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12-15-17 12:20 AM
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How to burn playable Dreamcast games with Alcohol120%
Vizzed get's it before YouTube/Megavideo!
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07-15-09 04:55 PM
07-15-09 04:55 PM

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How to burn playable Dreamcast games with Alcohol120%


07-15-09 04:55 PM
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I'm gonna teach you how to burn playable Sega Dreamcast games with the program, Alcohol 120%.

1st: Make sure your Dreamcast doesn't say HKT-3030 on the bottom. If it does, it can't and won't play burned games.

2nd: Download Alcohol 120%. You can either buy it or download the trial.

3rd: Install Alcohol 120%

4th: Download the Dreamcast games you want, if you haven't already

5th: Put a CD-R in your disk drive (the Dreamcast can't read anything but CD-R)

6th: Open up Alcohol 120%

7th: Click "Image Burning Wizard" and browser for the game

8th: You'll arrive on the options screen. Here are the tweaks you'll need to make to get your game working:

Write Speed - 10x (8x if available)
Write Method - RAW DAO
Enable Buffer Underrun Technology - Off

9th: Click start and wait for the disk to be finished...(will take about 10 minutes)

10th: Once your disk is finished, put in in your Dreamcast and go play!
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