hard to master.  Most people pick this game up and only build their skills up enough to complete it while many others such as myself train hard at it to get very high scores and long combos.  A plus for difficulty is the fact (like I mentioned earlier) each character has their own starting stats (such as speed, turning etc) so after quick trial you find you are not coping so well balancing on a rail/grind, you can pick a player who has better balance to begin with, keeping in mind his/her attributes in other aspects are slightly low.  Also, as mentioned earlier (again) the controls would be quite difficult to get used to for first time players.  

Overall 9/10

I know the scores I’ve given don’t exactly average to the 9 I am giving, but I feel not all of the categories are best to describe this game with.  I have spent over 1000 hours of my life just playing this game and I still enjoy it.  Although this title is not for everybody, I feel everybody should at least give it a go.  Thankyou for reading. 

  Graphics 9   Sound 7   Addictive 9   Depth 8   Story 1   Difficulty 8

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Game Description

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a skateboarding simulation in which you control a famous skate star around 3D environments. Each game area contains a plethora of objects like ramps, rails, and half-pipes which can be used to perform tricks. Each trick you perform earns you more points for your score.The game is divided into two types of levels. In the first, you skate around locations like a mall, a city street, or a warehouse. In each of these areas, there are 5 goals for the you to complete. Some goals involve obtaining a high score, others smashing objects, and some collecting objects. For every goal you complete, you earn a video tape. By collecting enough video tapes, you unlock levels and skateboards for you to use. There are 6 levels like this. The second type of level is a competition. You get to make 3 timed runs through a skate park, and attempt to get the highest score possible. If you do well enough, you will beat the scores of the computer controlled skaters and win a medal. There are 3 levels like this.There are nine real life pro skaters you can choose to play as, including Tony Hawk himself. Each skater has their own signature moves that earn you big points if pulled off successfully.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Reviews

Overall 8.1    Graphics 9.5    Sound 7    Addictive 7.5    Story 3    Depth 6.5    Difficulty 7.5

My Tony Hawks Skateboarding Review   gtwalq
Introduction Tony Hawks Pro Skater re-invented and redistributed skateboarding to a new generation,...
  Graphics 9   Sound 7   Addictive 9   Story 1   Depth 8   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 4/5     Submitted: 04-27-12     Review Replies: 5

Go Pro mr hawk   SuperCrash64
This is a skate boarding game .  But it involves one famous guy and peeps Tony hawk  ...
  Graphics 10   Sound 7   Addictive 6   Story 5   Depth 5   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 3.8/5     Submitted: 03-21-13     Updated: 03-21-13     Review Replies: 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Cheat Codes


Pause the game, then hold the L button and enter the code:

Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, C-Left 10X Trick Multiplier
C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, Up, Down Add Restart Points
Right, up, down, down,up , and down Fast motion
C-Right, Left, Up, C-Up, C-Up, Right, Down, Up Get all tapes
C-up, Left, C-Down, C-Down, Up, Down, Right Moon Gravity
C-Up, C-Right, Left, C-Right, Right, Up, Down Perfect Balance
C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Down, Up, Right, Left Private C
Left C, Down C, Right C, Left C, Down C, Right C Secret Girl Picture
Down, Down, C-Up, C-Right, Left Slow Motion
C-Up, C-Left, Left, Up, Down Stats To 13

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Comments for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Ultimatone 07-09-15 - 10:55 PM
 This game is totally tubular dude!
Kevric 10-07-13 - 07:44 PM
 game needs to be available for 1964 plugin so you can customize controls ASAP!
shadowscynthe 07-07-13 - 09:45 AM
 Spacebar on the first park = "Someone please get these voices out of my head! Out of my head! OUT OF MY HEAD! Controlling my mind! Satan's angry at me now; My soul for him! MY SOUL FOR HIM!"...Then it just repeats.
jordy12s 11-15-12 - 01:28 PM
 i fixed it, control pad had problems :P
jordy12s 11-14-12 - 11:28 AM
 does not save. anyone can fix this?
yodastarwars 06-27-12 - 10:18 PM
 use the xbox 360 remote
trillz93 06-24-12 - 08:31 PM
 whats button is A
RENIER 06-21-12 - 11:42 AM
marterik231 06-11-12 - 06:25 PM
steven0101 06-03-12 - 12:24 PM
 to make game screen larger hold control and scroll will get rid of chat
duffman420 05-16-12 - 11:50 PM
 oh maybe not
duffman420 05-16-12 - 11:49 PM
 plugin workks for me
defyexistance 05-05-12 - 01:11 PM
 Yeah, I can't get the plugin to work either for this game. Other games work fine.
dstooppid 05-03-12 - 03:43 PM
johnlovesmem 04-26-12 - 12:18 PM
 this game is so sick if the pugin worked
emceepitstop 04-20-12 - 05:48 AM
 how to jump
emceepitstop 04-20-12 - 05:43 AM
 its awesome
emceepitstop 04-20-12 - 04:17 AM
samis09 04-15-12 - 08:50 AM
 hi guyz
dallascowboys 04-11-12 - 03:28 AM
 is there anyway to make gamescreen larger
sonicthehedgeho.. 04-09-12 - 10:10 PM
 Vizzed is the best site ever known to mankind.
Sephirothxxxxxx.. 03-07-12 - 02:36 PM
 Love this game. Also wyatt nobody cares.
KamRon2888 03-04-12 - 02:20 PM
 VV cool story bro
WyattHusli 02-26-12 - 09:46 PM
 i watch massive amounts of porn gaaaaah
JJC3 01-29-12 - 09:47 PM
 love vizzed