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Play Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 online - Game Boy Advance game rom
Filesize: 1,540kb
Rating: 8.2 (100 votes)
Plays: 20,335 M:97% F:3%
Viz Refund Today: /3
Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 Title Screen Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 Screenshot 2 Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 Screenshot 3
Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin using VBA (default)
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Requires Vizzed RGR Plugin using Mednafen
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Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 Description:
No Description
Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 Boxart

UPC: 45557182045


Loose Value: (beta)
Complete Value: (beta)
New Value: (beta)
Rarity: (beta)
7/10 Rare

Characters in Game:

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Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 User Submitted Screenshots
06-28-12 04:26 PM
Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 - Owned 63-4 - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Owned 63-4
09-19-11 03:51 PM
Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 - SPIRIT EVOLUTION - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
12-20-10 05:37 AM
Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 - Oh My God!! - User Screenshot4.7/5 Edit Screenshot
Oh My God!!
07-25-14 11:36 PM
Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 - Introduction  - Boot to the face - User Screenshot3/5 Edit Screenshot
Boot to the face

Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 Highscores Table
     There are no submitted highscores for this game.

Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 User Reviews
8.2    Graphics 10    Sound 9.5    Addictive 5.5    Story 10    Depth 7.5    Difficulty 6

10 - Cool - BattleKingRawr
This game was awesome but I hate that the boss can take points that u take from him besides that nothing else is wrong the chara...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 1   Story 10   Depth 9   Difficulty 2
      Review Rating: 4/5     Submitted: 07-21-12     Review Replies: 0     Reply to this Review

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    digimon battle spirit 2 creator: yousaf last post: 05-03-11 - 02:11 AM

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Digimon - Battle Spirit 2 User Comments
newgoodiegoodie 04-23-14 - 08:10 AM
 lol jyounger
jyounger 06-26-13 - 02:39 PM
 it was a tie and it said i lost
Nivaldo2000 11-26-12 - 03:03 PM
 lowermon and agnimon/lobomon witch susanomon get copleting agnimon and lobomon number of comple undefned search in google
BattleKingRawr 07-20-12 - 09:14 PM
 then u get loweemon
BattleKingRawr 07-20-12 - 09:14 PM
 u have u use all characters
Drago2210 07-17-12 - 09:04 PM
Novazephyr 06-29-12 - 07:36 PM
 how you beat kerpymon
houmou 06-21-12 - 03:16 PM
dax95 06-19-12 - 09:35 AM
 i beat kerpymon with lobomon and i still didnt get loweemon =\
jaystarz 06-14-12 - 09:11 PM
 92-17 that's just sad
jaystarz 06-14-12 - 09:03 PM
 to get in super mode i think, press a and b at the same time
jaystarz 06-14-12 - 08:53 PM
 how do you do an ultimate attack
supersonic21 06-10-12 - 01:04 PM
 iam awsome with agunimon
t.j taran 05-28-12 - 01:08 PM
 just keep hitting his head when do vortx go to the end and keep running got it
t.j taran 05-28-12 - 01:07 PM
 need help on boss
madart 05-27-12 - 07:10 PM
 final boss i need help
madart 05-27-12 - 07:10 PM
 how do you beat kerpymon
dax95 05-06-12 - 02:47 PM
 and to do the ultimate attack get enough little diamond gem things and then push up a and b at the same time while next to your opponent
dax95 05-06-12 - 02:30 PM
 to digivolve into your second form just fill the meter then push a and b at the same time then when you attack you will change
Barry Wiley 05-03-12 - 07:48 PM
 how do you do an ultimate attack
Barry Wiley 05-03-12 - 07:44 PM
 how do i go into my super mode?
rendivan 04-26-12 - 02:49 AM
 digimon rumble artena nothing
rendivan 04-26-12 - 02:44 AM
 k3 pleas make to digimon rumble
seth9203 04-23-12 - 04:59 AM
 guilmon shinka
seth9203 04-22-12 - 03:02 AM
 i got loweemon

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