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What got you into the music genre you love the most?
A.K.A.Talk about your gateway drug to your favorite beats! :)
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12-06-14 11:31 AM
12-29-15 10:31 AM

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What got you into the music genre you love the most?


12-06-14 11:31 AM
pollution_skunk is Offline
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As you can see by my short user description right THERE -------->, I'm a big fan of EDM (Electronic Dance Music, geddit?!), and do you Vizzers know what introduced me to it? Videogames, of course! I've been a fan of retrogames ever since I was a lil' kit (and that was around the PS2/GameCube/XBox era, mind you!), but I really got into them around 2010/11, when I got my own computer and started playing some emulated Genesis games on it.

Contra Hard Corps... My god. This game is a freakin' masterpiece, as you might know from my review of it. Not only it made me develop a passion for heart-pumping shmups/run-n-guns that rely heavily on pattern memorization, it also introduced me to the awesome world of chiptune music, which I later found out to be only a small fraction of the enormous EDM universe, which I got into when I embraced the furry fandom thanks to the works of good ol' Ren Queenston.

So here I am, a retro-gaming, EDM-loving skunk, ranting about how I got into all of this mess to you peeps out there. Be sure to pay back the favor and tell me something about your musical tastes, will ya?! xD
Vizzed's #1 Treasure and shmup fan. Reviewer of obscure games. Furry writer. EDM/LapFox Trax fanatic.

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Registered: 03-23-13
Location: Rio Das Ostras, Brazil
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12-06-14 11:39 AM
Linkums is Offline
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I guess my favorite genres are game soundtracks / instrumental stuff that sounds like soundtracks and Jpop/rock.

I pretty much always liked game music ever since I was a kid. Once when I was probably 5 years old, my mom let me record myself on a tape recorder and one of the things I recorded was myself "doot"ing Mario music. Later on, I recorded my own game soundtracks on cassette tape by putting the recorder up to the speaker while playing.

I didn't discover JPop/Rock until late in high school when I watched the Japanese opening to Tales of Legendia which had TAO by Do as Infinity. I really liked it and ended up liking other songs by Do as Infinity, then by Garnet Crow who did another Tales series opening. It just went from there finding other Japanese artists I liked.

I really like a variety of music besides those two genres, but those are the two that have the most representation in my library.
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Registered: 09-26-14
Location: Pennsylvania
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01-02-15 06:49 AM
MisakiMei is Offline
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Well my favorite genre is Metal, and I got into Metal because I started listening to rock music at the age of 3, and then I got into heavier and heavier music during the past couple of years, especially since I listened to the album Fever by Bullet For My Valentine :3

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-21-14
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01-06-15 03:18 PM
zanderlex is Offline
Link | ID: 1121691 | 67 Words

Poor Davideo7
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This question can be answered in 2 words and a number.

Sherlock Holmes 2.

I watched the movie, loved the music, and then I fell in love with this kind of music, soundtrack music. I don't really like regular genres like rock or such that much compared to plain soundtrack songs, and I usually only listen to the same guy who did the music for that movie.
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01-06-15 03:18 PM
Mega Mewtwo X is Offline
Link | ID: 1121692 | 30 Words

Mega Mewtwo X
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My favorite music is techno/dubstep , and who got me into the music but who else, Geometry Dash. Damn game has been a big influence on my music choices lol.
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Location: Somewhere. I don't know where though. I'm hungry.
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01-08-15 07:01 PM
janus is Offline
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My interest for rock/hard rock/punk was faint at first. My sister and brother would listen to it but I didn't really care for it (I was mostly into video game music). What pushed me towards it was a deep loathing of rap/hip hop/whatever. No matter how great the lyrics can get, I just can't stand the beat; it makes me aggressive. A field trip where that despicable music was played too much "pushed me over the edge"
Vizzed Elite
The unknown

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Registered: 12-14-12
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01-08-15 07:41 PM
Singelli is Offline
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what an interesting topic.    I've seen people ask about what music genre they like best... but not about what got them into it!  Great thinking!

As for me, my favorite genre has to be gospel and worship. Unfortunately for the sake of this thread though, I think the reasoning / cause is pretty obvious.  Worship in church is almost always my favorite part.  The songs and sentiments fill me with emotion and often bring me to tears.  Sometimes the songs can even cause me to stop whatever I'm doing... just to be swept away by those feelings of gratitude.

mrfe :  You can sympathize, right?
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 08-09-12
Location: Alabama
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01-08-15 11:07 PM
The_IB122 is Offline
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My favorite music genre is rock (mostly alternative). I think what interest me in this genre is that I have grew up with this genre and I mostly hear these kind of songs in mike combat/ fighting sports (like Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, etc.) and I have listen to it for a good long time.
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01-08-15 11:19 PM
merf is Offline
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Singelli : I don't think my favorite genre is Gospel and Worship, but I can toooooooooootally sympathize. I've had many times where one of these songs comes on the radio, and I get completely lost in the song. I can't think of any that specifically do that to me off the top of my head, but I know that "I Can Only Imagine" is one of those songs for my dad. No matter what I listen to, no music is as fulfilling to listen to as music that glorifies God is.

My favorite genre is probably 'Christian Rap/Hip-Hop'. I started out listening solely to Gospel and Worship, and eventually discovered music from artists like Toby Mac. In a Toby Mac song, I first heard Lecrae, and I was really interested in hearing more of his stuff. Fast forward 2 years, and my favorite genre is Christian Rap/Hip-Hop. While not all of the songs are necessarily the most up-beat or melodically fulfilling, the lyrics of songs from many of the artists within this genre really blow me away. As an example, listen to 'Good, Bad, Ugly' by Lecrae. It took a lot of courage for him to be open about his past, and to help others see him as he really is, and I respect him a lot for the song. That's the kind of music that I enjoy most, and definitely consider my favorite genre just for the lyrics.

Still, songs like 'Oceans' do blow me away with impressive regularity. God really does speak to me through music that glorifies Him, and it's probably when I feel closest to Him as well.
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Minecraft Server
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01-09-15 07:40 AM
marianne26 is Offline
Link | ID: 1123149 | 19 Words

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well, the many pop music and rocks that i really wanted so much i listen to the music everyday

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-17-13
Location: pokemon world
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01-09-15 12:41 PM
Chindogu is Offline
Link | ID: 1123211 | 260 Words

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Ok, ok, I know this is an umbrella term but "electronic/electronica" (pretty much the same thing when it comes down to it, sorry people who disagree). I never really cared much for music until I watched Deadmau5 perform "Raise Your Weapon" live at one of the Grammys on T.V.

It was a style of music I had never heard before, the soft piano and synths "dropped" out of existence and were replaced by "heavy" synths and sounds when the singer said "How does it feel now to watch it burn?" I found this sudden change in energy to be interesting and looked up other Deadmau5 songs to see if he did anything else like "Raise Your Weapon." He has, maybe less than ten songs that I'm aware of, but he did use a "drop" in his music again.

I would later find out that the genre I was looking for was called "dubstep" (although some people argue over "Raise Your Weapon" being dubstep) but listening to Deadmau5 before anyone else exposed me to the more "experimental" sounds of the electronic genres. Thank the Gods I heard experimental stuff before an established genre.

Now if you looked through my computers "music" directory you'd find songs belonging to almost every genre imaginably, except death metal. I. Cannot. Stand. Death. Metal.
As much as I love the ear-damaging effects of brutal drops, death metal crosses some kind of acceptabilty line in my mind.

TLDR: Deadmau5's stuff got me into music, other producers/bands like Excision, Krewella, Skrillex, and Savant got me to explore genres.
Trusted Member

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Registered: 01-17-13
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01-09-15 08:34 PM
EideticMemory is Offline
Link | ID: 1123474 | 60 Words

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My favorite genre is technically rock at this point.

It's really those songs that are a mixture of rock and pop (but mostly rock), that I enjoy.

I think Green Day was the band that first got me into this type of music. I think there was also a few Linkin Park songs that did too, but that was later.
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 12-30-13
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01-13-15 04:08 PM
supercool22 is Offline
Link | ID: 1124940 | 31 Words

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Well my favorite music genre is Pop. There are a lot great pop songs out there.....from the 80's to Now. I been listening to Pop and other songs for years now.
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01-20-15 10:34 PM
xxdougiexxfreshx is Offline
Link | ID: 1127668 | 23 Words

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Well punk rock would be my favorite. What got me into it skateboarding with growing up in the 90's have me the love
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 11-09-13
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02-02-15 09:15 AM
VerzLaggia is Offline
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My favorite music genre is power metal. This all began several years ago when Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock came out. That's right. Dragonfoce. Through the Fire and the Flames was my favorite song for a very long time. However, after hearing this song so many times, I wanted to hear some of their other songs. That's when I heard songs like Fury of the Storm and Heroes of our Time, but ultimately my new favorite became Strike of the Ninja. With Dragonforce came a new band I discovered on YouTube after hearing their song Diamond Sky: this band is Power Quest. I liked how this band focused more on emotion than speed, but still keeping up a good tempo. After Power Quest about a year later came a breakthrough where I discovered a ton of bands including Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Edguy, Avantasia, Blind Gaurdian, Rhapsody, Kamelot, Epica, Hammerfall, Sabaton, Manowar, and the list goes on.

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Registered: 02-09-13
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03-20-15 10:54 PM
CrimsonTHRAK is Offline
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I would have to say my favorite music genre would have to be Hardcore Techno or Gabber for short. The genre originated in the Netherlands in the early 90s. This type of techno music genre is actually pretty addicting to listen to. The 90's was considered the golden age of this type of music. The Thunderdome music compilation series are amazing. Terrordrome is another awesome compilation series. The current style of this music is much more darker and more brutal, but the early days of this genre were the best. Check this stuff out on Youtube. It is awesome.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-20-14
Location: Thunderdome
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(edited by CrimsonTHRAK on 03-20-15 10:57 PM)     Post Rating: 1   Liked By: pollution_skunk,

03-20-15 11:35 PM
Lexatom is Offline
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I actually started listening to Dubstep thanks to my friends in 6th Grade. He just randomly put an earbud in my ear, and made me listen to Skrillex. It was amazing, at least I thought so, and here I am now, still listening to Dubstep.
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03-25-15 04:13 PM
Titan127 is Offline
Link | ID: 1150108 | 160 Words

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Oh boy oh boy.
Well, as a little kid, I listened to alot of religious stuff, and my mom LOVED that, (Is now listening to Dream Evil, Disturbed, and Breaking Benjamin), but never really paid attention.
Then I listened to pop cuz I could alter the lyrics in my head for MINECRAFT PARODIES YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
Then, on one fateful day, my stepfather put in Skillet-Awake.
Track 1-Hero
BAM. I was hooked. Quickly Youtube took me to Dragonball Z AMVs(Which got me towatch the series and got me into anime as well, lol, DBZ is the best ever though) , which have huge branch offs, leading me from Skillet to Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, eventually Dream Evil, Three Days Grace, Metallica, Three Doors Down, and so many more.
Then my cousin introduced me to Evanescence, think I spelled that right, and another to Punk Rock, Asking Alexandria, Rise Against(BEUTIFUL) and even more. 
So that's my story. This was fun to let out, xD
Iiiii'm the best!

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Registered: 05-24-14
Location: Nobody knooows
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04-08-15 07:18 PM
Yunimori is Offline
Link | ID: 1155904 | 325 Words

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Hooo boy. Am I allowed to say that I don't just love one genre the most? Please tell me that I am, because there's some that I couldn't pick between if I was forced to choose. I'll only talk about one here, though, to save space and keep me from writing a 5000 word essay on the subject. Because believe me, I could, I would, I have for school essays,  and people here would cringe. 

So, genre of the day iiiis *drumroll please* ... video game and video game inspired! (Shocker, right?)

What actually got me into video game music was a former friend. He had a Final Fantasy compilation CD called "Final Fantasy N Generation" and he gave me a burned CD of it. I don't even remember why, now, it's been so many years since he did that. Anyway, that was my 'gateway' to video game music. I had always enjoyed the music in games, of course, but had never thought about listening to it on its own -- or even knew that that was a possible thing, actually. I didn't know they sold CDs and such. Yes, I was woefully naive and out of the loop, I know. This is what happens when you spend most of your life homebound.

After that, I began actively looking for other soundtracks, and found WAY more than I'd initially bargained for. I got SWAMPED with gorgeous music that did everything to fuel the 'addiction', if you will. 

Then I discovered Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloids, just recently. To me their music sounds video game inspired, especially ones like "Last Night" and "Love and Joy", and my probable all-time favourite, Synchronicity Part II. So more music to add to my video game folders, go! I was obsessed for a little while, but now I just simply enjoy it, the same as all the rest of my music, and I'm glad of it, honestly.
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04-08-15 09:22 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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Gospel is my favorite music genre. I became acquainted with it because my family is Christian. They've played Gospel music on the radio and I've heard it in church whenever they took me there and I was in the sanctuary! Since I too am a Christian and I choose to listen to Gospel music on YouTube, it's the genre of music I love the most!

Only counting the main genres of music, Rock is my favorite one. I became acquainted with it by listening to it being played at school on the radio, and by hearing it on the radio in the car.
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