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06-20-18 04:42 AM

Play Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Online GBA Rom Hack of Pokemon Fire Red - - Cheats codes Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) (GBA)

Play Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) is a rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red (GBA). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2)

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Title ScreenPokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Screenshot 1Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.4 (52 votes)
Plays: 21,493 M:92% F:8%
Filesize: 6,538kb

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Cheat Codes 

Unobtainable Pokémon in Beta 2:

#044 Omanyte
#045 Omastar
#046 Kabuto
#047 Kabutops
#195 Seel
#196 Dewgong
#197 Smoochum (except you can earn one in the Game Corner)
#198 Jynx (see above)
#199 Aerodactyl
#200 Tauros
#201 Dratini (except you can earn one in the Game Corner)
#202 Dragonair (see above)
#203 Dragonite (see above)
#204 ???
#205 Articuno
#207 Moltres
#208 ???
#209 Mewtwo
#210 Mew

These Pokémon are not obtainable in Beta 2 but will be obtainable in the final release.

Known Bugs/Glitches:

*When doing an action (such as right before Surf/Fly/Cut, etc.) in the overworld, if you're standing at a place where your reflection is visible, the sprite's reflection will glitch up. This is because I expanded the action sprite to the size that it is in RSE for style continuity, and I'm assuming the reflection still assumes its the original size. I don't know how to fix it other than change the size back to what it was in FireRed, meaning the sprite would look kinda crammed/squished should I do that.

*U-turn and Volt Switch produces some weird results if you only have one Pokémon

*Equipping Quick Claw sometimes freezes the game when sending out the Pokémon

*A Hitmonlee with the Reckless ability sometimes freezes the game, so don't use it! (for now)

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Game Description

This hack is a remake of the very first Pokemon games, Pokemon Red & Green. This is how the hack author would remake them, and it’s totally different from FireRed & LeafGreen. This will be a Kanto adventure you’ve never experienced, and it will be totally modernized, and fun. This is a reboot of Pokemon, think of it as a new Generation I. This isn’t a Gen III hack, this isn’t a Gen IV/V wannabe hack, this is Chaos Rush’s Generation I game.

STORY: This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokemon. For some people, Pokemon are pets. Others use them for battling. There are numerous mysteries surrounding them, and they are a popular subject of research. Either way, humans live in harmony with Pokemon, and they have done so for ages.

Meanwhile, three teenagers, two from Pallet Town and one from Viridian City, decide to travel through the Kanto region to collect eight badges of Kanto, and to take on the Pokemon League Challenge. The names of the teens are Red, Green, and Blue, and they each have received a Pokemon from Professor Oak. They have no idea what awaits them, such as an increasingly threatening crime organization known as Team Rocket. The three of them will meet many people on their journey, some helpful, such as Blue’s older sister Daisy. They will also meet Kamon, a younger boy who claims to despise Team Rocket, and is always right on their tail. What are Kamon’s motives? Or more importantly, what are Team Rocket’s motives?


• 210 Pokemon available
• All 210 Pokemon will have sprites from my DS-style 64x64 Sprite Project
• 113 new moves added. Over half of them are Gen IV moves, a few Gen V moves, and a few custom moves. No old moves were replaced, thus there is now a total of 467 moves.
• A few old moves have new animations
• Physical/Special split
• Important characters have their own battle theme
• Lots of redone music
• custom instruments, such as the church organ and the "orchestra hit" sample
• All 210 Pokemon have their moveset redone (new movesets are based closely off of B2/W2 movesets)
• Entire game re-scripted & re-mapped from scratch
• Map layouts and architectural design of the Kanto region will be based off of how it appears in HG/SS. However, unlike HG/SS, Route 23 will actually exist.
• And much more…

R/S/E-ified features:

• R/S/E style graphics (yes I'm serious)
• Removal of the stupid flashback feature to make it more like R/S/E
• Removal of first-person view artwork to make it more like R/S/E (and every single Pokemon game that's not FR/LG or HG/SS)
• You actually face the trainer when another trainer walks up to you
• Removal of colored-text based on gender
• Proper item fanfares, instead of being limited to the level-up sound

1. Brock
2. Misty
3. Lt. Surge
4. Erika
5. ??? (not Giovanni)
6. Koga
7. Sabrina
8. Blaine

Length of latest release: Up to & including Silph Co. & Sabrina.
Next planned release: Full game.

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Screenshots

02-01-14 05:22 PM
Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) - oh dear! She has another victim - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
oh dear! She has another victim
02-07-14 02:54 PM
Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) - Location  - no one will notice me under covering :) - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
no one will notice me under covering :)
02-02-14 08:37 PM
Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) - lol - User Screenshot4.8/5 Edit Screenshot
01-27-14 06:34 PM
Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) - Battle  - hey! - User Screenshot4.5/5 Edit Screenshot
01-27-14 02:41 PM
Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) - Cut-Scene  - first team rocket top executive fight, Archer - User Screenshot4/5 Edit Screenshot
first team rocket top executive fight, Archer
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Videos of Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Gameplay

There are no submitted videos for this Game

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Reviews

Overall 9.4    Graphics 10    Sound 7    Addictive 10    Story 10    Depth 8    Difficulty 5

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Threads


Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2) Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2)

There are no users who own this Game

Game Characters in Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2)

Comments for Pokemon DarkViolet (beta 2)

steevembui 11-14-15 - 05:01 PM
 buy the moss stone at a pokemon center when you can afford it.
Daniel126 04-19-15 - 11:53 AM
 how do u get a leafeon
Missingno. Mast.. 01-21-15 - 09:19 AM
 My one complaint is the "Pokémon was caught!" jingle. I just plain never liked the one that replaced the original one. Other than that, though, this game is great! :)
Postman3 12-19-14 - 09:03 PM
 Okay. So I can see this one isn't quite there yet in terms of development but it will be very interesting to play when it reaches that level. Thank you creator Chaos Rush for sharing this Beta Version.
rks0723 12-01-14 - 12:53 PM
 This game is fun to play
gamer537 11-27-14 - 02:34 PM
 does this have a place were beta stops? (like were the game is no longer able to progress further) i don't want to start playing then stop with high levels
5armamput33 11-27-14 - 01:52 AM
 I like how the alt player is now a rival! kind of wished they left the gyms alone though....
VickyCoco 06-28-14 - 09:37 PM
 Anyone know when this game is being continued?
patrat 06-18-14 - 04:36 PM
 first game i played with different hp bars
patrat 06-18-14 - 04:24 PM
 my YouTube username is philbert samad
jjthepigking 06-13-14 - 03:40 PM
 yes i'm getting the freeze too
ish1701 06-06-14 - 12:32 AM
 Anyone else having the game freeze at the start of the battle against Brock?
smashedbros 06-03-14 - 03:58 PM
 How do you get through the room with the bad smell in the rocket base?
muzammil ahmed 05-17-14 - 10:19 AM
 when does this game end
Robertarneil 05-15-14 - 12:20 PM
 y cant i get to cinnabare island there is a sign in the way and when i try to go the other way there is a head popping our of the floor can anyone help me ?
59boss 05-04-14 - 02:34 PM
 this game is incredible i acculy went around 5hours to look for surf lol
VickyCoco 04-23-14 - 03:58 PM
 When is the next game being released? :D
lucasw24 04-20-14 - 10:11 PM
 this is an incredible rom hack
SacredShadow 04-20-14 - 08:56 PM
 I am definitely gonna play this!
foxyrocksjh 04-16-14 - 10:08 AM
 there is a pewter city gym glitch. da game just froze
metagross 03-30-14 - 11:28 AM
 all starters evolve at first lv 18 then lv 40
Karnos 03-16-14 - 04:32 PM
 For some reason, my charmeleon won't evolve. Any known possibilities?
airtunes 02-17-14 - 01:28 AM
 Love the beta, full game time estimate?
guitarist022 02-12-14 - 12:55 PM
 I love this hack one of the best I've played can;t wait for the final versions with hopefully all the pokemon
gijoe111 02-11-14 - 02:24 PM
 I keep talking to the guy in the safari zone to get surf but he won't give me it!