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08-07-20 04:24 PM

Released: 2-03-11
Players: 1
Country Origin: JP

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $5.03
Complete:  $2.58
New:  $15.48
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Gyakuten Kenji 2 (DS) Game - DS - Game charactersGyakuten Kenji 2 (DS)

Gyakuten Kenji 2 is an Adventure game developed by Capcom and published by Capcom in 2011 for the DS.

Gyakuten Kenji 2

Gyakuten Kenji 2 Title ScreenGyakuten Kenji 2 Screenshot 1
Gyakuten Kenji 2 Box Art FrontGyakuten Kenji 2 Box Art Back
Rating: 9.5 (5 votes)

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Gyakuten Kenji 2 Featured Review

Gyakuten Kenji 2 Review by: sonicthehedgeho.. - 10/10

"A Difficult choice between the past and present for Miles"

     We've all been down a dangerous path before, a point where we've done or had something done that made us change our perspectives on things, whether it was something you cheated on/stole/even lost a loved changed whom you are today and in some cases even the profession we once took alot of interest into. The question has always remained though: "If we had a second chance would we drop the position we hold now to get the one we so desired as a minor or do we continue on the same astray path we've always gone along?"  
    This is all but a common occurrence for sir Miles Edgeworth as we've learned many things about his past between the first game and first spin off game in the series, but this time for the first time in a several years he'll be forced to choose between staying to his prosecutional fashion or use hair gel and turns to the other side of the courtroom and join Phoenix's profession. What's going on with this story, what decision will be made? How will Edgeworth bear all the emotions stirring around in his brain and heart? The only way to find out is to delve deeper into this story and learn the mysteries surrounding everything, *grabs suit and cravat* c'mon what are you wait for the scene is waiting and it's time for us to make our debut as a prosecutor we can't let the truth be sullied with deceit!

(!!!Warning!!! - This game is released only in Japan, all English names are used from a fan translation, so the information here may not be 100% accurate)

      Same interesting and also creepy sights as before!
     This game since it's the spiritual successor to the original prosecuting events, it obviously won't have that many changes in graphics or scenario's like how it did when they switched from Trials And Tribulations to the first Edgeworth game released. However, just because of that fact they didn't lose interest or just slap a background and character graphics/animations into the game and be like "you see that, that's all you're getting!" to which I'll prove my point if you would be so kind to let me provide testimony.
    All right let's start off easy by beginning with the first area in the game (which includes the outsides and insides of the case  not just one segment) the areas name that you're dropped into when beginning this game should be familiar to some of you that have played or researched the predecessor to Ace Attorney Investigations 2/Gyakuten Kenji 2, this name being Zheng Fa! Does that name ring any viewers logic out there? That's correct it's the homeland to the certain Interpol officer "Shi-Long Lang". The place is kind of what you expect from a typical & factual looking Japanese land mixed with an interesting event taking place at the time, from the cherry blossom trees in the air to the oriented carpet rug you'll love the look of this place. Secondly you could also take a look at the inside of an important figure's private jet which has the same colored rug flooring as outside, with all the security monitors on the side of the table, which does show a nice sense of touch for the setting. Lastly I'll mention a new logic moment that you'll be using in this game at certain points when you need to gain more info from people, this background has a blue and black chess style foreground which is a pretty cool idea and works out well in looks which I'll go into more detail later.
    Either way I'd say this is at least worthy of a 9 out of 10 like before for the graphics and stylish look to the game!

       Mindblowing new music with same great effects as well!
Nope, can't say anything about this 10+ out of 10!...Ok even as a prosecutor for this game as determined as myself I know there's more that I can say besides that! I've been debating this ever since I finished watching Dual Destinies and began writing this review and it was which game do I think has the best music and out of sheer chance and fate that even though DD blew my cravat and badge off I still believe that Gyakuten Kenji 2 has a superior soundtrack involved within its cutscenes and just the environment's you travel through all molded together perfectly more so than any other game in the series in my opinion (if it's not the best series wise then it absolutely has to be the best DS games wise).
    Some examples that can be made are well easily the intro to the very first case in the game, which briefly talks about the end of the first game with a certain "Ring" being brought to justice and the evidence to all issues concerning the cases had been solved, and just as the speech begins a crowd roar appears as the speaker at the podium is subsequently shot in the chest. Cries of fear and unending horror began spreading around as a security guard begins to yell out "Call that legendary prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, he's the only one that can truly solve and put this case to ease!" which in turn gives you a nice sense of adrenaline knowing what you're about to storm into and the challenges you'll face as one of the most beloved characters in this franchise.
    Other examples could be the music that plays for a certain defense attorney you'll meet in this game: in which the theme sounds not only strange in a happy sense but also a sense of neverending search for truth and honesty in others and evidence, lastly I'll bring up the most well known tune of the Ace Attorney Series and that's the pursuit 2011 theme used in this game which in my opinion is ALOT better that the original 09' rendition as this one is more so fast paced with a stronger emotional core behind it thus making it a more impacting song whenever the player hears it for the first time. Again the series sound effects haven't changed all that much from Apollo Justice or it's predecessor so there's not much left to say here, as I've left more score at the beginning and it stands firm as it is.

            Still 2.5d looks but new gameplay features than before!
     If you really want to have more information on Edgeworth then you definitely can't pass up this game (for those that were entertained by the 4th case in the previous game) as you'll learn not only more about himself but his father as well, alongside also learning how tough it can be to maintain the position of a high ranking prosecutor. As in this game you'll run into a problem with extraterritoriality like in the previous game and herein you'll be forced to fight for your career so the game won't be as easy for you to just think through about the cases as you must be weary about the choices you make. Another thing that makes this game quite fun to play just like older titles is the fact that this game has 5 cases like 3 certain entries that came before it and each one of them is jam packed with a long and interesting story which I'll delve into later on in the story section of this review, there are also a bunch of returning characters from the franchise like: Ema Skye, Penny Nichols, and many more that you'll see which I think will be best to find out for shock reasons. One other thing I will talk about here is the cameo/easter egg appearance of Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey showing them looking up at the building of Wright and Co. Law Offices and of course like before Phoenix still wears his distinguishing outfit that he's worn in the courtroom battles. Normally I would explode with information here but because of this game I have to leave it off for another section so sadly this is where I'll have to end of this addictiveness section, either way this game is a blast to play especially and I mean REALLY the first time that you play it but; it's still just as great after you beat it so I believe the score is worthy of a 9 out of 10.     

        Interesting story revealing the strides &  pains of this prosecutor!
     If you loved the first story with the entertaining and deceiving laws of the land Sir Miles walks in, then you'll enjoy this sequel just as much heck if not even more! As in this series you must once again travel overseas into a new country known as The Republic of Zheng Fa, wherein you'll called in to investigate a alleged assassination attempt and while trying to do so you run into issues with extraterritoriality (basically certain country rights that can't be violated without severe punishments/repercussion's by the law) once entering the private jet on Zheng Fa nationality where you have no investigative authority but do so instead because of a certain character forcing you to look inside for the truth.
    Because of this strict violations of acts, a woman from the highest court committee Justine Courtney has come looking for Miles to relieve him of his duties not only on this case but as his career as a prosecutor due to this he must fight to keep his pride in the position he's held for so long, as if things weren't bad enough the pressure get's doubled up on him when a Defense Attorney named Raymond Shields whom formerly worked with Edgeworth's Father continues to ask him throughout his struggle whether or not he might like to change sides and become a Defense Attorney and leave the Prosecultural bench forever. This reveals a dark age of his past when he wanted to become an attorney like his father, but due to a certain incident involving his death that dream was crushed and he grew up to be a Prosecutor, but will he lose all that work due to these recent flood of cases and the past violation he's created?!
    This plot creates a VERY interesting story of not only Edgeworth's past but new events that show how many dangers you can face by doing one thing wrong in an investigation or confrontation/rebuttal of a witness. There are other plot elements I could've brought into this but then what would be the point of playing the game? Either way this struggle and rich story of ME2/GK2 has to earn a 10+ out of 10 for the story!

    Also in case anyone is still confused about the Miles Edgeworth VS Apollo Justice timeline, yes Gyakuten Kenji 1 & 2 both take place before the events in AJ except this time it's a week or so before instead of a month before Phoenix's last trial. Evidence can be seen like I showed in the previous segment that Phoenix is still wearing his Attorney's outfit and for some reason or another Maya (channeling Mia) is there with him this does in fact prove that he is still an ace attorney, this should end anyone's confusion about that subject.

       More Logic, More Characters, and more fun!
     If the first game made you fell as if you were left hanging with not much to keep you interested or it just felt basic or empty, then this game will be your retribution as it includes several new factors compared to the original release which I'll describe separately in this section, which I feel is fair since it deals with Depth (this section).  This game still carries over the idea of traveling from section to section on a map like its predecessor did with cases like Turnabout Airlines and The Kidnapped Turnabout wherein you traveled from the middle of the plane into the cargo bay or the Wild West Area to the Haunted House rooms however; the part where this game truly shines is new addition to the logic based scenarios called: Logic Chess! This new form of Logic is used in tight situations with a witness when they either A. Refuse to speak to your reasoning or B. Are trying to hide something from you at any cost, thus the players and opponents defense being chess pieces & the amount of pieces varies on whom the person is and how much they're willing to protect their secret as if the pressure wasn't laid hard enough on you with this you'll be given a time limit while the session is in progress (beware that time will run down very quickly, it could go down half-way in about 20 sec) and if you fail then the case is over and you'll have lost the truth.
    Many factors involved previously will also be making their debut once more in this sequel, such as: The original logic, Little Thief, and older characters as well and I'll give a brief summary about the two logic ways.
     Logic: This is where you take facts you've gained from examining an area in the game/the corpse/even items that are out of place or have been tampered with, using two facts and putting them together will bring forth a new fact to help find the truth.
     Little Thief: A device used both by the deceased Byrne Faraday & daughter Kay Faraday. This device can allow you to recreate certain events that may have happened in the past and even the most recent ones, doing so can help aid you in finding clues with the possibility of finding how the culprit was able to escape/tarnish a part of the area. Little Thief however can't process any information that it doesn't have entered into its system.
     We also have more returning characters alongside new ones that I've mentioned previously like Larry Butz, Penny Nichols, and Shi-Long Lang. There is one certain character that we get to play as in Case 3 of this game and that's a certain defense attorney known to be father of our prosecutor in red, Gregory Edgeworth! This of course adds a whole new depth of field as we've played previous characters in the past before (Mia Fey and Miles Edgeworth) but we never really did know much about his father's history besides his surrounding death so this is a rare treat for fans of the very first Ace Attorney game whom wanted to know more info about Gregory. Either way this is going on for quite a while so I'll end this section off here with my score for depth being no less than a 10 out of 10

        Think like a prosecutor, Threats by a judge, and good old logical difficulties!
     Honestly and there's no joking here I think the difficulty of these games can either be fair and straight in the middle while at different times or for different players having it be more difficult than usual. This game does put more emphasis on this as like I said with the logic chess if you don't think quick on your feet then your time can very easily run out therefore ending your playthrough at that segment and forcing you to start over from your last save, so this in my eyes does raise the difficulty by a bit. For the most part though this game plays fairly with its thought process and information gathering so if you mess up about 95% of the time the fault lies on you the players, though I will admit that in some cases or other games in the series completely if you use one item instead of the other (though both of them are still presented by your character) it will count it as incorrect but this happens very slim like so there's no real need to worry over it.
    Looking at my evidence I don't see anything else that there is to talk about for difficulty since I basically listed the reasons why this game could be difficult for yourself or others, so it's time to leave of this segment with my score of an 8 out of 10!

     This has been a long and difficult road but we're finally at the endgame with the true and sadistic villain behind all the grizzly murders that have occurred in our presence, it's time to bring down the courtroom of justice down on this madman and show them that their is no consolation waiting for them except for the looks of concrete behind bars! With the goddess of law on my side and my friends here with me we'll put this character in their place and show them the true meaning of justice, no matter what the cost, we've almost lost our badge once before and we don't care if we might lose it again as long as the truth can be shown to the light!
     *taps head and uses logic chess* Let's analyze the playing field, it seems that our suspect is in alot of distress well I'm not going to let that sully our minds and foil what we came here to present to the world. This is what you've done suspect there's no safe retribution for you my friend and you'll pay *points index finger* for all the lives you've stolen *King's Piece flies* |Rook Piece Destroyed| GGRRAAAH! You filthy..GAME REVIWER! *Shakes head* heh...checkmake.
                                 LOGIC CHESS & GAME REVIEW COMPLETE!

                                                                                                      sonicthehedgehog57tm - (Erick Davis)
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Depth 10   Story 10   Difficulty 8

Gyakuten Kenji 2 Reviews

Overall 9.5    Graphics 9.7    Sound 10    Addictive 9    Story 10    Depth 9.3    Difficulty 8.7

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"A Difficult choice between the past and present for Miles"   sonicthehedgeho..
           We've all been down a dangerous path before, a point where...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 8

      Review Rating: 4/5     Submitted: 05-11-14     Updated: 05-11-14     Review Replies: 13

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