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ALBW - Chapter 1 Guide

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04-06-15 10:57 AM
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Link | ID: 1154936 | 3019 Words

Level: 116

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Chapter 1- A Rude Awakening. 
Required Items: None
New Items: Sword, Lantern

Once you start up your new file, you will be treated to a
cutscene of Link having a nightmare.  It shows the triforce and a shadowy
figure, then a scream ends the nightmare.  Gulley walks into your house to
wake you up with a scream, telling you your late for your apprentice work.
Gulley leaves your house, telling you to come on.  Follow Gulley
until you trigger another conversation.  He encourages you to save your
place.  After you do so, continue following Gulley until you get to the
blacksmith's shop.  The blacksmith tells you to deliver the captain's
sword to him in the sanctuary after he scolds you a bit. He marks the Sanctuary
location on your map. Go to the Sanctuary.
Before you enter, the doors to the sanctuary will shut with Seres
inside. Dampe will freak out, trying to open the door, but fails to do so. He
tells you to just use the sword for the captain. So, you “borrow” his sword for
pretty much a quarter of the game.  Dampe
tells you there is a secret entrance under a grave. Pull the grave in the
middle to unveil the secret entrance. Go inside to be in your first
mini-dungeon.  The enemies here are mainly
Ropes and Rats.  Once you enter, you’ll
see a bunch of pots everywhere. There is also a chest in the middle of the
room. Open the chest to find a lantern. Light up the unlit…uh…we’ll call them
torches, to open the door. Once you enter, there is another room with a bunch
of unlit torches, making it dark.  Light
them to navigate your way through. There is an optional chest with 20 rupees in
it. Go to the very left of the room to find stairs. Go up the stairs, and
you’ll see a locked door, two unlit torches, and a thin path to the right.
Follow the path on the right to get a small key. Go back to the locked door and
open it with the key you just received. Once you enter the room, you will be
ambushed by Poes. Defeat them to advance to the next room. Once you enter the
next room, you see two switches that you have to pull. One of them releases a
bunch of ropes, and another opens the door. The one on the left is the one to
open the door. Once you enter that door, you’ll finally be in the Sanctuary.
After going halfway to the back of the Sanctuary, you’ll be treated to a
cutscene. You meet a new enemy named Yuga. Yuga turns Seres into a painting,
saying all he seeks is perfection. Yuga notices you, and the priest tells you
to run. But, you’re not going to do that…are you? You chase after Yuga, before
he turns into a painting, and you run into the wall. He reverts to his original
form before kicking you aside, as you lie on the ground knocked out.  The cutscene ends with him laughing like a
maniac and exiting.

After the cutscene ends, you find Link on his bed, still
knocked out by Yuga.  He will shortly
wake up afterwards, and sees a purple…bunny…thingy.
Ravio is a
hobo, and needs to live in your house.
You have a choice of picking Yes or No. If you pick No, he will get on
his knees and beg for you to let him stay. (That’s what I did…and loved it.)      Eventually, you’ll have to pick Yes. He
gives you a random bracelet as a token for letting him stay here. You then tell
him what happened at the Sanctuary with Seres and Yuga. Afterwards, he freaks
out and tells you to go tell Princess Zelda immediately. Come out of your house
and go north, then west. Go up to the castle doors and talk to the guard
guarding it. Talk to him for a bit, and eventually Impa will come out and let
you inside.
Impa tells you to wait for a bit, and by wait, she means
look at the paintings. (Look at them in order to fully understand what it’s
trying to tell you.) After looking at all the paintings, Impa tells you that
Zelda is ready to see you. So, just go up the stairs and enter the door in the
farthest back of the castle. Once you’ve done that, you will meet Princess
Zelda. You tell her what happened at the Sanctuary, and she tells you she had a dream about you. She then tells
you to go see Sahasrahla in Kakariko Village. Before you leave, she gives you
the Pendant of Courage. Now, go on to Kakariko Village! (She marked it on your

With all that stuff in Kakariko Village finished, it’s time
to head to the Eastern Palace. Just head towards the Eastern Palace until you
see a set of stairs going up to the mountain. (I think it’s a mountain..) Go up
the stairs, and you will see two pillars with a bow symbol on them. Go back to
your house and talk to Ravio. Tell him which symbol was on the pillars, and
he’ll give you the bow. Go back to the pillars, and go up the stairs in between
the pillars. Fire arrows at the blue switches beside you. The door ahead will
open up. Go through it, and go east. Keep going east until you see a dead end,
then go south until you see an open ledge to jump off of. Jump off of the
ledge, then climb the stairs in front of you. You’ll see more stairs, just keep
climbing all the stairs until you get to the Eastern Palace. Finally, you’ll
find Osfala. Talk to him for a bit, and go into the Eastern Palace, to begin
your first dungeon. Once you enter, you’ll see a gap with a switch at the other
side. Shoot an arrow at the switch to make a bridge appear. Go across the
bridge and enter the door in front of you. You can see a chest if you look to
the left. There is a switch as well. If you want 20 rupees, hit the switch with
an arrow, go into the room you started in, and go in through the door on the
left side of the room. After you got the 20 rupees, go back in the room you
started in, and go up through the door. Do the same with the next room. After
you entered that door, you will be in a room with a bunch of bowling ball-like
things that try to crush you. You can move to the side to dodge the small ones,
but you have to go hide in the little openings in the sides of the wall to
dodge the big ones. Once you get to where the bowling balls are coming from, go
left to see an opened door. Go through it. Once you enter, it will shut,
trapping you inside. 3 Popo(s?) will come out of the ground. Defeat them, and 4
more will drop down from the ceiling. Once you defeated all of them, a chest
will appear on the elevated platform at the bottom of the room. Underneath the
platform the treasure chest is on is a secret door. Go through it. Step on the
switch located at the bottom of the room. (It looks like a regular tile, with
greater shading.) Once you step on it, a chest will appear. Open it to get 20
rupees. Go back through the door above you to get back to the room with the
Popo(s). Go through the other door at the bottom-left area of that room. Climb
up the stairs until you see an unopened door, and an opened door. Go through
the opened door that’s in front of you first, to get to the chest that was on
the elevated platform. Open it to get a compass. Go back into the door behind
you. Step on the switch (4 tiles east of you) to open the door to your east.
You’ll be back in the room with the bowling balls. Keep going east until you
see an unopened door. Go through the narrow opening north above you and step on
the switch. Go through the door you just opened. Once you enter, you will be in
a room with a platform in the middle moving up and down. You will also see two
switches, one higher than the other. Stand on the moving platform, and ready
your bow. When the platform reached the highest it can go, release your bow and
hit the switch with an arrow. Do the same with the other switch, but when the
platform is at its lowest point. After doing this, quickly run over to the
chest at the top-right area of the room before the ticking clock time runs out.
Open the chest to find a small key. There is also a secret room in here. When
the platform is at its lowest point, walk across it, and keep going south into
the wall to find a secret door. It leads you to a room with a fairy fountain
and a bunch of rupees. After doing that, get out of the secret room, and go
back into the room with the moving platform. Exit the room by going into the
door at the top-left area of the room. Use the small key on the locked door
leading upstairs. After doing so, go up to the 2nd floor.

Now that you’ve made it to the 2nd floor, things
will get a bit more puzzling. Once you’ve climbed up the stairs, step on the
floor switch you see, and 4 Armos statues will come to life. After you defeat
them, a green portal appears in the room. That portal brings you to the
beginning of the dungeon, so unless your low on health or something like that,
just leave the portal alone. The 2 doors to the left and right of Link will
open. Go into the one on the left first. You will be in a room with bowling
balls rolling everywhere.
Find the floor switch in that room, and stay on it until the
whole staircase is revealed. Once it is, go up the stairs, and you’ll see a
giant bowling ball trying to crush you. Once it goes away, quickly run to the
other side and go down the stairs. Find another floor switch, and stay on it
until the staircase you just went down is gone. Once it is, quickly run over to
where it used to be, and step on another floor switch.
After you press the switch, a chest will appear. Open it to
get some Monster Guts. After you’ve done that, step on the floor switch in the
bottom-left area of the room. That will open the once-closed door. Go through the
door to move onward.
Optional: You can
go back to the room where you fought the Armos Statues and head right if you
want to. If you want to go through this room, look below for the walkthrough
for it. If not, skip that part of the walkthrough.
If you entered the room on the right, however, the puzzles
will be different. There are machines shooting arrows at you. If you have a
shield, you can block them, but if you don’t, just dodge the best you can.
There are 4 Popo(s) scattered in this room. Look for and defeat them all to
make a chest appear.
Open the chest that appeared after you defeated them. Inside
are some more Monster Guts. Go and step on the floor switch in the southwest
area of the room to open the door leading onward. Go through it to get to a
huge room with switches. (End of
optional area.)
Once you enter the big room, you will see a big door with 2
switches to left of it, and 2 switches to the right of it. Shoot your bow at
the mid-right switch.
After shooting it with your bow, a platform at the right
side of the room will begin to move up and down. Ready your bow for the right
time to shoot an arrow at the switch on the very right. Once you’ve hit, the
door to the east of you will open. Go into it to move forward.
Once you enter, you will be in a room with moving platforms,
4 switches in the middle, and machines firing arrows at you. If you don’t have
a shield to block these arrows with, do your best to dodge them. Get on one of
the moving platforms, and ready your bow whilst dodging the arrows. Once you
think the time to fire an arrow at one of the switches is right, fire it. Do
this until all 4 switches are lit up.
Once you’ve lit up all the switches, a chest will appear at
the right side of the room. Go and open it to receive a small key. Go back to
the previous room you were at. (The big room with the big door.)
Once you get back to the big room, stand next to the big
door, and shoot an arrow at the mid-left switch. This will cause the platform
on the left side of the room to move up and down. Get on the platform and go
left to unlock the door with the small key you got. Go through the door you
just unlocked.
Once you enter, 3 Stalfos will appear. Defeat them with your
sword or bow. Once they are all defeated, the platform in the middle of the
room will be lowered, revealing a big chest. Open it to receive the big key.
Once you’ve done that, climb up the steps and run right along the ledge. You
will see another switch beside you. Just hit it with your sword.
After hitting it, the wall surrounding the last switch in
the big room will disappear, allowing you to hit the switch with your bow. Go
back to the big room with the big door. Go on the platform on the left of the
room that is moving up and down. Ready your bow, and fire at the right moment
to hit the switch with an arrow.
With all the switches lit up, the floor leading to the big
door flips over, allowing you to enter the big door. Go to the big door, and
unlock it with the big key you received. Enter the big door, and get ready for
a boss fight!
Once you’ve entered the door, you’ll see Yuga turn Osfala
into a painting. Soon after, he notices you. He gets angry and wants to get rid
of you, starting the boss fight. Yuga’s moves include, turning into a painting,
creating pillars of fire coming out of the wall, and other small things. To
defeat Yuga, shoot an arrow at him with your bow, stunning him. Once he’s
stunned, quickly run over to him and repeatedly hit him with your sword.
He can become a painting, so just wait until he returns
normal, then hit him. After a few hits, he will get angry and stomp the ground
with a grunting noise. (Which I find hilarious.) Just do the same thing and
soon enough, he will be defeated.
After defeating him, you’ll be treated to a cutscene. Yuga
is awestruck. However, that dosen’t stop him. He turns you into a painting so
you won’t mess with his plans. He leaves through a crack in the wall as a painting
afterwards. Once he’s gone, the focus is on you. The bracelet Ravio gave you
shines brightly, turning you back to normal. Ravio’s bracelet enables you to
turn into a painting whenever you want! After the cutscene, you gain control of
Link again. Important: Don’t forget to
grab the heart container before you leave.
Turn into a painting at the right of the crack in the wall,
and go through it. Keep going until you get to a platform. Open the chest
nearby to get 100 rupees. Walk back to where you defeated Yuga, and turn into a
painting to the left of the crack this time. Keep walking until you find
another platform to land on. There is a moving platform at the west side of
this area. Go on it so you can go down to the 2nd floor.
Once it brought you down, go south. Soon, the floor will
begin to move into the wall. Before it disappears, turn into a painting. Stay a
painting until the floor comes back.
Once you’ve crossed that area, follow the platform until you
get to 2 moving walls. Once the walls separate, merge into a painting on the
wall next to you, and wait until they get together again. Once they are
connected, quickly walk across to the other side of the wall, and wait until
they disconnect again to cross.
Once you crossed, merge into the wall (not the disconnecting
ones) on the right side of the area. Keep walking left until you find a
platform to land on. There is a chest nearby. Open it to get 50 rupees. Go back
to where the disconnecting walls were. You’ll find another crack in the wall
bringing you to the entrance of the dungeon.
Once inside, turn back to normal, and exit the dungeon. Once
you’re out of the dungeon, you’ll see Sahasrahla again. You both will be at the
entrance to Hyrule Castle, and see a barrier blocking the entrance. Sahasrahla
tries opening the barrier, but fails to do so. He then tells you that you need
to get the 3 Pendants of Virtue to get the Master Sword. However, Princess
Zelda has the Pendant of Courage, and she is trapped inside! But, not to worry,
Zelda gave it to Link as a last resort. Sahasrahla is overjoyed, and after a
bit more talking, you can save your game.

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04-08-15 06:19 PM
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Link | ID: 1155877 | 48 Words

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Nice job with this part of the game guide. Anyone who's having trouble with this game should find this game easier by reading your game guide. I can tell you put a lot of hard work into making this. Again good job and keep up the good work.
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