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02-22-20 08:01 PM

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Donald Trump
Serious or troll?
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07-19-15 04:05 PM
03-05-16 07:31 AM

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Donald Trump


12-13-15 12:47 AM
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Trump is a racist bigot and if he becomes president then this country will go up in a ball of flames. There will be racial wars in the streets and people will be reduced to working the land of the people that own it and nobody will have even the small amount of freedom we have now.

Also Trump is an idiot and a bad businessman and doesn't need to run this country.
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12-17-15 11:49 AM
Changedatrequest is Offline
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I generally lean conservative, but Trump is a nut job. Could you imagine how quickly our foreign relations would deteriorate? You think the man has the capacity to remain a professional? No way. Putin would look like a god next to him.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-04-13
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12-22-15 10:24 AM
IgorBird122 is Offline
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Ok, since my last post, now I got 2nd thoughts about Trump, he could end up making the country much worse than it is today. Now in recent rumors by Trump that he wants to shut down the entire internet because ISIS is making untraceable websites (sites so encrypted, the government can't shut those sites down) to recruit people to join the terror group and also using Social Media to also recruit people as well (although the staffs of Facebook and Twitter perma-ban all those accounts, but they keep making more). Didn't Trump realize that the government tried to shut down the entire internet back in 2012 due to all the online piracy going on and it didn't turned out like they wanted it to, a lot of people got angry with it and they scrapped the idea.

After this and his attitude against un-Americans could spark a lot of issues. I first liked Trump, but now I don't trust the guy anymore.

Trump, think before you act, that simple.
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(edited by IgorBird122 on 12-22-15 10:26 AM)    

12-22-15 02:08 PM
Sweaty Baby is Offline
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Sweaty Baby
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do people really still say the word troll? anyways, he's running for president. he payed the money to be a candidate. he has a giant following. i think this guy's for real. and it worries me. yikes.
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Registered: 04-20-14
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01-21-16 12:25 PM
janus is Offline
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Well, he now received an endorsement from a conservative favorite (?), Sarah Palin. Like him she adopted the empty "Make America great again" slogan. Will this endorsement help Trump or not? Is Palin looking to get closer to Trump to get a cabinet position or a VP ticket?
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The unknown

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Registered: 12-14-12
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01-27-16 12:34 PM
janus is Offline
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Because Megyn Kelly is "biased" against him, Donald Trump will not show up to the next Republican debate. What a cry baby; I hope he realizes that he's losing more and more credibility by acting like a Democrat when he's campaigning under the GOP banner...
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The unknown

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Registered: 12-14-12
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01-27-16 09:40 PM
RDay13 is Offline
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I think he is just a troll. There is no way he actually believes that he will successfully run the country with his beliefs. I think he is a very smart person, and a person with his intellect can't believe that some of the things he says will actually work. I agree with some of his policies, but I think he tends to take things way too far. 
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01-27-16 10:51 PM
zanderlex is Online
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I just heard about him skipping one of the debates, and even though he claims he has a good reason for it, it makes it look even more like he isn't taking things seriously. Just because of that, it looks like he's doing this in the first place just to have fun but eventually wants others to pass him.
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01-27-16 11:09 PM
janus is Offline
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As time goes by, I believe he's serious. However his downright amateurism about handling "hard" questions will drown him. Plus many question whether his supporters will vote in the primaries.
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The unknown

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Registered: 12-14-12
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02-22-16 07:34 PM
Titan127 is Offline
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Well, I think he's dead serious about the whole race, and I also think that people tend to over inflate what he says. He states facts, and suddenly people will think he's some kind of racist who wants to purge all of the Muslims and Mexicans, which is not true at all.

He certainly isn't my first pick for a president, but he's up there compared to some of the other ones.
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03-04-16 04:11 PM
zero97axl is Offline
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Look at it this way.

America is a country where entertainment (arguably) is one of the biggest things we value. Americans indulge themselves in media entertainment (or other forms of entertainment) to escape the seriousness, bleakness, or blandness of reality. With the addition of somebody like Trump politics has become a medium of entertainment and people now find it easier to sit through political TV. Who's the man responsible for the adding entertainment to serious American politics? Why I'd say it's Trump. 

Not only that but let's not forget Trump is a businessman. Compared to politicians he's more used to having to sell his ideas to the public, whereas politicians are more so used to selling their ideas to each other. He's more used to talking to people in simple words, and people prefer simple over complex since it's easier to wrap their heads around.

He may be hypocritical, petty, and ignorant; but he has energy, sass, and a way with words. Also, I think he's dead serious.
Wandering Turtle

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Registered: 05-29-12
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03-05-16 04:04 AM
Singelli is Offline
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I didn't really take Trump's announcement seriously when it first came about.  As time has passed of course, I do believe he's being serious... and I also believe it has a lot to do with building his ego.

I find it very difficult to believe that people would -honestly- want him to lead our country.  With the horrendous things he says, and some of the crazy ideas he shares... his support is astonishing. I think he upsets liberals as well as conservatives.... democrats as well as republicans.  It makes me think that either people voting in these primaries are ONLY voting because he's big in reality TV and business.... or there is a lot of rigging going on.
Vizzed Elite

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03-05-16 07:31 AM
Uzar is Offline
Link | ID: 1251109 | 309 Words

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He's got crazy ideas. And he's rude. But he also made billions of dollars in international business. So he already has other people's respect. But he never said he wanted to "purge" the land of Mexicans. He only said he wanted the illegal immigrants (i.e actual criminals) to leave. But, with due processing, that will take long past his presidency to complete. Although I'll admit, throwing Muslims out isn't a good idea. Plus I highly doubt that the terrorists legally enter the USA.

But what I do love, however, is how scared he makes big business. They are afraid that a candidate they don't own is winning. I've seen tons of people paid to promote Hillary, Jeb, and Sanders online. And other people paid to simply diss Trump. Then you have morons on TV who were never credible to begin with suddenly getting some very strong anti Trump speeches out of nowhere.

Anyway, people are voting him because of how afraid all of the big people who buy politicians. I personally think that he's bluffing with most of his calls. Acting like a wild card to get votes. I mean, when the current president isn't even an American citizen, and we have a legitimate murderer and rapist (Who's big wig status keeps her out of prision) running for president, I think the guy who might hurt somebody else's feelings is the least of our concern.

With that much being said, I really don't care for any current politician. I believe that they all need to be fired. And we need newer, younger, and more competent people in government. The president can only do what congress allows. But the president can stop anything congress tries to crap out. I don't think he'll actually be able to do some of his claims. But he is the only no-nonsense candidate right now.
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I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

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