Author's Comment

Reuben Kee - “The melody to “To Far Away Times” seemed like it was a sad, almost painful recollection to some distant memory. So instead of the upbeat tempo of the original, I decided to go with the more somber, more powerful route, and it turned out incredibly well.”

pixietricks - “One could argue that “To Far Away Times” is a love song, and I would agree, but one of beautiful comradeship. This is a journey we have concluded together, and the memory will always be with us, even if we must go our separate ways. The incredible power of love—being able to depend on one another—is what got us through. And now we may pause to reflect upon our past, to guide us toward a better future.”

Claado Shou – “The lyrics to this song are my favorite. I wrote them for Marle and Crono, specifically Marle in regards to Crono. Since Crono doesn’t speak in the game (though he does in the script), I wanted her speaking for both of them to be a metaphor for their connection. I got the idea for adding lyrics to Reu’s gorgeous piano finale when I was in Basic Training (boot camp), and wrote the lyrics there. The Japanese was a nice way of returning to the game’s roots, and making the faster-paced areas of the song seem less frantic. And since Japanese is such a beautiful singing tongue, and pixietricks is phenomenal, it was a great decision.”