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11-21-19 09:50 AM

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What do you think of him?
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12-26-13 05:24 PM
02-08-14 07:58 AM

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12-26-13 05:24 PM
greenluigi is Offline
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hey guys greenluigi here and i bring you a new thread about antasma! well first of all he is mean and the main antagonist in mario and luigi dream team of course and he wents to take the dream stone along with bowser so like that it can grant his wishes. when you first encounter him he will be referred to *???*. in the dream world you have to rescue peach because of antasma so he's gonna meet bowser and team up with him. what do you think of him?
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(edited by greenluigi on 12-27-13 02:09 AM)     Post Rating: 2   Liked By: -Drew-, Mr. Zed,

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12-27-13 02:01 AM
-Drew- is Offline
Link | ID: 946752 | 100 Words

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greenluigi : Antasma was pretty bad. Definitely one of my favorite Mario and Luigi villains. By the way, green, it's sort of obvious that you copy-pasted that from the Mario Wiki :. Sorry I busted your cover, but you could get in trouble for that. While you have the chance, edit this thread by ERASING everything and rewriting it in your OWN words. Maybe giving your opinion on Antasma? It's not fair to the person who really wrote all of that information. It's not you who wrote it, and it's called plagiarism to copy the writing of someone else. That's bad. 
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the disappointed customer noise from papa's freezeria

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01-21-14 01:27 AM
epic-san is Offline
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I really liked Antasma as a villain. He was threatening, dark, and had a cliched Dracula - esque accent. I really hated how he ended up getting duped by Bowser, and then just dying. That was it. No more Antasma. It was really disappointing and I really hope he comes back in the next installment.
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02-08-14 07:58 AM
name543 is Offline
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Antasma seemed like someone who really did have a lot of potential, even if he did end up not fulfilling in the end. One thing I noticed about him though, he does fit the theme of a nightmare-like villain for the Mario brothers very well. He looks like a combination of Cackletta and the Dark Star, two villains fought before in the series. Really feels like he would be the Mario Bros nightmare. He did get overpowered pretty quickly by Bowser in the end, but the Bowser fight was really fun to me, so I kinda forgive it.
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