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03-25-19 05:05 PM

Play Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Online MAME Game Rom - Arcade Emulation on Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) (MAME)

Play Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) online with Arcade browser emulation for free! Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) (MAME) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1)

Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Title ScreenTekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Screenshot 1Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Box Art FrontTekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.2 (138 votes)
Plays: 75,717 M:99% F:1%
Filesize: 60,517kb

Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Screenshots

07-12-14 02:23 AM
Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) - Level 2 - Oh Mama! - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Level: 2
Oh Mama!
08-07-14 09:42 AM
Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) - Misc You Win - Best team ever in tekken - User Screenshot4.9/5 Edit Screenshot
Misc: You Win
Best team ever in tekken
06-27-13 06:42 PM
Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) - Misc Pre-Fight Animation - Jin & Hwoarang arguing before a fight - User Screenshot4.9/5 Edit Screenshot
Misc: Pre-Fight Animation
Jin & Hwoarang arguing before a fight
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Videos of Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Gameplay

12-19-14 12:58 PM
00:00:19  Views: 399
Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) - Tekken Tag Tournament Testing vid - User video4.5/5
Tekken Tag Tournament Testing vid

Joinable Netplay Multiplayer Sessions for Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) 

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Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Reviews

Overall 9.2    Graphics 6.3    Sound 5.5    Addictive 6    Story 4    Depth 4    Difficulty 6.3

Tekken tag tournament (Arcade Mame)   Awesome5000
Tekken Tag Tournament made by Namco from the year 1999,is quiet possibly one of the best action tag ...
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Depth 6   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 4.5/5     Submitted: 12-13-14     Updated: 12-13-14     Review Replies: 0

Great game, but not really this port   DragonSlayer22
I had this game on my PlayStation 2. This was the Arcade version that came out a little bit earlier...
  Graphics 7   Sound 5   Addictive 5   Story 4   Depth 5   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 3.7/5     Submitted: 11-06-16     Review Replies: 0

TT   snakefk6
I'm very disappointed in this game. the PlayStation version is by far a much better game than the ar...
  Graphics 1   Sound 1   Addictive 1   Depth 1

      Review Rating: 2.3/5     Submitted: 06-24-13     Review Replies: 5

Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

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Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1) Guides and Walkthroughs

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Game Characters in Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1)

Comments for Tekken Tag Tournament (US, TEG3-VER.C1)

borjitasstoi 09-26-18 - 12:20 PM
 game doesnt work :/
DJ Styles 05-15-17 - 10:38 AM
 can you unlock the cheats on tekken tag tournament?
DJ Styles 05-09-17 - 12:35 PM
 i love tekken so much i played tekken 1,2,3 on ps1 , tekken 4 and 5 on ps2 and tekkem 6 on PSP
GerardOllivier 02-06-17 - 02:38 AM
 The best game
VanessaJournot 01-24-17 - 02:38 AM
 Me too ^^
EdwardPigeon 09-30-16 - 03:19 AM
 I love this game
ThomasRousseau 08-23-16 - 09:08 AM
 Nice game
ShyTallKnight 08-01-16 - 08:53 PM
 Hangs for me when I insert a credit. 4.1ghz machine with a large NVidia card.
ShyTallKnight 08-01-16 - 08:48 PM
 Yoshimitsu's 10 hit combo FTW. Every time.
JackalHyde 07-28-16 - 04:35 PM
 It starts hanging when a match is about to begin, I can't blame it on my computer either, cause this is a couple thousand dollar computer that plays most games on Ultra setting.
destroyah_19 06-18-16 - 03:11 AM
 why cant i keeps on hanging and hanging everytime i start the game...hope you can help me
supersonicracin.. 05-22-16 - 03:45 PM
 Whats with all the 3D games not working for me? All the Street Fighter EX games and this too? And all get stuck at the same time!
Awesome5000 03-04-15 - 10:02 AM
 i just figured these games run really smooth with great speed ,depending on your pc.duhhhhh to myself
Awesome5000 02-02-15 - 10:16 AM
 after all ,this game is also for ps2,and ps2 style games are not that easy to run here like marvel vs capcom 2 which doesnt work at all
Awesome5000 02-02-15 - 10:13 AM
 this game runs so slow ,that i have to time all the moves to get it right ,i have to press the buttons very patiently ,if i press too fast ,the moves wont preform properly.3d fighter games here arent too smooth i guess
Awesome5000 10-27-14 - 05:11 PM
 Jin kazama is the ryu for tekken,howarang is the ken,heiachi is the akuma ,ganryu is the honda ,king is the zangief ,bruce is the sagat and law is the fei long .. every fighting game gets inspiration from somewhere
youssef18 08-07-14 - 09:35 AM
 Hi guys i m youssef18 i make same review to games so you can cheak them and rate them pls thank you
TwinStrike 01-03-14 - 05:53 AM
 If you guys use an external game controller for this game it helps with the lagg
misssweetiepie10 11-06-13 - 11:43 PM
 I love this game
rockrock5000 08-19-13 - 05:53 AM
 Victory lol
rockrock5000 08-19-13 - 05:52 AM
 sadly for me dis wont run too fast yea :( i played it either way tho it runs like 70 % fast than it should ,hey! Xiaoyu and jun a match with them then jun kazama does a side victory fist pose and xiaoyu does a handstand split EPIC VICORY POSE!
Kal El Cool J 05-31-13 - 10:56 PM
 Its a Shame this game runs so slow....
SuperCrash64 05-09-13 - 09:30 PM
 Differences. The ps2 version looks more true to something like tekken 4 in graphics style. Where This arcade version Seems like graphics style directly taken from Tekken 3
SuperCrash64 05-09-13 - 09:20 PM
 Wow that's sad Looking the Ps2 version and the original arcade 1..... The ps2 version actually Looks much better then this 1
giorgi0101 04-13-13 - 05:30 AM
 how to unlock