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10-23-18 01:09 PM

Play Rockman No Constancy Online NES Rom Hack of Mega Man 2 - Rockman No Constancy (NES)

Play Rockman No Constancy online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! Rockman No Constancy is a rom hack of Mega Man 2 (NES). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Rockman No Constancy

Rockman No Constancy Title ScreenRockman No Constancy Screenshot 1Rockman No Constancy Box Art FrontRockman No Constancy Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.5 (44 votes)
Plays: 13,495 M:100% F:0%
Filesize: 140kb

Rockman No Constancy Game Description

This hack includes a completely new soundtrack, new graphics, altered bosses/weapons, and completely new level layouts. The difficulty level has been ramped up, but not as much as in other Mega Man 2 hacks.

Rockman No Constancy Screenshots

01-28-11 04:06 AM
Rockman No Constancy - Dr. Wily partitions. I beat all the people.  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Dr. Wily partitions. I beat all the people.
02-03-13 10:05 AM
Rockman No Constancy - we died at the same time - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
we died at the same time
06-23-12 06:59 PM
Rockman No Constancy -  - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
01-28-11 07:24 AM
Rockman No Constancy - xD - User Screenshot4.9/5 Edit Screenshot
01-28-11 07:24 AM
Rockman No Constancy - blocks - User Screenshot4.8/5 Edit Screenshot
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Videos of Rockman No Constancy Gameplay

11-13-15 05:59 PM
00:02:13  Views: 565
Rockman No Constancy - Quick Man5/5
Quick Man's Stage Theme (Brave New World)
09-27-14 02:07 PM
00:09:04  Views: 39
Rockman No Constancy - Pt 1 I REALLY can5/5
Pt 1 I REALLY can't beat him!

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Rockman No Constancy Reviews

Overall 8.5    Graphics 5    Sound 10    Addictive 10    Story 10    Depth 10    Difficulty 4

Rockman No Constancy Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

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Rockman No Constancy Guides and Walkthroughs

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Users who own Rockman No Constancy

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Game Characters in Rockman No Constancy

Comments for Rockman No Constancy

Tark 01-13-18 - 10:11 AM
 This game is so awesome that I even did a little homage to it:
BananaPlays13 07-12-15 - 06:35 PM
abigael 02-10-14 - 11:13 AM
 clashman (crashman) is a real pain!!
shanic23s 10-23-13 - 05:57 PM
 In heatman stage a crash
RocketRanger 10-14-12 - 03:30 PM
tanathos 06-27-12 - 06:32 PM
 8 pixels to S !?! is impossible dr. willy 2
tanathos 06-27-12 - 06:23 PM
 dr willy !!!
tanathos 06-27-12 - 05:54 PM
 guts (eggman) dozer !!!!!!!
bob723 06-12-12 - 05:03 PM
 i finally beated wood man
bob723 06-05-12 - 12:35 PM
 i beated air man flash man crash man bubble man metal man and quick man
megamanmaniac 05-01-12 - 05:44 PM
 YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! I FINALLY BEAT IT!!!!! Now for hard mode...
?jopp 04-08-12 - 07:49 PM
 i killed all eight robot masters heres the code A-5 B-2-4 C-1-3-5 D-4-5 E-2 enjoy :)
CarBitGTSaxen 02-11-12 - 10:41 PM
 i am not sure that rush is a reference ton the music
CarBitGTSaxen 02-11-12 - 10:40 PM
 Rockman is the Japanese name of MegaMan. His name is a reference to music Look Character names Bass Forte Rush And more!
Tark 01-26-12 - 03:12 PM
 amazang XD
Donkey_Mario 08-05-11 - 12:52 PM
 I've been at the wily stages and I said that because I was playing at school
crobat455 07-26-11 - 05:43 AM
 save quick man for last if you are sane!
airman2 05-21-11 - 10:01 PM
 crash man is called clash man because the japanese get the r and l mixed up. like light and right
Tolunaymanexhau.. 04-22-11 - 01:34 PM
 Such defects can ... In virtuaNES will install the plugin can be downloaded from either RGR or Vizzed Donkey_Mario ...
Tiger 03-30-11 - 02:06 PM
 Use Airman's weapon to defeat the final boss.
Tiger 03-30-11 - 06:31 AM
 flash man can be killed with mega buster so if you want you can begin with him
Tiger 03-30-11 - 06:30 AM
 I managed to kill bubble man, heat man and falsh man FOR NOW !!!
Donkey_Mario 02-11-11 - 12:45 PM
 This Game freezes at Heat Mans Lower Path on Java
Tolunaymanexhau.. 01-28-11 - 03:28 AM
 We have received report cards anymore. I switched to a flat: (
Tolunaymanexhau.. 01-19-11 - 07:46 AM
 the same meanings.