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Play Pokemon Indigo Lite Online
This hack has the majority of the original Pokemon Indigo Edition\'s challenges, with a few alterations: -Less grass impeding the player. -Less HM objects impeding the player. -Level curve is normal until you get to the fourth gym area as opposed to the second gym area, where you get infinite money, infinite rare candies, infinite vitamins, and infinite revives. -The difficulty near the endgame is further toned down, with trainers having their levels lowered and very slowly rising, yet still relatively challenging. -The highest level you face in the game is 5 levels lower than the 4th gym in the original. -Third gym has its annoying puzzle removed for your convenience. (Also present in the current Pokemon Indigo Edition). -You only have to use flash and cut once, unless you are searching for hidden items. -You only have to go into the safari zone once for surf (that is also present in the original Pokemon Indigo Edition) -Signs will still tell you about the highest level of the enemy. (Also present in the Indigo Edition). So yes, this hack is substantially easier than the original Pokemon Indigo Edition, yet still presents a challenge. Do you have what it takes? Then give this one a try! System: gb
Rating: 8.4
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Pokemon Indigo Lite Ratings
Overall Graphics Sound Addictiveness Depth Story Difficulty
Average User Score 8.4 9.5 8 10 10 9.5 7
SinisterHFigure's Score 10 9 9 10 10 10 9
Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition

Pokemon Indigo Lite: Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition
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Posted on 06-03-13 02:30 PM SinisterHFigure is Offline     Post: 180 words - Spell checked - (ID: 809779) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link | Reply to Post
Level: 3

POSTS: 2/2
CP: 548.7
VIZ: 54938
Pokémon Indigo Lite Edition a slightly easier Pokémon difficulty mod than the "Intense" Indigo Edition, with a somewhat original plot, and very nice graphics as a bonus. This hack doesn't abuse too many HM usages, and the levels cap at 115. You can over level if you want at Jeff's house against the level 100 bugs that don't attack you. They give out a lot of experience. The levels start slightly going above level 100 by the time you reach the fourth gym, as opposed to the third gym in the "Intense" Indigo Edition.

The major difference between this hack and the "Intense" edition is that it offers far more convenience to the player, but the game is still extremely challenging compared to even Blue Kaizo in the later stages, with actual increasing difficulty just like "Intense" Indigo Edition. You can get loads of revives for starters.

This hack is a good and possibly more fun alternative if you find "Intense" Indigo edition too hard or too inconvenient for your liking, though both are pretty fun and very challenging hacks.
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Posted on 06-03-13 02:43 PM Dean2k13 is Offline     Post: 194 words - Spell checked - (ID: 809786) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link | Reply to Post
Level: 54

POSTS: 110/1051
POST EXP: 105515
LVL EXP: 1174710
CP: 6179.6
VIZ: 62022
You have the same opinion, in ratings, as the other users who played that game! Almost all of your ratings are along the average

You review was pretty decent, I would just advise that you really structure your review more - Graphics, Sound etc. Explain each of these points in individual paragraphs, this will make it more clearer to read.

You should also explain your points more:
'and very nice graphics as a bonus.'
Well, what did you like about the graphics of this game? - Lighting, Contrast etc.

I know you're probably like - "I shouldn't have to take this from a kid!" That's fine. But just keep in mind, it's only constructive criticism and it's for your benefit, to help you improve and gain respect on the forums.

I personally use this at school for english homework:

P.E.E - Point. Evidence. Explain.

Basically it means, if you give a point, support it with evidence of some sort, perhaps a screenshot. Explain, self-explanatory, explain the point you give in more detail.

If this was your first review, that was pretty good. Keep at it, and you'll get stronger at writing these reviews!


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Pokemon Indigo Lite: Pokemon Indigo Lite Edition
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