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10-25-21 02:28 PM
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Sega Saturn
UPC: 10086810707

Released: 1-01-97
Players: 1-10

Game Genre:
Action & Adventure

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $122.22
Complete:  $309.99
New:  $268.01
Rarity:  5/10

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Play Saturn Bomberman (SS) - Online Rom | Sega Saturn

Play Saturn Bomberman online with Sega Saturn browser emulation for free! Saturn Bomberman (SS) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Saturn Bomberman

Saturn Bomberman Title ScreenSaturn Bomberman Screenshot 1
Saturn Bomberman Box Art FrontSaturn Bomberman Box Art BackSaturn Bomberman Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.7
(12 votes)
Plays: 989
Filesize: 354,061kb

Saturn Bomberman (Sega Saturn) Screenshots

X X Saturn Bomberman
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (5/5)
Level Wide Stage: Field of Glo: 10 Player Bomberman is Awesome!
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (5/5)
Level Select : Wide Stage: Field of Glory
Saturn Bomberman
by awesome99999 (5/5)
Level Wide Stage: Field of Glo: COME ON DAVID BRING US NETPLAY
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (5/5)
Introduction : Title Screen
Saturn Bomberman
by leo852456 (5/5)
wold 4
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (3/5)
Level Select : Stage 1: Path to Glory
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (3/5)
Level Select : Stage 2: Soccer Stadium
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (3/5)
Level Select : Stage 3: Jungle Trap
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (3/5)
Level Select : Stage 5: Space Colony
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (3/5)
Level Select : Stage 6: Bouncing Bomber
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (3/5)
Level Select : Stage 7: Ninja House
Saturn Bomberman
by Davideo7 (3/5)
Level Select : Stage 8: Factory Floor

Videos of Saturn Bomberman Gameplay

08-02-14 04:53 PM
00:01:46  Views: 224
Saturn Bomberman - Intro Cutscene - User video5/5
Intro Cutscene
08-04-14 05:11 AM
00:15:01  Views: 193
Saturn Bomberman - Saturn Bomberman (SegaSaturn) - Playthrough [Part 1 / 9] - User video4.7/5
Saturn Bomberman (SegaSaturn) - Playthrough [Part 1 / 9]
10-28-15 06:09 PM
00:02:33  Views: 100
Saturn Bomberman - Saturn Bomberman (Sega Saturn) - Track 29 Song - User video3/5
Saturn Bomberman (Sega Saturn) - Track 29 Song
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Saturn Bomberman Reviews

Overall 9.7    Graphics 10    Sound 10    Addictive 10    Story 9    Depth 9    Difficulty 4

My Favorite Game of All Time   FreshTillDeath56
My favorite game of all time.  I have so many memories of playing Saturn Bomber Man with my unc...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 4

      Review Rating: 1.6/5     Submitted: 10-18-15     Review Replies: 3

Saturn Bomberman Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Saturn Bomberman Threads

Saturn Bomberman Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own Saturn Bomberman

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Comments for Saturn Bomberman

MusicalMinerdude 04-23-16 - 02:43 PM
 Fan-freaking-tastic addition to the series! Nothing can top this!
tRIUNE 01-02-15 - 12:12 AM
 Actually let me retract that; you can have the Beta Test Ticket, but if you don't have the V-Machine CD item, the CD-based games will still cost viz to play.
tRIUNE 01-02-15 - 12:06 AM
 Sega Saturn is still a beta system in the RGR because the games haven't been fully tested yet. You will also need to purchase the Beta Test Ticket to play games for this system. Not sure why the need to buy both, tbh.
Supersonic2 01-02-15 - 12:01 AM
 Just a question, I did buy a V-Machine CD. But some of the systems we have now have not been available to everyone; Why is that?
awesome99999 08-05-14 - 10:54 AM
 Man, this game is a BLAST! (Sorry, I just had to use that pun.) I have to agree with David, it really is the best Bomberman game we have and ever will have.
Ryroe 07-31-14 - 01:24 PM
 I can't seem to play the Multiplayer properly. No matter which controls I choose, the up-left-right-down keys never work for Player 2, although all the other keys for Player 2 work. Maybe that's a problem in the game which could be fixed? :I
asdren 07-25-14 - 01:08 PM
 Is slow....glitch....freeze
Ryroe 07-25-14 - 07:26 AM
 Recording a playthrough now :)
Ryroe 07-24-14 - 05:02 PM
 This game looks fantastic. And it actually worked for me. I clicked on PAL on the right corner.:)
awesome99999 07-23-14 - 11:21 PM
 And, just as I expected, I got the same error message. Darn, I really wanted to try this.
awesome99999 07-23-14 - 11:04 PM
 Alright, if my calculations serve me correctly, I should be able to play this in... *looks at calculator* 15 minutes! Nice! Yeah, my Internet sucks.
megamanmaniac 07-21-14 - 09:58 AM
 The file mpr-17933.bin is missing.
floobadoo 07-20-14 - 04:25 PM
 I bought the beta test ticket and i still have over 1,000 viz left over, why can't i play any of these??
supersonicracin.. 07-13-14 - 12:51 PM
 mpr-17933.bin NOT FOUND
supersonicracin.. 07-13-14 - 09:55 AM
 It says a file is missing. :c wasted 1ooo viz D:
AWESOMEGUY123 07-12-14 - 10:24 AM
sonic3321 07-11-14 - 07:50 PM
 i also want to play sonic jam plz add it
RetroGameNinja 07-10-14 - 06:25 PM
 Please add more Saturn games. I want to play Sonic Jam.
Davideo7 07-10-14 - 04:43 PM
 This is easily by far the BEST Bomberman game ever made!

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