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Directory: 1 & 147
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09-18-19 01:41 PM
Nintendo 64
Atlus Co.
UPC: 730865710010

Released: 3-01-98
Players: 1-4
Country Origin: US

Game Genre:
Racing / Driving, Sports
Genre Sport:
Snowboarding / Skiing
Genre Non-Sport:
Anime / Manga

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $27.95
Complete:  $51.00
New:  $82.00
Rarity:  4/10

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Play Snowboard Kids Online N64 Game Rom - Nintendo 64 Emulation - Playable on Snowboard Kids (N64)

Play Snowboard Kids online with Nintendo 64 browser emulation for free! Snowboard Kids (N64) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Snowboard Kids

Snowboard Kids Title ScreenSnowboard Kids Screenshot 1Snowboard Kids Box Art FrontSnowboard Kids Box Art BackSnowboard Kids Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.7 (29 votes)
Plays: 5,421 M:93% F:7%
Filesize: 4,801kb

Snowboard Kids Screenshots

07-03-13 08:08 PM
Snowboard Kids - Level  - Oh, look! Another moon! - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Oh, look! Another moon!

Videos of Snowboard Kids Gameplay

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Snowboard Kids Game Description

A racing game where you control one of five cutesy snowboarders competing against each other. Being a snowboarding game, each track is a downhill slalom with a ski lift at the bottom which takes you back to the start for however many laps a track has.The tracks are varied, the first few taking place on snowy mountainsides, while the latter taking you to wackier locales such as grassy countryside, a desert and a theme park. The money collected on the course or won at the end of the race can be spent to buy better boards, which differ in stats, or to collect items/weapons while racing. There are also stunts that can be performed while racing which earn money as well, and certain parts of each course encourage the player to do so.Other modes include stunt mode, shoot mode and speed mode, all focusing on a particular part of the gameplay from the main game, and a multiplayer mode where up to 4 players can race each other. There are also unlockables for dedicated players.

Snowboard Kids Reviews

There are no submitted reviews for this Game

Snowboard Kids Cheat Codes

Secret Course Code

At the main menu the one that says Start Lession/Option, carefully enter the following:

Press Down, Up on the analog, Down Up on the D-Pad, then Down C, Up C, L Button, R Button, Z Button, then Left on the D-Pad, Right C, Up on the analog joystick, B, Right on the D-Pad, Left C and then press Start.

A confirmation sound will sound when entered correctly.

Snowboard Kids Threads

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Snowboard Kids Guides and Walkthroughs

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Comments for Snowboard Kids

FootMonkii 12-12-16 - 07:56 PM
 Oops, it didn't fit all the words. Well, here is the sentence at the end of that: - Error: Failed to download game ROM file.
FootMonkii 12-12-16 - 07:55 PM
 SnowboardKids isn't working for me, it pops up with this message: 19:47:58.773 - Vizzed plugin init script starting 19:47:59.004 - Downloading Primary game ROM 19:47:59.063 - Starting ROM Download. 19:48:11.247 - Starting to load game (Snowboard Kids).
brightmarie 01-22-15 - 11:16 PM
 Omg, I remember playing this when I was little at some random kids house and I didn't want to go home.
bryan114 12-05-12 - 07:15 PM
 its work for me but not in battle race
Deleted Account.. 08-02-12 - 08:55 PM
 It goes black when you use 1964, but it works okay for me on Mugen64. Pretty happy to play one of my favorite games from my childhood. :,)
bodzio7137 05-17-12 - 06:06 PM
 how to start the f game puns
bodzio7137 05-17-12 - 06:05 PM
bodzio7137 05-17-12 - 06:05 PM
 whats upp
Fifi La Fume 03-11-12 - 04:12 PM
 This game still needs to be fixed
mr.yoyo 03-07-12 - 07:49 PM
 WTF it stays ready go they black screen O_o
Everettwut 04-01-11 - 09:57 PM
 then set the nintendo 64 controllers to what ever keys you want on your keyboard. cheers! have fun.
Everettwut 04-01-11 - 09:56 PM
 ~first double-click for menu to pop-up.
Everettwut 04-01-11 - 09:55 PM
 how to set game menu!
superhotman14 03-14-11 - 07:07 PM
 works for me ha ha ha
Fifi La Fume 01-22-11 - 10:43 AM
 Trying to figure out the controls here, somoene please help?
denizkamber 12-16-10 - 11:11 AM
 what is buttopn do you push to start mother f_ck
ShockHawk 12-01-10 - 04:10 PM
 it's been saying it's loading for a loooong.... time
buchie25 11-19-10 - 12:43 AM
 u gotta se ya controls first
buchie25 11-19-10 - 12:39 AM
 yo its ben fa eva
BlackFalconXF17 10-13-10 - 03:29 PM
 READY ...GO..Then black screen forever...
Hogey 09-04-10 - 05:51 PM
 whenevr i play the screen gooes black unless i pause!
veganwiccanstar 09-02-10 - 10:44 PM
veganwiccanstar 09-02-10 - 10:42 PM
 I loved this game
Karnella 08-30-10 - 11:42 PM
MR_BLU3LAND 08-28-10 - 04:46 AM