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Directory: 6 & 140
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06-20-18 12:26 AM
Super Nintendo
Nintendo of America
HAL Laboratory
UPC: 913103913103

Players: 1-2

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Genre Sport:
Genre Non-Sport:
Arcade, Meditative / Zen

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $12.11
Complete:  $33.78
New:  $128.98
Rarity:  4/10

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Play Kirby's Dream Course Online SNES Game Rom - Super Nintendo Emulation on Kirby's Dream Course (SNES)

Play Kirby's Dream Course online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free! Kirby's Dream Course (SNES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Kirby's Dream Course

KirbyKirbyKirby's Dream Course Box Art FrontKirby
Rating: 8.8 (40 votes)
Plays: 7,825 M:95% F:5%
Filesize: 599kb

Kirby's Dream Course Screenshots

09-01-11 12:18 PM
Kirby5/5 Edit Screenshot
oh yea
03-19-13 12:51 PM
Kirby5/5 Edit Screenshot
World Map:
01-22-16 04:58 PM
Kirby3/5 Edit Screenshot
12-10-15 03:08 PM
Kirby3/5 Edit Screenshot
12-10-15 03:08 PM
Kirby3/5 Edit Screenshot
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Videos of Kirby's Dream Course Gameplay

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Kirby's Dream Course Featured Review

Kirby's Dream Course Review by: gamerforlifefor.. - 7.8/10

Kirby's Dream Course review
What do you get when you put Kirby on a golf course? Well, you get Kirby's Dream Course on the SNES of course! The game was released on February 21, 1995, and it actually became the first game in the series to receive a rating from the ESRB. The game was good enough to receive a rerelease on the Wii U Virtual Console last year. What do I think of this game? I'll tell you by making this review.

Graphics: 8/10
The visuals of each course in this game were made in an isometric perspective, similar to the way that the first 2 Roller Coaster Tycoon games were made on PC. All the holes and courses have recurring characters in the series that block your path to the hole, each of which are well detailed and look as great as you'd expect them to look on an SNES game. One thing I've never understood about this game though is why each course looks more like a checkerboard or chessboard than an actual putt-putt golf course. I mea, it would've made much more sense to make the courses have fairways, and a green right by the hole. While it would've been nice to see the courses look a little more realistic, the visuals in Kirby's Dream Course are good enough for me to give the graphics an 8.

Sound: 7/10
Like most Kirby games out there, Kirby's Dream Course has a pretty nice soundtrack. Some of my personal favorite music in the game included the theme for the first hole and the final boss theme, which are among my favorite tunes for the SNES Kirby games. The overall soundtrack isn't quite as memorable as the one from Kirby Super Star, and it lacks remixes of classic tunes like green greens, which I would've loved to see. Overall though, the music and sounds in Kirby's Dream Course are good enough for me to give the sound category a 7.

Addictiveness: 8/10
I can't think of any Kirby game that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed, and Kirby's Dream Course is no exception. In this game, Kirby is the ball, and you must guide him to the hole on each course in order to move onto the next hole. In each hole, there's a certain number of enemies you must kill in order for the hole to appear (which always shows up where the last enemy you took out was). There are some enemies that can't be taken out, such as the Whispy Woods trees and the spikes, which will deal damage out to you, resulting in less turns to complete the hole. In addition,  there's medals you can get in each hole, which I'll get into later in this review. Overall, Kirby's Dream Course manages to make miniature golf as a video game be pretty fun to play. Overall, I'm giving the addictiveness an 8.

Story: N/A
Kirby's Dream Course doesn't really have a storyline, so I'm leaving this category blank.

Depth: 7/10 Kirby's Dream Course has a decent amount of content. There are 8 courses for Kirby to go through and 8 holes on each course, making a total of 64 very different holes to go through. In addition, each hole has medals for you to earn based on how quickly you can finish them. Some of the holes in the game can be very tricky to get gold on, so 100% completing the game will take some time. Other than that though, there isn't much to do in Kirby's Dream Course. It would've been nice to see some more game modes added to this game, like there were in Kirby's Super Star (which by the way was also on the SNES). Other than that though, there's enough content for me to give the depth a 7.

Difficulty: 7/10
The golf courses in Kirby's Dream Course aren't exactly the toughest ones I've seen in gaming, but they provide enough of a challenge to where the game isn't too easy to beat. In addition, based on your skill in each level, you can earn medals based on your performance. There's bronze, silver, and of course, gold. Getting gold on each course is a very tough task to complete, and it's one of the main reasons why if you're looking for a challenging mini-golf game to beat, Kirby's Dream Course is the game for you. I'm giving the difficulty a 7.

Overall Score: 7.8/10
Kirby's Dream Course offers what you'd expect from a Kirby based mini golf game. It has very fun courses with medals that you can get based on your performance, nice looking graphics, very addicting gameplay for a miniature golf game, and a good soundtrack. I wish that the holes would've looked more like holes you'd see in a miniature golf course. I also wish that there would've been some remixes of Kirby songs from games that came before Dream Course, and it would've been nice to see some extra game modes. Still, Kirby's Dream Course a nice game to play for those who like Kirby and mini golf. Overall, I'm giving Kirby's Dream Course a 7.8 out of 10. I hope you enjoyed reading this review of a fun Kirby spinoff game.
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 7   Depth 7   Difficulty 7

Kirby's Dream Course Game Description

Kirby's Dream Course is an innovative SNES game featuring everyone's favourite pink blob, Kirby. After his adventures in Dream Land we find him in this mini golf game where Kirby himself is the ball, and you must guide him around each hole using the sort of bar system that you see in most golf games. Where this game differs, however, is in the fact that you need to eliminate all on-screen enemies before you can guide Kirby into the hole and complete it. As per usual in golf games, the more strokes it takes you to complete the whole, the lower your score - so make sure you aim Kirby just right!You'll find eight courses and a total of sixty-four holes in the game, not including the final showdown with King Dedede, as well as an action-packed two-player mode.

Kirby's Dream Course Reviews

Overall 8.8    Graphics 8    Sound 8    Addictive 7.5    Story 5    Depth 8    Difficulty 7

Kirby's Dream Course review   gamerforlifefor..
What do you get when you put Kirby on a golf course? Well, you get Kirby's Dream Course on the SNES ...
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 7   Depth 7   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 04-26-16     Review Replies: 2

Kirby's Dream Course   G789
Kirby's Dream Course came out on SNES in 1994, made by HAL (I believe they did all the other Kirby g...
  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 8   Story 5   Depth 9   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 11-01-14     Updated: 11-01-14     Review Replies: 2

Kirby's Dream Course Highscores

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Kirby's Dream Course Cheat Codes

Sound Test Get any medal on every Extra Course

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Comments for Kirby's Dream Course

huntra1291 09-23-15 - 11:14 AM
 kirby is awesome
cactusjay 05-03-15 - 04:23 PM
Doddy1010 11-16-14 - 08:32 PM
 how do u play multiplayer?
Chindogu 02-06-14 - 11:21 PM
 I absolutely love this game
Octometaknight 04-01-13 - 10:53 AM
 How the heck do you play this game? I have no idea how to not do anything without moving extremely slow, I can't move my cone! WTF DO I DO?!
Blobbie244 06-22-12 - 01:47 PM
 Blobbie is here
itsmyjelly 05-29-12 - 09:03 PM
 how do you challenge others?
itsmyjelly 05-29-12 - 09:03 PM
 i'll play
vontech 05-01-12 - 04:14 PM
 who to challenge me??
vontech 05-01-12 - 04:13 PM
 who wants to play?
IceKirby 04-09-12 - 02:06 PM
 Kirby's the king.
deadshroob007 02-21-12 - 05:00 PM
 hey hey hey.
nonotin 12-23-11 - 02:29 PM
vizz-whizz 09-01-11 - 12:10 PM
 z uses forms
Rolyforce0 06-11-11 - 10:01 AM
 When I'm In Input How to Set Keys On Player 2 In The Game?
Fisher Man 03-12-11 - 02:21 PM
 i think this game is cool
CodyBritton1991 01-14-11 - 06:29 PM
 It Works Good
nicosandoval 12-29-10 - 09:34 AM
capythunder 12-27-10 - 10:13 AM
 This game has the one and only - KEEBY!!!!
Larry91 10-13-10 - 07:39 PM
  the z key
Larry91 10-12-10 - 08:38 PM
TheChaosNemesis 09-29-10 - 03:43 PM
avanover 09-16-10 - 01:38 PM
 YES!! I finally found the game I was looking for. Had this game for a little while until parents sold the SNES. I was really good at this.
mandyz 09-10-10 - 02:52 AM
rick_aloisi_1992 06-19-10 - 06:41 PM