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Directory: 34
Entire Site: 9 & 188
09-23-19 03:07 AM
UPC: 45496741099

Released: 11-29-10
Players: 1

Game Genre:
Role-playing (RPG)
Game Perspective:

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $8.75
Complete:  $11.00
New:  $12.70
Rarity:  2/10

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS) Game - DS - Forum threadsGolden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a Role-playing (RPG) game developed by Camelot and published by Nintendo in 2010 for the DS.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Title ScreenGolden Sun: Dark Dawn Screenshot 1Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Box Art FrontGolden Sun: Dark Dawn Box Art Back
Rating: 9.5 (4 votes)

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Screenshots

06-13-15 09:25 PM
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Introduction  - Title Screen - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Title Screen

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Featured Review

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review by: deggle - 9.8/10

A golden sawn review
Hello guys here my brand new Golden Sun review I hope you all enjoy it okay here I go. Golden Sun Dark Dawn was made in 2010 October for the Nintendo Ds system as the small number of fans for this game were glad to see a third installment of their favourite game series but the question remains did they enjoy it or hate it read this review to see how I feel it turned out.

Graphics 8
The graphics to this game were well put together the characters looked really good and battles had great graphics The enemies were also done well even the shadow creatures looked great especially when you used a summon the short scene with the summon attacking the enemies looked very interesting. All the dungeons and cities/towns were all done greatly even when a character moved their mouth to seem like they were talking.

Bad things.
There is always a flaw that's what I say. Okay the moving mouths was a big upgrade from their last game sadly they still show no emotion which disappointed me a bit when they showed emotion a smiley face or a sad face would appear over their heads but at least they upgraded right? Another thing that made me somewhat sad was the very bad pixels okay so the characters might have had great description but their quality was somewhat low and they looked very weird as you could see all the pixles on them and it was sometimes annoying to see.

Sound & Music 10
Just like every other GS game's music this turned out to have such a beautiful soundtrack and it just was awesome to listen too every song that played throughout the game. the most memorable song for me was the battle theme as it had such an upbeat sound to it and I loved waiting in battles just to listen to the music. There was a few different field themes but the one that intrigued me the most was the Shadow Field's theme and the battle music that came with it, all the sound effects in this game were timed perfectly. The city closet to the ending of the game was really fun especially since you could switch whatever music they played there which also helped you progress through the story which I liked the thought of changing music once in a while.

Bad things
Sadly after waiting so long and most Ds games having their character's being able to speak it wasn't a requirement but still it would have been nice to hear them at least have a gasp or something in while or so. As great as battle sound were sometimes they got a little loud and it was hard to hear the actual music without having a Djinn totally mess the beat or something. Bad overall there isn't really anything else wrong with this section. But this still deserves a 10

Addicttiveness 7
This game can be really fun and addicting due to it's great story and all of the playable characters who I will get too in a minute, all of the puzzles were really fun especially when you got an awesome prize at the end as they had a few hidden dungeons that were challenging but that made you want to play the game even more.

Bad things
There wasn't really anything that made me not want to play this again except for how long this game takes to complete it will seriously take a pretty long time even if you play it a ton a day I feel they had too many characters and didn't go in depth on their stories so half the time I disliked or never used someone unless I needed a spell or something they could only do. They could have probably added a mini-game or something to make the game a little bit more fun to play but hey i'm making this review for a reason right.

Depth 8
Golden Sun is your basic Puzzle game even though it might not seem like it these puzzles are hidden everywhere in this game so if you want to continue you might have forgot to complete something the plotline and story are also very great and complex parts of this game even though it might take a very long time to complete.

Difficulty 9
Even though these hidden dungeons were very fun to go through they could make you rage more than you wanted even the dungeons you are supposed to go through were very difficult to get through as it is mostly a puzzle game half the time you had no instruction or anything to tell you where to go or what do to and that made this. The leveling in this game wasn't too bad but the only flaw here was the Xp gained from monsters in this game. Lots of the monsters would drop horrid xp and it would be a hard task to level up and your only other choice most of the time was to go into the Shadow Plain and the only thing bad about that was the monsters there are very op so unless you have a full proof plan have fun dying against them, Besides those things there really isn't really anything else hard.

Story 9
We made it to the part that probably bores you guys a ton yay. The game starts off with the long credits that explain a good amount of the game and what happened in the past games which helped bring people who never played them up to speed on what's going on *Helpful* And then you are climbing a mountain with Issac you're father and the main protaginist in the other two games. And after a good long talk you meet up with another old character and two more helpful main characters that will join you. After the events at teh mountains you set off on your journey to save the world from an everlasting eclipse. Now let's go to teh character profiles shall we.

Adept Types.
Venus = Earth
Jupiter = Wind
Mars = Fire
Mercury = Water/Ice

Matthew 16, Venus Adept basically an adept is a person who has the power of Psynergy. Matthew is the first of two story charcters the 1st half of the game mostly revovles around him. He is the son of Issac* Venus Adept* and Jenna *Mars Adept*

Karis 16 Jupiter adept is a child-hood friend of Matt's and also the daughter of Ivan*Jupiter Adept* It is said that she might be adopted as it seems like she has no mother.

Tyrell 16 Mars adept the second child-hood friend on Matt's and the son of Garrett*Mars adept*
His mother is seemed to be dead in the game.

Sveta 16 Jupiter the second main story character having the second half of the game revolve around her more than Matthew.

Rief 13 Mercury Adept He joins the team first in the game wanting to further his studies and since his mother is good friends with Issac he wanted to help even more son of Mia*Mercury Adept*

Himi age unknown Venus Adept claimed to be a Seer of some sort and asks to join the team.

Eoleo 32 Mars Adept after Matthew helping his family out he asks to join Matthew and hes a pirate.

Amiti 19 Mercury Adept who is a mysterious character indeed and has special powers from his father Alex*Mercury* and mother Veriti*Mercury* and Matthew agrees to help him find who he is.

Final Verdict: This game shows a ton of potential and shows it in a grand tale with a great story the characters are also great, A most wonderous soundtrack and it's just a great game it was made perfectly I would love to see a remake of it I feel that everyone who played it had a great time.

Overall Score: 9.8 almost perfect good job

Thank you for reading this review it was great to make for you to read.

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mohammeddroxx3 :
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 7   Depth 8   Story 9   Difficulty 9

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Reviews

Overall 9.5    Graphics 8    Sound 10    Addictive 7    Story 9    Depth 8    Difficulty 9

A golden sawn review   deggle
Hello guys here my brand new Golden Sun review I hope you all enjoy it okay here I go. Golden Sun Da...
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 7   Story 9   Depth 8   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 10-28-14     Review Replies: 2

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