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Sword Legion
10-02-13 09:59 AM
10-02-13 12:32 PM

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Star Fox and Minecraft


10-02-13 09:59 AM
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Sword Legion
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I was bored one day becuase I was waiting to get on the computor
and had nothing to do. So, I pulled out Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and decided
to build an Arwing in the sky next to my castle.

Now I look up into the nightime sky and can see perhaps the most elegent aircraft
in Nintendo history. So, I looked online to see what other Minecraft Star Fox fans have made.
Here is what I found:

MINECRAFT: The building of Great Fox - YouTube

There it is.
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10-02-13 10:14 AM
tgags123 is Offline
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Wow. Really cool! Nice! Thanks for sharing this!
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10-02-13 10:23 AM
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It is great Minecraft is such an open game. You can build pretty much everything (unless it is round!) and it is always nice to see the odd fan art. I own a sprite art world and it includes a giant Fox (that being Fox from Star Fox) and various other sprites. Though it is my world I tend to just make houses while my friend build there pixel heros around them. I could play with you if you wanted, I have it for the Xbox 360. Though being from the UK can mess up a few things.
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10-02-13 12:32 PM
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Wow... that looks amazing... though have to admit the cockpit looked like it was a little too far stretched out initially until I saw the full size of the model.

Not sure which I like more, this model that probably took hours, or this one Star Fox mod I found for Fallout 3 that let you play as Fox, Falco, Wolf, Krystal, or Miyu and, with the proper mods, have the rest of them available as companions that follow you. (Cannot link, some items in the mod I believe require additional body types which make use of adult content.)
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