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Play Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) online - Sega CD game rom hack
Filesize: 8,449kb
Rating: 9.6 (126 votes)
Plays: 24,141 M:96% F:4%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Title Screen Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Screenshot 2 Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Screenshot 3
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Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Review by: bombchu link - 10/10

Sonic Megamix Beta 4.0 (Sega CD) Review
                                       Sonic Megamix Beta 4.0 (Sega CD) Review
        Sonic Megamix is considered the Holy Grail of Sonic hacking, It is one of the best and most featured Sonic hacks ever made, if you could only Play one Sonic hack, this would be it. The Game play exactly like Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, or 3. Your objective is to defeat Dr. Robotnick and foil his plans from taking over the world. There are completely new Zones, New characters, and new moves, yes sir, this is quite a great game, let's get this review under way.

    I have always liked how the Graphics looked in Sonic titles, and this Hack shows it in an even better light. all of the Characters look right.The newly added Shadow looks perfect, and the zones just, flow very nicely with the changed pallets and levels. You really have to give credit to Dark Fortress in this game because it was a MAJOR improvement over the one found in Megamix 3.0, It looks way better, you go way faster,and it just looks awesome. The latter Zones look exactly the same as that in 3.0 (from City outskirts to Metallic base) but, they look kind of dull in perspective to the earlier levels, City Outskirts looks like a yellow spring yard zone, and Starry Speedway looks like a blue Starlight Zone. This will not last though, it will change in the next release (by the way, beta 4.0 is NOT an official release) and ill look better.

   I simply LOVE the music in this game, every act of each zone has different music (some ported from other Sonic titles) and Every Character has their own theme for Game completion and Invincibility. Their are over 70 tunes (if I recall correctly) and most of them are original or remakes of past songs. My personal favorite is Sunny Shores Act 3 (Back with a Vengeance) and Misty Maze Act 1 (original make).

   The story is simple, but is a little more then you first see, Sonic sees that Dr. Robotinck is causing trouble again, This time he has built a base on south island and plans to take over the world. Sonic calls up his long time friend Mighty the Armadillo (thought they have not spoken for quite some time) to help him stop the evil doctor, Shadow decides that he needs an adventure and that he wants to show Robotnick who is boss, And decided, he has heard about South island but has never seen the place himself, so he thought, Why not? So the three go their own separate ways and must stop robotnick!

-DEPTH- 10
   Oh my Goodness, there is SO much depth to this game that I could faint. There are two ways to play the game, Megamix, and Original. Megamix is the standard way to play the game, You go through South Island and defeat Robotnick, there are 6 Zones, Sunny Shores, Dark Fortress, City Outskirts, Misty Maze, Starry Speedway, and Metallic Base. Their are the traditional 3 acts like in Sonic 1. So by now your asking "what makes this hack so special?" well, you get to play through the game as 5 different characters, Sonic, Shadow, Mighty, Tails, and Knuckles. that really packs on some more time to put into this game, and the levels are not just 30 seconds are long either,  they are lengthy and difficult, but It's difficult as in Trying to go fast Difficult, No, the game isn't based on speed like Sonic Generations is, their is a "need for speed" theme throughout the entire game. This applies mostly to sonic because the has a fierce homing attack/air dash that propels you through the air with
super speed. This leads me to my next point, the homing attack.
   I know that some dislike Retro Sonic using the homing attack, but, honestly I like how they did it in this hack, the reason is that the is does not take away from the difficulty, in fact, the homing attack has lead to my demise more then not. I keep homing in on spikes and endless pits. . . ( not that Sonic will target them, but if you just carelessly dash around you will kill yourself) Now that I'm WAY off topic, let's get back on
track. The game has another Mode, it is called Original Mode, in this mode you play through the original game, Sonic 1, as Sonic, Shadow, or any of the other characters, (with all of the abilities that they have!)
   And also their are may options that cam be changed, like the camera angle, the Spike bug, super Sonic music. Just adding all that little extras really make this game a golden nugget. I loved it for this. Oh, and one more thing, their is a secret mode if you play through the game once  and do it again as the same character.

   Because you can play through the game is Original mode or Megamix mode, as 5 different characters their is a LOT to offer, and I have play through Megamix mode as all of the characters, and normal mode as sonic. I just cannot put this game down until I complete the game at least
once per play session! I must have put at least 15 Hours into this title beating the game as all the characters and trying out the secret level select along with playing through the original game as Sonic and mighty, that is an addictive game!

  The game is difficult, but I honestly didn't have that much trouble with it, because I am a big retro Sonic fan, but you will need to put on a good show if you want to beat the last Zone. Though the final boss is really easy for some odd reason. . . .

  In a single sentence, it is the best hack I have EVER played. You will not regret it if you pick up this title. Period.

  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 9   Depth 10   Story 6   Difficulty 7

Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Description: Due to a (very) temporary cancellation of the project, the latest release was made in an incomplete state, and as such, contains various issues ranging from minor to major, which can possibly hinder gameplay under certain circumstances. This is far from an ideal release, and the authors do not claim it to be one.
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Boxart


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Game Genre:
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Characters in Game:

Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) User Submitted videos

Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) User Submitted Screenshots
07-30-13 01:04 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - Gameover  - thats weird - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
thats weird
Mega Lucario
02-23-14 08:08 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - Cut-Scene  - eggman on top of a pig.Seems legit - User Screenshot4.8/5 Edit Screenshot
eggman on top of a pig.Seems legit
02-23-13 01:40 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - Level Level - Its a car its a plane no...ITS KNUCKLES STAR  - User Screenshot4.7/5 Edit Screenshot
Level: Level
Its a car its a plane no...ITS KNUCKLES STAR
05-21-13 03:34 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) -  - User Screenshot4.6/5 Edit Screenshot
09-26-12 11:54 AM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - Cut-Scene  - Huh. - User Screenshot4.4/5 Edit Screenshot
11-17-12 03:10 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - Kirby:That4.1/5 Edit Screenshot
Kirby:That's Perfect!

Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Highscores Table
1. 4,008,120
TimeTrial: 01:04:17
09-07-14 11:38 AM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) -  - User Screenshot
bombchu link
2. 802,500
TimeTrial: 00:44:56
10-17-12 08:41 AM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) -  - User Screenshot
3. 306,620
TimeTrial: 01:06:58
09-28-13 01:34 AM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) -  - User Screenshot
4. 286,290
TimeTrial: 01:32:50
10-05-12 04:00 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - my score - User Screenshot
my score
5. 229,650
TimeTrial: 01:23:19
11-22-12 12:33 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - one life left  - User Screenshot
one life left
6. 185,200
TimeTrial: 01:10:46
10-30-12 08:15 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - well... this sucks - User Screenshot
well... this sucks
7. 135,720
TimeTrial: 00:43:04
12-02-13 07:56 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - i did my best  - User Screenshot
i did my best
8. 127,140
TimeTrial: 01:02:00
12-01-12 11:32 PM
Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) - Not this... - User Screenshot
Not this...

Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) User Reviews
9.6    Graphics 9.1    Sound 9.6    Addictive 9.6    Story 5.6    Depth 8.7    Difficulty 6.1

9.3 - We've Mixed it! - MitsuriZX
This game is unbelivable. Sonic 1 Megamix is actually a hacked game made by Sonic fans that introduces a lot of new features,mov...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Story 8   Depth 9   Difficulty 5
      Review Rating: 3.8/5     Submitted: 12-01-12     Updated: 01-23-13     Review Replies: 0     Reply to this Review

9.3 - MegaMixing the game! - vhero
"Sonic MegaMix. Ahhh... one of my favourite hacks. Even today. Hang on! Its for SEGA CD now?! OMG I MUST TRY THIS!" I was like. ...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 1   Depth 10   Difficulty 5
      Review Rating: 3.8/5     Submitted: 01-29-13     Review Replies: 1     Reply to this Review

10 - Sonic Megamix Beta 4.0 (Sega CD) Review - bombchu link
  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 9   Story 6   Depth 10   Difficulty 7
      Review Rating: 3.6/5     Submitted: 03-27-13     Review Replies: 1     Reply to this Review

10 - Megamixing the Sonic: Sonic Megamix GEN and SCD - mariosonic123
In 1994, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles got a final score of a skyrocketing 10 OUT OF 10, the colors are beautiful, the music...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Story 6   Depth 10   Difficulty 6
      Review Rating: 3.5/5     Submitted: 03-16-13     Review Replies: 0     Reply to this Review

9 - Sonic's Back! MegaMix Style! - BeBop3000
Hello and welcome to my first review!   Today, I'm reviewing my favourite Sonic game! SONIC MEGAMIX! Graphics - ...
  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Story 2   Depth 8   Difficulty 6
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 02-28-13     Review Replies: 0     Reply to this Review

10 - Awesome game - BenTennysonLover
This game is awesome it's the best Sonic hack for the Sega CD and one of my favorites. This is better than Sonic CD itself. I do...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 9   Depth 8   Difficulty 7
      Review Rating: 1/5     Submitted: 04-15-14     Updated: 04-15-14     Review Replies: 3     Reply to this Review

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Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) Strategy Guides, Walkthroughs and FAQs
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Sonic 1 Megamix (beta 4.0) User Comments
Vizzedgamer! 05-15-15 - 04:13 AM
 @dragonslayer444 CHEATER!!! (The top-score twit, not u. ;))
Vizzedgamer! 05-13-15 - 05:17 AM
Vizzedgamer! 05-13-15 - 05:05 AM
  What's the "MESS" emul8or
YoshiJustice4568 04-25-15 - 05:51 AM
 I think this is the best Sonic ROM hack I've ever played.
Will1 04-05-15 - 03:12 AM
 very nice Sonic game
porter300 03-14-15 - 03:44 PM
 i wish they do more sonic 3 sounds for knuckles and sonic 2 sounds for tails
bananaquask 02-12-15 - 08:55 PM
 yay ashura is in the game!
bananaquask 01-15-15 - 10:42 AM
 if you want to transform after got all emeralds press jump and hold and press the other jump buttom
amazingspiderma.. 01-01-15 - 05:30 PM
 If you Know anything i dont know, reply to my thread.
amazingspiderma.. 01-01-15 - 05:29 PM
 Hey, check my thread on this to see the cheats.
MarioMasta 11-20-14 - 07:12 PM
 how do i do the debug mode?
homelessgoomba64 11-05-14 - 02:53 PM
 I didnt know the lightspeed dash was in here until i pressed a in front of some rings
darksonic12 09-25-14 - 03:35 PM
 I wonder when viz will get the new version of this game
supersonicracin.. 09-07-14 - 01:10 PM
 Purplemoon, take your score off, you cheated.
dragonslayer444 09-07-14 - 12:24 PM
 That top score lol he CHEATED used the debug cheat you can tell by the numbers over the score.
darksonic12 06-17-14 - 04:33 PM
 hey guys i know a level select code at the title screen do not press start instead press up down left right then you should hear a chime then press start then hold a and press start
chiefgreyson 06-10-14 - 07:02 PM
 BEST HACK EVER!!!! i wuv this game!
darksonic12 06-03-14 - 07:24 PM
 this is the best sonic hack ever
BenTennysonLover 04-15-14 - 12:08 PM
 I love this hack best Sonic hack ever made
segamanz123 03-21-14 - 02:55 PM
 best sonic hack ever!
apexchronicle 03-11-14 - 11:50 PM
 now all i need is a wrench
sonicvswolf012 02-23-14 - 01:47 PM
 black screen -_-
apexchronicle 10-25-13 - 10:37 PM
 I found it go to debugger menu and put yes on extra!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pgenius575 10-12-13 - 02:21 PM
 @blackscreen BLOODY BOGAN!
metalsonic71 09-29-13 - 10:57 PM
 OMG this is AMAZING!

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