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11-20-19 11:12 AM

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02-10-15 12:38 AM
04-10-15 03:27 PM

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Do you care about lyrics when you listen to music?


03-01-15 10:24 AM
MechaMento is Offline
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No. I listen to music because of the way it sounds on a whole. I really don't care what's being said, it's about how it's being presented.

For instance, listen to the song "Every Day" by AFX. The vocals are just samples from a BBC radio show used to create some sort of chorus and verse to further develop the song. The lyrics themselves are almost meaningless, but the song is great. At least in my ears.
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03-01-15 07:08 PM
Collapz3 is Offline
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It depends on the context of what I am doing, if I want to get the feels most likely it will have to be a song with some lyrics, however, there are some exceptions (I'm looking at you Clannad OSTs). If I am studying I prefer when songs have no lyrics, I listen to things such as blackmill, 7 Lions and Mitis since they have some pretty good chillstep. But if I also want to be pumped up it has to be a mix of lyrics with instrumentals, for example, the song Warriors by Imagine Dragons combines both in a way that makes me feel pumped up. When I listen to a song I do try to listen to the lyrics, when there is something deep that is being said I do tend to listen even more, rappers like Childish Gambino have epic lyrics so I normally listen to him because of the lyrics. So for the sake of listening to music, I feel that lyrics do matter.
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03-03-15 08:01 PM
Boxia is Offline
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That varies depending on the genre and my mood.

If I'm listening to rap, for example, I couldn't care less  because, well, it's rap. If however, I'm bored and have nothing better to with a rock song, I'll listen to lyrics from other music genres. It can be pretty interesting and I usually get a good laugh (I prefer 80s rock so yeah).
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03-04-15 04:03 AM
Snu is Offline
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I don't often listen to music with lyrics in the first place. But when I do, I tend to focus more on the actual vocals first. Then after the chorus I'll start tuning into the lyrics.
So for the most part I don't care unless the lyrics are downright idiotic, in which case I will switch songs immediately.
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03-04-15 08:58 AM
marianne26 is Offline
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yes, i always listen to music everyday!
the mostly i heard.
and i care about there lyrics and after that i song that lyrics of that music

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04-07-15 08:10 PM
DJ2536 is Offline
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I really do care for the lyrics in a song.  The lyrics is just one of those things that can make or break a song.

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04-07-15 08:30 PM
janus is Offline
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At first I usually don't. I listen to the local rock station and if a song catches my attention I will try to find the music video on Youtube. 

Then if the song gets stuck in my head I will try looking for the lyrics. Songs like Shinedown's Bully are excellent on every level, ESPECIALLY the lyrics.

For me, good lyrics imply that I can relate to the song (like Bully or The Offspring's Not the One) or that tell a good story (like Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills or Metallica's Master of Puppet and One).
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04-07-15 10:04 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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Yes. The lyrics can't stop me from liking the beat of the song, but the lyrics can stop me from liking the song itself.

If a song has a nice beat to it, along with the instruments, and I like the sound of the singing, but I don't like the lyrics, I don't like the song and I don't want to listen to it.

Basically, the lyrics are what make me like a song.
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Mark 9:23

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04-08-15 06:49 PM
Yunimori is Offline
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For most songs I listen to, yes, the lyrics make or break the song for me. This, of course, doesn't come into play when I can't understand the language, so for those I tend to just listen to music quality and tone of the lyrics to see if it's one I like.

Of the ones that are in a language I can understand, though, I can honestly say that that is what makes or breaks the song. The most beautiful music in the world is ruined for me if the lyrics are off. That can mean any number of things, too. Stupidity, excessive use of profanity to the point that I'm hearing it every three words, utter nonsense, or too much in the way of replacing words with mouth sounds can turn me off.

Prime example: "What Does the Fox Say". 

The instrumental is GORGEOUS. I can happily listen to the instrumental version and love it. It's actually in one of my 'epic soundtracks' playlists on Youtube. The version with lyrics, however? Makes me want to tear my hair out and scream. I hate the lyrical version, because the stupid lyrics RUIN it. 
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04-08-15 07:18 PM
thing1 is Offline
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For the most part, yes. I mean, if it's dubstep, then not really. But, for the most part, if it is anything else, then I care about the lyrics and the story the song is trying to tell. 
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What is life?

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04-09-15 10:43 PM
SilverHyruler is Offline
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EideticMemory : Nope. I can't listen to stuff with awful lyrics. I love Nirvana. Imagine Nirvana with gibberish lyrics, it would be terrible! No one would ever have cared about them.
The Flame Pokemon

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04-09-15 10:59 PM
hellno163 is Offline
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i really don't care for lyrics when i'm listening to my music because i can look up the lyrics online.

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04-10-15 03:27 PM
janus is Offline
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PacmanandMariofan : Interesting. I don't think it's ever happened to me so far. In fact, I would say that the beat is the prime reason for me to listen to a song. Unless the lyrics are absolutely terrible (like the Pretty Reckless' second commercial success) then I will listen to it and enjoy it.
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