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09-18-19 01:19 PM
Game Boy Advance
Atlus U.S.A.
UPC: 730865850181

Released: 7-25-06
Players: 1
Country Origin: US

Game Genre:
Role-Playing (RPG)
Game Perspective:
Side-Scrolling, Top-Down
Genre Non-Sport:
Game Misc:
Licensed TitleLicensed Title

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $21.98
Complete:  $39.95
New:  $44.22
Rarity:  6/10

External Websites:
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Play Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Online GBA Game Rom - Game Boy Advance Emulation - Playable on Summon Night - Swordcraft Story (GBA)

Play Summon Night - Swordcraft Story online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Summon Night - Swordcraft Story (GBA) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Title ScreenSummon Night - Swordcraft Story Screenshot 1Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Box Art FrontSummon Night - Swordcraft Story Box Art BackSummon Night - Swordcraft Story Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.4 (287 votes)
Plays: 26,652 M:90% F:10%
Filesize: 5,334kb

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Box Description

Enter a sacred land linked to four magical dimensions, from which Summoners call forth the Guardian Beasts to forge powerful weapons. A child who aspires someday to become a Craftlord stumbles upon a dark secret that will change his destiny forever...

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Screenshots

10-23-14 02:05 PM
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Cut-Scene  - Like an earthquake! She5/5 Edit Screenshot
Like an earthquake! She's not that fat. :D
06-26-14 12:01 PM
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Cut-Scene  - here goes nothing... - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
here goes nothing...
03-07-15 05:01 PM
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Battle  - my favorite victory pose - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
my favorite victory pose
04-05-13 10:08 PM
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Cut-Scene  - its called bein normal..learn it! :P - User Screenshot4.8/5 Edit Screenshot
its called bein normal..learn it! :P
08-02-13 12:37 PM
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Cut-Scene  - My memory isn4.6/5 Edit Screenshot
My memory isn't good, Mom!
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Videos of Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Gameplay

05-11-13 07:40 PM
00:44:34  Views: 47
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Let4.5/5
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Let's Play
06-05-14 04:27 PM
00:01:06  Views: 265
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Opening Music - User video4.1/5
Opening Music
06-18-15 04:55 AM
00:28:36  Views: 23
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story - Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Day 2 - User video3/5
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Day 2
03-08-17 09:26 PM
01:40:17  Views: 29
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story -  - GamePlay - User video3/5
- GamePlay
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Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Featured Review

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Review by: TheAdventurer - 9.5/10

Sword crafting Adventure (Summon Night: Swordcraft Story)
   Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (Craft Sword Monogatari) Is a Spin off game of a Japanese Exclusive Series of the same name. The game is a RPG, though unlike the game it's named after, it was made in the stylization of the "Tales of" series which is more familiar to us Americans. This game was made by Banpresto in 2003 and the English Translation of the game was produced by Atlus in 2006. How does this game do? Well lets take a look into and find out.


   The Graphics for the game, while nothing really to spectacular for something that would of came out for the GBA in 2006 looks very well defined for a 2003 game. Some of the graphical effects are quite nice and take some good use of the GBA's Hardware. There are some occasional graphical hiccups when playing the game, though other than that its a pretty nice looking game, even for today's standards. That's pretty much saying something. For the Graphics, I Give it a 9


   The music in this game I believe sound pretty good and has some quite nice tunes with only a few that I didn't in particular really remember all too well. The Sound Effects are pretty nice, nothing to grating or harsh either. Yet again it's nothing spectacular since this is a Early-Mid GBA title, but it does well in what it is, so what I'll rate this game is a 


   For a game of this structure, it did such a wonderous job for how much fun I had as a kid back in my younger years. I used to play this game all the time during those days, and when everything was done and completed, I was thriving for more. (Good thing the sequel came out months after, but that's for another time)

   The game had a lot going for it and I usually would play the game annually and get everything unlocked. (I know it's unhealthy but don't judge me) For that alone, it 
definitely deserves a 10. Though for people out there who are possibly trying this game out for the first time, let me just say this. The game might not be exactly for you, especially if you aren't too keen on "Tales of" games. Though with that out of the way, 10


   Oh boy, this has got one hell of a story. Also, no spoilers will be put into here cause I don't know how to do the spoiler button of any sort as of now and I'm sure likely not going to search it up because I'm pretty lazy.

   So you are the son or daughter of your Father who passed away 3 years ago and you don't know the whereabouts of what might of happened to him or what he may of been like. Though the beginning of a new day dawns and you are awoken by your mother, calling you as it's your first day into the guild and you must head your way to the meeting to hear about the tourney being held by the guilds. You are taken into the guild to be given your first Summon Creature which is made by an amulet given by your father. This Creature is now your partner and will fight by your side to help you in the many Tournament Rounds and Dungeons that'll lie ahead to become a Master Crafter! *Cough*

   Anyways, great stuff. It provides a lot of context into the world you are in, and along your way, you'll meet more fellow crafters who will most likely help you along your journey. It adds a feel for where this world is and does a lot to help keep you interested on what you're trying to do. With that all said, I'm giving this a big fat 


   Woo, now we get into the juicy content of the game. What exactly does this game provide for the player? First off, I gotta say the Game Mechanics of this game work wonderfully and add a good amount of strategy with the added in gauge for Weapons called TEC which if depleted far enough, it'll shatter the weapon  with no real way to repair it, you'll just have to make another one of it.

   With that being said, there's also a Weapon crafting system where you'll have to gather material in order to make new weapons, and the other thing is you'll have to collect recipes or Techniques as stated in the game. There are four types of synthesis material including Mystic ores which is only obtainable by few enemies and some other tasks. These will give your Weapon a element attribute usually helping or making it worse depending on Enemies elements.

   Speaking of which, a variety of  enemies are able to be found in this game, even though this does have a few re-colors of other enemies, there is usually quite the big array for you to look at. This being said, there is also many different Techniques for weapons as well, and there are also five types of Weapons. The Drill, Sword, Spear, Knuckles, and Claws are different classes of weapons you can change from, each acting differently dependently.

   Now besides the Main game, there is also a post game once you beat the final boss and such and you'll be able to get new things you weren't able to before, including some new techniques only able to be gotten in the new Section of the area which adds more to the dungeon for you to explore. Keeping this in mind, there was about 50 dungeons in main game and with that being said, another 50 dungeons are added, given a fresh coat of pain to distinguish them from the top 50. Like I also said, New Items and Techniques are able to be found here so look out for them.

   There is also a new Time attack mode which allows you to face off against every Tournament boss, but for a small fee. This probably rubs off as easy though because you don't loose any TEC when beating a Tourney Boss, with that being said, they don't really gain a boost from their previous encounters either with just comes off as lacking, but it's a boss rush, so I don't mind it all too much, though it would of been great if they had a difficulty setting.

   All in all, there is a lot of post content stuff to do and it really does do the job. Just a few minor complaints, but eh, what are you going to do? With that all in mind, I'd say this is well worth a 10


   In all fairness, The difficulty in this game was good, though at times seemed a bit... Unfair in some way. I'm not going to lie, if you don't do a tad bit of grinding in this game, you'll get yourself in a terrible amount of frustration due to one boss having too much health or your weapon breaking. Along with that, getting a random encounter isn't going to be fun when you don't have much health and you'll need to escape.

   I'll give it credit though, it does appeal to newcomers for it's not all to difficult to level up. You can maybe find a few instances where you'll need to get to  a higher level, but you can't due to the lackluster amount of exp a enemy will give you, though all in all,  think they do a pretty good job balancing things out on the spectrum, especially during the middle with some Tourney bosses.

   In short, at times it feels like you'll have a unfair disadvantage, but that's rare and doesn't occur too often, so for this game, I'll be giving it a 7


   This is a very dear game to me, one that I have kept close to me all these years and never had gotten bored of it in the slightest. The game, sure a Spinoff, I think could of been a successful game if only Atlus had released the game somewhere near the Mid-span of the GBA's library, though however, that never came to be. This game, along with two other Spinoffs of the Summon Night series were the last things released to the North American audience.

   What exactly makes this game a gem is how much of an obscure game title it is, and it's a rarity for many people to hear about others talking about this game or it's two other series spinoffs, however this does really place dearly to my heart. It's more than what you call a game, it's a adventure many can enjoy and have fun with. It's got a lot of charm and I respect what it's brought us.

   Although the game was the last of the GBA's lifespan, this does and will be one of the best of the system. As my final Rating, I'll be giving this game a 9.5/10

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Game Description

Three years after your father was lost, you are an apprentice Craftknight. A tournament is held to find the next Craftlord and you're in it. But first, you need a weapon. Unlike many RPGs, you cannot find or buy weapons to use in this game. Instead, you must learn to make your own weapons. To make a weapon, you'll need to know the technique of making a specific weapon as well as the raw materials to make it with.

You aren't alone in the game. As a partner, you will get a Guardian Beast who will offer magic to help you in your battles as well as helping you make your weapons. You can get four different Guardian Beasts depending on your choices, each with different abilities.

Besides the tournament, you need to gather raw materials to make better weapons by traveling through a large dungeon and battling the creatures you find there in a side-scrolling battlefield similar to Tales of Phantasia. You will also have the opportunity to spend time with your summon creature and certain other characters each night. Who you choose to spend time with will affect the story somewhat.

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Reviews

Overall 9.4    Graphics 8.6    Sound 9    Addictive 10    Story 9.3    Depth 8.9    Difficulty 6.3

Summon Night Swordcraft   dragon111
Summon Night Swordcraft is a awesome RPG game that I really enjoy. I haven't beat this but I am real...
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 9   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 4.5/5     Submitted: 03-18-13     Review Replies: 6

Sword crafting Adventure (Summon Night: Swordcraft Story)   TheAdventurer
   Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (Craft Sword Monogatari) Is a Spin off game of a Japane...
      Review Rating: 4/5     Submitted: 06-13-15     Updated: 06-13-15     Review Replies: 1

Summon Night: The forging RPG   justinfeena1
Summon Night is an RPG for GBA with one special feature. Story:  In Summon Night Swordcraft S...
  Graphics 7   Sound 6   Story 7   Depth 7   Difficulty 6

      Review Rating: 2.8/5     Submitted: 08-04-11     Review Replies: 8

Great   Kountrykyle
This game is really addictive, and very fun. The story is really good and pretty deep. Not very diff...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 6

      Review Rating: 2.5/5     Submitted: 07-23-12     Review Replies: 0

Number 1 game   badnaruto90
Hi everyone  i beat this game so much so i know everthing about this game  it fun to play ...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 4

      Review Rating: 2.3/5     Submitted: 03-22-13     Review Replies: 5

A really great game   Zephy
This game is really impressive. This was the first time I've ever seen this game. I was really surpr...
  Graphics 8   Sound 8   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 8   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 1/5     Submitted: 12-09-14     Review Replies: 0

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Cheat Codes

After ending - Getting Kuhyra and labyrinth floors 50 through 100:
Once you finish the main portion of the game, traverse to the 50th floor and return to the room with the forge in it. You will see Kuhyra and if you talk to him, it will allow you to switch your guardian beast to Kuhrya, who can use mystic ore on all weapons. Also, the door which was previously "closed by a powerful force" is now open, making the final 50 floors of the labyrinth available.

Boss attack mode:
After completing the game go back to the central tower and speak to the guy guarding the arena. He will ask you if you want to compete in an exhibition match for 1000 Boam. Say yes and you'll enter the boss attack mode were you'll fight all the bosses throughout the game in order.

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Threads


Summon Night - Swordcraft Story Guides and Walkthroughs

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Game Characters in Summon Night - Swordcraft Story

Comments for Summon Night - Swordcraft Story

BolterX 03-05-17 - 11:32 AM
 I can't beat razzy
popopop1279 07-01-15 - 04:31 AM
 #2 is impossible I gave up after griding for hours and still being under level.
animelover1 05-30-15 - 09:53 AM
 I really think this should have been an anime series though.
animelover1 05-08-15 - 10:36 AM
 #2 is hard as hell to me :s
F. Starr 03-02-15 - 10:21 AM
 Heh, same here. I started on the 2nd game. Then got the 3rd game on the DS. Loved them both. Really looking forward to playing this!
holyshadow73 02-28-15 - 09:25 AM
 I actually started out with the second game and after i beat that I moved on to this one. Both are pretty damn fun. The second game's forging system gave me less trouble, though.
Richterfaust 06-18-14 - 07:55 PM
 Love this game. It is somewhat simple, but can become a major issue towards the end. I've had three great weapons, and still have to finish off the Post game final boss with my hammer.
balinor 06-16-14 - 12:23 PM
 It's not a hard game just some what tedious. But it is quite fun.
Forest Dragon 06-08-14 - 10:18 PM
 beat this game multiple times its rather easy but it isn't boring its one of my favorite games of all time :)
kman901 06-01-14 - 02:27 PM
 This game is amazing... now i just need to beat it and number 2 will be next
popopop1279 05-13-14 - 12:29 AM
 If u use don't use a guid its even harder
popopop1279 05-13-14 - 12:28 AM
 I don't see hwo people call this game esay, its eder they didn't get no were neer the middle or they just I don't know u can over train in this game and its still hard so I don't know how this game is 4 in difficulty and if u don't use a gide itsevenh
clarissaexplains 05-09-14 - 07:37 PM
 ah yeah I beat this one a long time ago as well. it's a great game, I loved it. second is even better!
ari7654321 05-09-14 - 07:06 PM
 I beat this game like a year or 2 ago...dem memories XD
Sparkly 10-06-13 - 10:21 AM
 Finally became a Craftlord
Greggy 09-26-13 - 10:15 AM
 gah made it to floor 100 but inferno kirin has so much hp =.=
AgnarLotbrok 05-21-13 - 11:21 PM
 Woot, first game ive beat on vizzed :)
firelordhero1 01-04-13 - 04:34 AM
 I've become a craftlord
firelordhero1 01-03-13 - 10:36 PM
 Fighting holy spirit of city swords after beating Master Lubert? NOT FAIR
reamestwin1 01-02-13 - 12:08 PM
 . . . . use the power of love to cook curry. . . . *facepaml*
reamestwin1 01-01-13 - 12:35 PM
 funny that how you get to pick your name clever thay are
xSky King 07-14-12 - 02:43 PM
 Sweeeeet finished the game at lv50 >D amazing story though
Hauro 06-29-12 - 06:18 PM
 Brave, you can find her in the 4th floor of the tower in the flower field.
Darkrai1276 06-29-12 - 03:13 PM
 well nice, make the first boss firgin ipossible to beat without leveling up for three hours, seeing as no matter what he attacks when you let your block go and he blocks as soon as you attack and your wepon always breaks before you get a chance to beat him
protoman713 06-13-12 - 03:44 PM
 to get to the dragon ore you have to go to floor 12 and enter the room with the lady and the glowing sword