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10-13-19 07:53 PM
Sega Genesis
Funcom Oslo A/S

Players: 1-2

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person Perspective, Platform
Genre Sport:
Genre Non-Sport:

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $40.00
Complete:  $40.00
New:  $40.00
Rarity: Pending Data

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Play Daze Before Christmas Online GEN Game Rom - Sega Genesis Emulation - Strategy guides on Daze Before Christmas (GEN)

Play Daze Before Christmas online with Sega Genesis browser emulation for free! Daze Before Christmas (GEN) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Daze Before Christmas

Daze Before Christmas Title ScreenDaze Before Christmas Screenshot 1Daze Before Christmas Box Art FrontDaze Before Christmas Box Art BackDaze Before Christmas Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.6 (7 votes)
Plays: 900 M:88% F:12%
Filesize: 1,203kb

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Daze Before Christmas Featured Review

Daze Before Christmas Review by: Totts - 9.2/10
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, but wait it's "only days before Christmas Santa slept in his house, an evil plot was bewing cooked up by awful louse. The cold and evil snowman scared all the elves away, timekeeper stole plans from Santas house that day. But for the vicious louse this wasn't bad enough; -I'm really gonna show'em I'm gonna play rough!!!"

And, yes boys and girls, its up to you as Santa to fight the evil snowmen and stuff. And, oh yeah, with the power of Santa's magic coffee, you also get the chance to turn into Anti-Santa (Heh, the Anti-Krist? and when you're Anti-Santa, you're harder to damage, your attack changes and cool music plays.

At the start, as a platform game, you have two options of play: magic attack (which looks like snow) and jump. There really isn't much to do except jump and kill things, imagine that Santa killing things. Scattered throughout the levels are enemies and gifts, which contain either bonuses, enemies, or bombs (insert your favorite Unabomber joke here). And of course there's your standard platform game obstacles, moving platforms, etc.

Occasionally, you'll have to jump in your sleigh and deliver your gifts by throwing your packages out of the sleigh into chimneys while avoiding various obstacles (depending on the city): in England, you must dodge hot-air balloons (!?) and helicopters. In Russia? You must avoid pieces of the Mir Space Station. Japan? and..........? Dogs with nuclear rockets tied to their backs????????

The designers tried to be creative with the bosses too, but only one gripe, they're a bit too easy to beat, but we can't make things too hard for poor ole Santa can we and ourselves with all our energies going to our stomachs with all that turkey and stuffing we are having to digest! The enemies overall, however, are festive and fun and after all this is a great chance to have a good old fashioned blast.

The graphics are nicely rendered without being overly complicated in keeping with the fun and festive spirit of the game and its cartoon like quality. Some of the backgrounds could be improved by today's standards, but are interesting nevertheless.

The music and sound aren't bad either, the musician did a pretty good job mixing traditional Christmas songs in with the music to create original, yet familiar songs.

It's great to get the chance to play as 'good old Santa", but be prepared to also face the WRATH OF THE ANTI-SANTA!

Daze Before Christmas Game Description

Christmas is a time where people get together and give others presents and spend all day eating food. But there's only one problem this year. You see, while Santa was sleeping in his bed, the cold and evil snowman spooked all the elves away, and the Timekeeper has stolen Santa's plans from his house. There won't be any Christmas if Santa doesn't stop them.

Daze Before Christmas Reviews

Daze Before Christmas   Totts
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, but wait it's "only days before Christmas Santa slept in his house, an evi...
      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 02-20-12     Review Replies: 0

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Comments for Daze Before Christmas

brightmarie 05-31-15 - 02:10 AM
 Decent game! Love Christmas!
Davideo7 12-04-12 - 01:23 PM
 Just letting you guys know that the Speed Run competition is now for the SNES version of this game.
rcarter2 12-03-12 - 08:11 PM
 jerryaberry- the problem is that you can't record a video and do timetrial mode at the same time for Genesis games. Not sure how that will be handled.
jerryaberry 12-02-12 - 03:47 PM
 Don't forget everyone you need to submit a video in the speedrun competition in order for your posted time to be valid. This is to prevent people from using the stage select code. Read the thread!
Clayton 2 07-17-12 - 07:58 PM
 I don't know why evil looking snowmen are funny!
ira190 12-20-10 - 07:30 PM
 Saaaaaanta Baby
ZombieRawkMachi.. 12-20-10 - 08:14 AM
 What a weak final boss!