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Play Pokemon - Rocket Science online - Game Boy Advance game rom hack
Filesize: 5,356kb
Rating: 9.1 (197 votes)
Plays: 43,203 M:91% F:9%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Pokemon - Rocket Science Title Screen Pokemon - Rocket Science Screenshot 2 Pokemon - Rocket Science Screenshot 3
Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin using VBA (default)
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Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin using Mednafen
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Pokemon - Rocket Science Box Description:
After your grueling defeat at SILPH CO. your boss, GIOVANNI, calls you (and all the other scientists that were fired after that failure) in for a meeting at his gym in VIRIDIAN CITY. You are all put under new management and given the task of creating more powerful POKEMON. While most of your team is in a lab actually creating these "powerful POKEMON" you are tasked with field work. Your new job is to run missions, test experiments and help TEAM ROCKET succeed in their mission. You may be loaned out to help with other TEAM ROCKET missions. You may get to test out these "powerful POKEMON" before GIOVANNI gets his hands on them. You will definitely see the damage caused to TEAM ROCKET by a certain young hero. See KANTO from a whole new perspective. Enjoy the dark side.

Pokemon - Rocket Science Description:
• Pokedex is reduced to 151
• New story
• New main character graphics
• Removed rival (mostly)
• A few new maps
• Lots of new items
• New ways to get the HMs
• New poke locations (all 151 are obtainable)
• Many VIZZED members are added to the hack
• is all over it as well (in funny secret locations)
• New title screen
• New intro (graphics and text)
• Credits removed (but still need real saving not savestates)
• Warps adjusted
• Lots of pot shots at team rocket (based around RED mostly)
• Lots of differences from kanto in firered... little stuff,
• Players that have played fire red will get the most out of this game

Hack Of:
   Pokemon Fire Red
Hack Type:

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Characters in Game:

Pokemon - Rocket Science User Submitted videos
Black Bot
11-23-13 03:16 PM
00:09:00  Views: 459
Pokemon - Rocket Science - Play - User video4.1/5 Play

Pokemon - Rocket Science User Submitted Screenshots
03-12-14 02:03 PM
Pokemon - Rocket Science - Ending  - Rocket5/5 Edit Screenshot
Rocket's revenge!
09-25-13 03:01 PM
Pokemon - Rocket Science -  - User Screenshot4.7/5 Edit Screenshot
the phantom
08-20-13 09:59 PM
Pokemon - Rocket Science - Cut-Scene  - all 100 - User Screenshot4.6/5 Edit Screenshot
all 100
10-24-13 12:26 PM
Pokemon - Rocket Science - Location  - Misson Impossible SS. Anne - User Screenshot4.5/5 Edit Screenshot
Misson Impossible SS. Anne
10-13-13 10:20 PM
Pokemon - Rocket Science - Battle  - But I am a thief :( - User Screenshot4.5/5 Edit Screenshot
But I am a thief :(
08-23-13 08:23 PM
Pokemon - Rocket Science - Menus Items - Cubone Skulls x31 - User Screenshot4.5/5 Edit Screenshot
Menus: Items
Cubone Skulls x31

Pokemon - Rocket Science Highscores Table
     There are no submitted highscores for this game.

Pokemon - Rocket Science Top Speed Runs
Target Screenshot
Ending Screen
Ending Screen
     There are no submitted speed runs for this game.

Pokemon - Rocket Science Cheats and Codes
Pokemon - Rocket Science Cheats, Codes and Tips:
Pokemon - Rocket Science FAQ:

Q: How do I use the PKMN STEALER?

A: To use the PKMN STEALER you simply go to your KEY ITEMS POCKET and push (A) when you have the PKMN STEALER selected. Then select USE. You should then see the message "Happy thieving!" and you are now ready to steal a Pokemon. All you have to do is talk to a trainer that has been defeated already and you will attempt to steal their Pokemon.
There are 100 STOLEN PKMN items in the game... 100 Trainers can have their Pokemon stolen... get them all and turn them in at the Game Corner rewards desk.
The PKMN STEALER works best in darker areas, caves, forests, inside buildings. There are a few exceptions but most STOLEN PKMN items will be gained from those locations.
Don't forget to double check all trainers on the S.S. ANNE, because you cannot return to the ship once you leave. It is also advisable to register the PKMN STEALER to (SELECT).

Q: How do I get the bike?

A: Just go up to the bike rack outside the bike shop and steal one off the rack... real simple.

Q: When I make a call using the R.C.D., noone answers. Why is this?

A: At this point in the story, RED (the main character from FireRed) has defeated Giovanni and Team Rocket has been disbanded. You will learn more about this event later once you go talk to Davideo in person (he is on Cinnabar island, working in the Lab)

Q: Where is the Poke Flute?

A: After completing the Cubone Skull sidequest, you turn them in at the Rocket Game Corner rewards desk. When you try to turn one in, you will get the "SCREECHER" item. the Screecher is used to wake Snorlax, there is no PokeFlute.

Q: Where is the HM STRENGTH?

A: It is the reward given to you for being the second person to reach the end of the Safari Zone... RED was the first and got the first place prize of the HM SURF.

Q: Where is the HM SURF?

A: After getting HM STRENGTH, go to the Safari Zone wardens house and use STRENGTH to move the boulder blocking the pokeball item. The Safari Warden will attack you and after defeating him you can take the HM SURF from the pokeball item.

Q: How do I get into the 8th gym?

A: After getting the 7th badge (or before) you need to go into the Cinnabar lab and talk to Davideo. He will give you a ticket to the Sevii Islands and instructions to go talk to a guy on 5 island. Head to 5 island and talk to JordanV. complete that quest and after catching all 3 mystical birds, you MUST talk to JordanV again. Then the viridian gym will be open.

Q How do you evolve the Trade Evolution pokemon (Haunter, Graveler, Kadabra, and Machoke)?

A: After completing the Quest on 5 Island, you get a TRANSFERSTONE as a reward. You can use it to evolve any of the trade evolution pokemon. After using the one, you can get another by talking to the machine beside Lizzzz.

Q: How do I get Mewtwo?
Where do I find Mew?
What do I do with this Ditto?

A: Train Ditto to lv 35 and show him to one of the scientists in Cinnabar Lab. He will get you a ride to Guyana where you can find Mew. Catch Mew and give some Mew DNA to the same scientist. If you have done all this, after you beat the E4 you will get a call from Davideo who will tell you Mewtwo has escaped from the lab. You can then find him in the cerulean cave. NOTE, You MUST beat the E4 after turning in the Mew DNA. so if you have already beaten the E4, Mewtwo will not appear until after you beat them again. Once you fight Mewtwo, the E4 will be stronger.

Q: Do I have to get all the gym badges.

A: No, the main story goes until you fight Giovanni. Some Badges are required for HM use. and you cannot fight the E4 until you have all 8 (Giovanni does tell you to go tackle the E4, but that is more like a side quest) Some side quests also require you to beat the E4.

If you have any other Questions, PM Locksmitharmy.

Pokemon - Rocket Science User Reviews

There are no reviews for this game.

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Pokemon - Rocket Science User Comments
ObliviousCat 07-26-15 - 08:33 AM
 PKMN STEALER isn't working for "Haters gonna hate!" trainer on Route 2 (after leaving the Viridian Forest). Is it not supposed to, or am I missing something...? I did what I was supposed to do but when I talk to her I don't 'attempt to steal her pokem
LocksmithArmy 04-18-15 - 12:12 AM
 you can, hes in that cave near lorelies house. (i dont remember which island that is)
mchl5585 04-12-15 - 12:42 PM
 can you get kabuto if so where?
LocksmithArmy 03-01-15 - 10:07 AM
 rex_raven: no, gen 1 only
rex_raven 02-04-15 - 08:32 PM
 Does Golbat evolve into Crobat in this game?
tRIUNE 01-27-15 - 09:58 PM
 The saving doesn't work when using the Mednafen link on the right. It's only supported with the VBA link on the left.
LocksmithArmy 01-26-15 - 10:02 PM
 Chadwulf, change ur vba settings... the game will save if ur save type is 128
LunarDarkness2 01-16-15 - 05:05 PM
 This is a genius idea!
chadwulf 11-24-14 - 07:09 PM
 Up to that point, awesome game.
chadwulf 11-24-14 - 07:09 PM
 I played the game on my own VBA emulator, it doesn't save there, only save states, so when I beat the elite four the game restarted and couldn't pass that point. D:
BfCamp123 10-21-14 - 10:01 PM
 It's definitely the best Team Rocket version that anyone has made so I'm sure someone will do a review.
LocksmithArmy 10-17-14 - 12:24 PM
 Over 30,000 plays and 0 reviews :(
jaden582 10-08-14 - 02:45 PM
 how do you download the game
ruesen 07-30-14 - 10:01 AM
 Anyone having trouble downloading the game recently?
pokeball18 07-28-14 - 09:50 PM
 where is the exp share?
LocksmithArmy 07-22-14 - 01:42 PM
 There is... turn in 100 stolen pkmn
sniperking127 07-21-14 - 10:36 AM
 Is there a master ball in this game? CBA to catch Mewtwo with ultra balls
LocksmithArmy 06-29-14 - 07:51 PM
 U can get em all as soon as u get surf... u can find em ;)
willwarf55 06-27-14 - 10:08 AM
 where do I get the bulbasaur squirtle an charmaner. I've made it to rock tunnel with only my primape and magneton
kobeg101 06-09-14 - 10:48 PM
 double click on the client and a menu of controls should pop up
teamrocket55 05-30-14 - 03:06 PM
 how do i fix the controls? i accidently changed the up arrow to a different key and wont let me fix it
LocksmithArmy 05-06-14 - 06:32 AM
 How did u get the national dex... there are only gen 1 pokemon in this hack...
j1m5s 05-04-14 - 05:32 PM
 how do we evolve seadra after i get national dex
Thundertrack 04-15-14 - 05:04 PM
 Where can I find the forum for where all the Pokemon can be located?
LocksmithArmy 03-25-14 - 10:41 PM
 There is a faq a bit above this comment section... try reading it

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